This Week in Mantras: June 17 – June 23

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras focus on pride, music, communication, patience and more. Let’s jump into This Week in Mantras!

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June 17 Mantra (Creativity):I will create something new just for myself, and it will help make my dreams come true.”

Today is a time to be playful. Think back to when you were about eight years old. What was your favorite toy or pastime? Now, try to recreate that memory. You don’t have to share this with anyone else; just do it for yourself. By being playful like you were when you were a child, you can use that energy when setting your intentions and working with the Laws of Attraction. So go get your favorite toy and sit down and just be with it. Dream about yesteryear. Remember the energy you had then, and then let your imagination run wild.

June 18 Mantra (New Beginnings):I will create my own new beginning by starting over today.”

Look at an area of your life that is problematic. You can stop those problems in their tracks by starting the whole situation over. Yes, you can even start a relationship over from this day forward. Create your own new beginning, look forward and see where you want things to end up. Think about how you want to restart your life, your relationship, or even your current job. Go into everything acting as if you don’t know what’s going to happen. Get out of the daily grind that makes you feel stuck.

June 19 Mantra (Pride): “I take pride in everything that I do, and everything that I want to achieve in my life.”

Take pride in yourself, and everything, yes, EVERYTHING you do. When you take pride in what you do, you are creating a positive flow of energy in your life. This will then bring a more positive flow of energy to all areas of your life. And this will be a strong, positive flow that no one, and I do mean, no one will be able to bring down or put a dent in. Your positive vibes will also automatically remove all negative energy and people from your life. So stand up and take pride in everything you do.

June 20 Mantra (Patience):I have the patience of a saint and can use it to help myself and others.”

Patience is the one virtue that we all struggle with, but with patience we can move mountains. Sometimes we want things to come quicker than they are meant to. But Divine timing will only bring us what we need, when we need it—not a second before. Waiting for a relationship to ripen to that succulent and delicious point where we know where it is going is hard. But when you use the patience of a saint, your dreams of the sweet, long-lasting love will be yours. Don’t rush the fruit on the vine.

June 21 Mantra (Communication):I own my words and speak my truth so there is never confusion in my manifestations.”

You want to know exactly what others are thinking of you, or are wanting you to know, so be clear. When you speak exactly what you mean, you don’t have to worry about confusion blocking your dreams. When you speak, think about what it is you want your message to convey. Pick your words clearly. Don’t speak in circles. Instead, say it straight out. By being clear in your communications, you will get a clear answer from others and from the Universe.

June 22 Mantra (Perseverance):I will stick with my path until I can see clearly where I need to make a change.”

When starting something new in life, whether it’s a job, project or relationship, we often get discouraged before we really give it a chance to grow. But everything in life is going to have challenges attached to it. When you see a challenge ahead, set your goal with the word “perseverance” in it. When you tell yourself that you will make it through this challenge, your perseverance will get stronger and challenges will change and get smaller. Your strength will grow, and your ability to create an exceptional life will manifest easier and faster for you.

June 23 Mantra (Music):Music lifts all vibrations to higher, more Divine vibrations.”

Play your favorite music when you are cleaning the house because it keeps you from getting upset about the mess. Sing your favorite song in the shower so you won’t think about the stress of your job. Turn up the radio in the car and dance in your seat like nobody’s watching. You will find you’re less worried about the traffic. Music raises your vibrations and gets you closer to your Divine Self. So turn it up, write your song, sing your heart out, but enjoy the music of your own soul.

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One thought on “This Week in Mantras: June 17 – June 23

  1. Terisa Zamora

    So insightful! Play like a child again, release the stress! Use music!! These are my habits that I have used all my life and still use to this day when I’m stressed or just “feeling it” how did she know???


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