This Week in Tarot: July 16 – 22

The Power of Tarot

In my search for a different deck of tarot cards, I came across this kitschy deck called The Housewives Tarot.  This is a sassy deck with spreads like the Martini, and the Clothesline. A throwback to the 50s, the pictures on the cards are related to the home and the homemaker, as well as the men in her life. With so many housewife shows on TV, I got a chuckle thinking we now have the Housewives of the Tarot. As history repeats itself, let’s take a look at what the vibrations were in the days without cell phones and computerized communication. Have times changed that much? What do you think? Old-school communication and the tarot mix together to bring you This Week in Tarot. From the fifties to the two thousands, we have certainly come a long way … or have we?

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DAY – THE EMPRESS. Keywords: Motherhood, Poise, and Nurturing. Here we have the earth mother to all housewives everywhere. She’s a force to be reckoned with as she spreads her wisdom of domesticity across the land, but if you follow her instructions, you will never go wrong. She knows the fastest and easiest ways to keep your environment perfect. EVENING – KING OF CUPS. Keywords: Contemplation, Mystery, and Devotion. The king is certainly a thinking man. He enjoys the company of others, having meaningful relationships as long as he can have a cocktail or two with his company. The message this card brings is to let go of sober intellect and get in touch with your “spirits.”


DAY – EIGHT OF PENTACLES. Keywords: Talent, Imagination, and Inspiration. A sudden stroke of genius changes your financial course and guides you to an enterprising field. Therefore, now is the time to put your talents to good use. This card liberates you from the daily chores of life and propels you into a new era. EVENING – THE HANGED MAN. Keywords: Epiphany, Hardship, and A Turning Point. Girl, it is time to hang your problems out to dry. Be it your cheating spouse, mean-spirited gal pal, or even if your washer and dryer are on the fritz. It’s time to let go as hard as it certainly might be. Also, remind yourself that boundaries are important. Keep in mind that sacrifice leads to happiness.


DAY –  SIX OF CUPS. Keywords: Nostalgia, Innocence, and Old Flames. What would the summer be without a cold glass of homemade lemonade? Have a pitcher ready because this is the “coming home” card. This includes the return of lost loves, so get ready for a little puckering up and a rekindling of an old romance. However, for those of you who are happily married, expecting company requires the lemonade too! EVENING – SEVEN OF SWORDS. Keywords: Gossip, Thieves, and Backstabbers. Watch out! This gossip-spreading person is no one to fool around with. You heard a few of the rumors that were started and you can’t believe your ears. Every once in awhile it’s okay to clear out the old friendships, especially when they turn toxic. If you have to, roll up your sleeves and fight fire with fire, or better yet, just walk away.


DAY – STRENGTH. Keywords: Determination, Conviction, and Power. This is certainly a good card for a Wednesday. With the right tools and just enough pressure, you can accomplish anything you wish. The lesson and message of this card are that power lies within. Correct actions also add positivity to your efforts. EVENING – FIVE OF WANDS. Keywords: Competition, Struggle, and Inner Strength. With feather dusters in both hands and under your arms, it looks like a cleaning time tango. Ole! Our gals are tired; all that dusting and cleaning seem so overwhelming. This is a card that is saying “look inside,” so do some introspective thinking as this will certainly help you discover what makes you stand out.


DAY – TEN OF CUPS. Keywords: Celebration, Wisdom, and Completion. Happiness and a stocked bar make this a day of leisure. You’re the hostess with the mostess! Taking on the world is an easy, breezy task as you flutter about in your best June Cleaver dress, apron and kitten heels. Nowadays, people only flutter about in their activewear and fancy sneakers. However, you are the gal who taught us how to take lemons and make lemonade—or a Tom Collins. EVENING – KNIGHT OF CUPS. Keywords: Charm, Romance, and Sensitivity. Your partner is wearing their heart on their sleeve and they’re on top of the world. In formal attire, they pop the champagne and also play your favorite song. When the blues get the best of them, they drown their sorrows in ambrosia and hopes until all is forgotten. They’re delicate, yet their mood is more delightful than not. This one’s a keeper.


DAY – THE SUN. Keywords: Happiness, Clarity, and Optimism. After two sunny-side-up eggs with a cup of joe,  you’re ready for the day. Just like the perfect eggs on your plate, the day is unbroken. Your start to the weekend and the end of your work week are also perfect. What you are thinking is going to manifest, so keep that happiness strong and you will have a no-fail day.  EVENING – THE MOON. Keywords: Instinct, Intuition, and Dreams. The moon is your emotional helper when you use your intuition to work out the hard times of change and uncertainty. So with cold cream on your face and rollers in your hair you hit the pillow as you delve into your ability to listen to your inner voice.


DAY – THE LOVERS. Keywords: Romance, Infatuation, and Sex. Oh what a day this is going to be! The top on the convertible is down and the backseat is ready to hang out in. Although matters of the heart can certainly be complex, they are worth the effort. Therefore, the message from this card is to keep your eyes on the prize and also watch out for any perils ahead. EVENING – KNIGHT OF WANDS. Keywords: Exuberance, Mischief, and Loyalty. All eyes are on the knight, and he is your pride and joy. No matter what the relationship is, your feelings about this person are absolutely of the highest regard. A loyal friend, lover or family member, he is definitely true blue to the core, and with a youthful spirit there is also fun to had.

Psychic Note: Using this deck brought back memories of my childhood when life was much simpler.

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