This Week in Tarot: July 2 – 8

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This week I’m asking love questions: What happens when we get ghosted, dumped, divorced or stood up? Where do we go from there and how do we recover? With the Osho Zen Tarot we’ll explore the essence of love and how to recover from heartache. I’ll bring you love on a limb—without it breaking! I’ll also help you stay sane when love hits you so hard your heart breaks.

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DAY – EXPERIENCING (3 of Fire). A breakup wraps around you. You’re worried you might not recover. But without pain, pleasure doesn’t exist. If you think about the relationship, you realize there were red flags and hard times. However, nature is calling you! Get out and inhale fresh air. Hug a tree and feel the earth beneath your feet. Then hug yourself. EVENING – HEALING (King of Water). You realize that only you can carry your wounded heart. Even if you tell your story to your psychic or a friend, there is no relief. I tell my callers that I wish I could take their pain away. But all I can really do is listen, guide and give healing tools. However, water is a natural way to wash away the hurt. Take a bath, go for a swim or sit and gaze at a body of water and dream of love.


DAY – GUIDANCE (3 of Rainbows). On the inside, you have your inner guide. On the outside, you have people who will give you advice that guides you toward happiness. A new person emerges and the idea that you can find love and happiness again becomes a truth you embrace. EVENING – SORROW (9 of Clouds). The pain you experience at the loss of love is a wake-up call. It shows you how much you loved and were loved. The sorrow is the result of being broken and dwelling on the sadness. How long do you really need to suffer? There are certainly more people in the world to give love to and get love from. Pain equals awareness and this is the time to figure out what went wrong so you can avoid it in your next relationship. Use the pain as a positive tool, but then let it go.


DAY – PLAYFULNESS (Page of Fire). Today, allow your playfulness to emerge and become one with the fun and the fireworks. Love yourself, enjoy the day, and fill it with fun and friends. EVENING – UNDERSTANDING (Page of Water). Your day went well, and the energy is clear. You feel better because the romantic vibrations seem to have settled for a bit. You have come to terms with being single, and the freedom you’re feeling helps you fall asleep and dream of new love.


DAY – HARMONY (10 of Water). Your heart is talking today. It says, “Keep life simple.” That’s because only a simple heart can sing with the universe. Embrace joy with a gentle touch and a smile. In meditation, be sure to rest your heart. You are getting better every day. EVENING – CLINGING TO THE PAST (5 of water). Yes, your past is part of your mindset, but it can be released if you are willing to do the work. Your day was good, but lying in bed you feel the pain of love lost. Just take a deep breath and write down the feelings you are experiencing. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to sleep soundly. Remember, it takes practice to let go.


DAY – CELEBRATION (3 of Water). When this card appears, it means that you are more open to new people coming into your life. Therefore, today could be the day your soulmate appears. You need to keep your day clear of appointments so it can flow as nature wants it to. The healing path to love has begun. EVENING – EXHAUSTION (9 of Fire). With a warm heart, you spent the day meeting new people. You realize that there’s life after a breakup and this took courage and strength of spirit, You’re feeling tired, but a date with someone new makes you feel wide awake! Be sure to dress comfortably and go somewhere you can relax and talk. There will be passion that renews your energy.


DAY – ABUNDANCE (King of Rainbows). For my female readers, this card brings the support of male energy into your life. For my male readers, this card shows that you are breaking through stereotypes and allowing your spirit to evolve and shine through. You should contribute to humanity by giving it your all. EVENING – GOING WITH THE FLOW (Ace of Water). Become the water and flow with the motion of the force of life. If you want to float, the life force will hold you up. The feeling of being free is so joyful, so let go of your ego to bring you peace of mind.


DAY – STRESS (7 of Fire). No date? No love? So what! You have yourself and wonderful people who want to spend time with you. If you allow the stress of being single to get the best of you, how can you heal? Instead, enjoy the company of your friends and family. You are whole and intact just as you are, and you made it through the week, so pick some flowers, eat ice cream or read a new book. EVENING – COMPLETION (Major Arcana XXI). The last of your misery, stress and heartache is over. You completed a process that certainly took work, but you have arrived at the end of the road and now you can choose a new path. Your new path is clear and beautiful and new love awaits you.

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  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

    Hi Martha,
    It would be my pleasure to do a tarot reading for you. However I cannot do it on this public forum.
    This blog is all about love, I hope you are able to find some insight through the cards I picked for this week.

  2. Martha

    What does my future hold in the cards for love or a relationship.. Is it with the one I wish to be with?


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