Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Dark Emotions

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Planets changing signs and an intense Full Moon will produce some high energy in relationships this week. First we have Venus transiting into brainy Gemini on Tuesday (through the 30th), which will inspire intellectual or flirtatious chats. Mercury transiting into loving Leo on Wednesday (through the 24th) will inspire you to speak from the heart and may evoke your flare for drama during talks. On Saturday, the Full Moon in Capricorn merging with penetrating Pluto can evoke dark emotions you need to heal or purge, so expect some intensity throughout the weekend. Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Venus traveling through Gemini in your intellectual zone encourages you to express what’s in your heart to the people you love. Find love through an online source, trip or introduction. If you’re in a relationship, this is certainly an ideal time for a romantic trip. What’s more, Mercury in Leo will awaken your inner flirt, which can lead to romance with your sweetie or to meeting a potential love. However, a goal you’re working on may consume your attention around the time of the Full Moon in Capricorn. You’re likely to become obsessed with it, actually, which can disrupt your personal life.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Shared values will rise to the top of your relationship priority list as your Venus ruler travels through Gemini. You may meet someone who is loving and down-to-earth like you. If you’re in a relationship, the harmonious vibe of Venus makes this an excellent time to talk about practical matters with your partner. You’ll be inspired to talk about your family and home life during Mercury in Leo. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn will light up your spiritual life and may reveal a limiting belief about your future. It may be time to purge the belief so you can move forward on your dreams.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Venus traveling through your sign is shining a light on your heart. Connection is what it’s all about, also making this an ideal time to express your appreciation to the people you care about. If you’re seeking romance, your openness will make you a magnet for admirers who want a friendly or intimate relationship with you. Additionally, your Mercury ruler moving through Leo will energize your way with words and attract people who are inspired by your brainpower, charm or perceptiveness. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn can trigger a persistent emotion or habit that certainly needs to be healed. An intimate relationship can be rattled by the complicated feelings involved.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Venus in Gemini will be a time of completion. Now is the time to go inward to heal any difficult emotions that are still within you. Acknowledging the personal growth you gained from those relationships will be part of the process. On a practical note, be on the lookout for a lucrative idea that comes to you as Mercury travels through Leo. However, the influence that will impact you the most will be the Full Moon in Capricorn this weekend. You’ll likely feel pressured to resolve a problem with your mate or purge a limiting emotion that hinders your ability to have a long-term relationship.

Leo Love Horoscope

Activities with your friends will warm your heart as Venus travels through Gemini. A friend may want a deeper relationship with you or introduce you to your next love. A collaborative effort or community event can also bring romance, or at least add new contacts to your circle of friends. Mercury traveling through your sign will certainly shine a light on your brainpower and self-expression. You’ll attract people who stimulate your mind and also appreciate your ideas. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn will trigger an issue about self-care. Perhaps you’re putting the well-being of others ahead of your own.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Love and work can flow together during Venus in Gemini. You may be attracted to a coworker or someone you meet during a work activity. If you’re in a relationship, this is a good time to talk about your goals to see if you are on the same page. Mercury in Leo will get you thinking about the past. This can bring much needed clarity if the Full Moon in Capricorn triggers a test of trust in your relationship or makes you doubt yourself when it comes to love. Ask yourself what you need to release to get beyond the limitation.

Libra Love Horoscope

You’ll be wanting a soul-to-soul bond as Venus travels through Gemini. Trusting your inner guidance when it comes to that special someone will enable you to have faith that he or she will show up when the time is right. In the meantime, spiritual activities will bring people into your life who will establish a deep connection with you. Friendship will also be the theme of Mercury in Leo, which will inspire you to connect with your friends and share your ideas within a group. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn can reveal an emotional issue pertaining to your family that needs to be healed.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Love can be deep and stormy as Venus travels through Gemini in your sector of transformation. A situation may arise that causes your emotional walls to rise. Lack of trust or a fear of being vulnerable may also be part of the picture. However, healing the source of the feeling will enable intimacy to flow. Conversely, your career goals will be on your mind during Mercury in Leo. Avoiding your feelings by escaping into your work will be the challenge. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn can reveal how your mindset is limiting your ability to make good decisions or express yourself. But, a fresh perspective will awaken your resourcefulness.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Venus in Gemini traveling through your partnership zone will awaken the love in your closest relationship. You’ll be inspired to share meaningful chats and activities with your partner. If you’re solo, you may meet someone compatible or be inspired to spend time with a close friend who appreciates you. Mercury in Leo can bring romance through a connection from afar. You’ll be drawn to people who share your culture or beliefs. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn can trigger an issue involving money or security you need to look at. Get to the source of this problem this week.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Getting the details right in your relationship will inspire love as Venus travels through Gemini. It will be the small things that count, such as offering your assistance or expressing your appreciation. If you’re single, romance can be found through your work, fitness program or while volunteering. Mercury in Leo will motivate you to research the topics of sex, healing or psychic phenomena. Healing will likely be the main topic of interest as Pluto, the planet of transformation, merges with the Full Moon in your sign this weekend. What do you need to heal/release to gain emotional freedom?

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Venus traveling through Gemini will awaken your inner romantic or artist. Therefore, you’ll be inspired to spice up the relationship with your lover. If you’re solo, an event may bring someone special. Artsy Venus will also fuel your creative endeavors. Mercury traveling through Leo will energize chats with your mate or business partner. You’ll see both sides of an issue and be willing to compromise. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn will awaken hidden emotions. Going inward to analyze the past will bring insights about them.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Love and home will go together as Venus travels through Gemini. This is an ideal time to spruce up the style of your living environment and throw a party for family or friends. A neighbor or relative may introduce you to a potential love interest. Interactions with family will be more harmonious than usual. Mercury traveling through Leo may inspire a flirtation with someone connected to your work or fitness program. This weekend, the Full Moon in Capricorn can intensify a social situation, and a problem with friends could escalate. Ending a superficial or negative friendship may be part of the picture.

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