Your December 2016 Supermoon Horoscope: Bright Distractions

Respect and Honor the Basics

The December supermoon on the 13th and 14th carries a significant message, and it’s aligned with the Geminid meteor shower. Mother Moon is demanding that we direct our attention away from any “bright light show” that is distracting us—whether it’s an overwhelming amount of dramatic fake news on social media, or other forms of entertainment that dumb us down.

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While we can enjoy the Christmas lights and sparkly celebrations, this intense Full Moon alignment insists that it’s also time to respect and honor the basics that give everyone life, love and a future. The moon is deadly serious in all of its loveliness in this message.

Be Real

It’s time to be real about whom and what you love. Then open your mind and your heart to new ideas and courses of action that align with those beloved parts of your life. There is a crack in an old way of being that can open you to so much joy. Your sun sign offers ideas for effective action. Here is your supermoon horoscope.


If you’re willing to get serious in a heroic “change the world sort of way,” you have the keys to the future. You have what it takes to appeal to large groups through media or a more personal approach. Partners will probably be enthusiastic. By the same token, make certain you’re aligned to the same goals.


This is a time to take special care with investments, because you could have a massive windfall or an unexpected loss. Be smart and bet on the long term that suits your vision of the future. Take care of those things of beauty and nature that you love and the people you love, and you’ll have excellent results.


This supermoon is in your sign. You’ll have brilliant insights that can influence others. Just be certain to ground them in reality before you speak. Check your sources before sharing that new thing you just heard. Have something solid to offer to others in your presentations. Express love in your unorthodox, but genuine way and you’ll do well.


You may feel a bit unsettled by this New Moon. Your intuitive nature serves you, but nothing is quite clear yet. Use creative imagination from both your education and your inspiration and you’ll be the source of something quite beautiful. That may be your sweet self-expression as an artist or as someone who truly cares and builds a relationship.


It’s time to “put a ring on” that creative project of yours, whether it’s a relationship or an artistic endeavor. A work of art and/or love is complete when the artist declares that it’s so. Things may not look exactly as you expected in your love life or your career, but they’re real and build your future.


This is a strange time when you may feel like walking away from relationships. Do one of your “pro vs. con” sheets and decide what you need to communicate to make everything that you love work. This really is a time when you can see words creating the reality of your future.


While great ideas may be filling your brain, you may feel like holding back in your self-expression. Don’t worry. Just think out what others may say to counter your vision before you present your ideas, particularly regarding partnerships. Just know that there will be surprises and possible challenges. Your love and encouragement will win.


Tend to your finances in a very deliberate, reasonable way and you’ll see success. Just be prepared for changeable circumstances with the public. Use your innate gut instincts in both your love life and your creative future. You can reach people that you never expected would respond.


You’re Sag. sun is the balancing act to the Gemini supermoon. You’re the person who gets to bring people back to emotional reality. While you’re used to inspiring people with your visions, this period of your life is about proving it by making it real. You’ll find satisfaction in the surprising results of this approach, creating genuine excitement within your group.


You’re looking deep within yourself to relate to and connect with coworkers and others who help make you a success. Loving and idealistic themes resonate with them. Be prepared for surprise demands at home and a few people who have overly ambitious expectations at work. You can make it all work smoothly.


You’re unquestionably ready to communicate your best ideas to the public. Tap into your most visionary plans for what’s best for you and everyone you care about. You’ll put your best work into form by networking with your brightest friends who know how to make things happen. Listen to them carefully.


Career demands are far more than you expected during this supermoon. Communicating clearly will bring transformational changes in your life if you allow these things to happen. This clarity will suddenly bring your dreams of everything you might be into a relatable form. Make notes and build your future.

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