This Week in Tarot: February 26 – March 4

The Power of Tarot

One of my favorite decks is the Osho Zen Tarot. I have been using this deck since the 90s and had to buy a new deck because I wore my first deck out. There are 22 major arcana that relate to the traditional Tarot. The minor arcana break down a bit differently. The 4 suits are:

  • Fire: Master of Action
  • Water: Master of Emotions
  • Clouds: Master of Mind
  • Rainbows: Master of the Physical

As you read each card, keep in mind the element associated with that card for a better understanding.

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DAY – MORALITY. Queen of Clouds. Even when you try your best to do the right thing there are those moments when you become clouded. Her Highness hides from negative energy and wants to be seen only as a good and righteous person. Therefore, those in power often hide the truth, forcing us to make decisions without their guidance. EVENING –TRAVELING. 8 of Fire. It really is time for a vacation, or a road trip next weekend. This card is about taking action. However, there are many paths to chose from, but you get the whole week to ponder the lanes of movement.


DAY – POSSIBILITIES. 2 of Fire. Today is when the iron is hot, and it is time to make your mark. There is a duality being shown to you, making this a yin-yang day. When the passion points you in a direction, you should certainly take it and make your mark. EVENING – MIND. Page of Clouds. Hiding out will not solve the issues at hand. Home life is not always easy and those around you want more than you can give at the moment. However, you should take a stand for yourself. This is important! You also have energy to deal with the rest of the week, and children will push you to your limits.


DAY – MOMENT TO MOMENT. 2 of Rainbows. Let’s talk money and what needs to be done to make it big. As the year shifts gears in its new political light, you are certainly given a chance to change your path or get on board the make-it-big train. As a result, you should include people to help with projects. EVENING – THE SOURCE. Ace of Fire. Love is a beautiful thing and tonight it will be wonderful. The powers of the universe are certainly with you, showing the way with the bright light from the fire. As a result, passions run high and it could be a night for the record books.


DAY – EXHAUSTION. 9 of Fire. You have to laugh, and staying up all night makes you exhausted. But it was so much fun and although you are lagging, you will certainly accomplish the tasks that are on your calendar. EVENING – CREATIVITY. III Major Card. Sweet dreams come tonight, bringing with them ideas for how to create something incredible. This is a major card, making it very strong in energy. Therefore, use it and have fun with abstract thinking.


DAY – POLITICS. 7 of Clouds. The clouds are protecting you from being blinded by the ideas and ways of those who are in charge. Big changes are certainly coming that are karmically divine. As unity takes hold, the sides merge and the realization of oneness wins.  EVENING – THE MASTER. (No number) Major Card. Yes, you are the master of your life. The master energy lies within each of us to use as we please. Therefore, as you grow, your ability to master your dreams grows. Look inside for the answers.


DAY – THE DREAM. 6 of Water. All of your emotions are on the edge of your mind and body. Therefore, you feel, you cry and you laugh. But most important, you dream. The feelings that come are deep and profound, giving way to hitting the pause button in order to organize your thoughts and allow your emotional energy to guide you. EVENING – CELEBRATION. 3 of Water. And so you celebrate a job well done and with opportunities sprouting, you are excited for the weekend to begin.


DAY – LAZINESS. 9 of Water. What better way is there to spend the weekend then relaxing? This is your pass to be lazy. You have certainly finished your projects and feel good about your work week. Remember, meditation helps to keep you sharp while you chill out and relax. EVENING – TRANSFORMATION. XIII Major Card. After all that went on this week, this card really sends you a message of thanks. You were able to fix issues, be creative and transform what needed to change. A reward is certainly in order.

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