This Week in Tarot: August 20 – 26

The Power of Tarot

Calling all guides from the Ask Your Guides cards! There are times when we just want straight-up answers. We don’t want to know what we need to do to get the results. Or, sometimes we don’t want to know about the timing, or how the situation unfolds. We just want the bottom line. There will be a yes, no or maybe before the guides and the spirits explain why. So, with that in mind, keep your question or questions written down so you can easily see the answer in This Week in Tarot.

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DAY – GIFTS/JOY GUIDES. Keywords: Receiving, surprises, kindness, and blessings. The answer to your question is YES. The universe is certainly here for you today to grant you joy. The gifts are small, like a poem from your favorite person or lover. The lesson is to not take anything for granted, and opening your heart allows good to come to you.

EVENING  – SHADOW/DIVINE HEALERS. Keywords: Anger, vengeance, violation, and spite. The answer to your question is NO. As the saying goes, “Hurt people hurt people.” Think about it. No one wants to admit they have a little shade in their attitude from time to time. However, the Divine Healers are with you to help you get through the evening without being hurt and without hurting anyone else’s feelings. So, if you are feeling worried and out of sorts, just say no for now and rethink the situation in the morning.


DAY – PRIORITIES/MASTER TEACHER. Keywords: Choice, reflections, decisions, and commitment. The answer to your question is YES. Having your hands full keeps you stagnant, so it is time to let go of unnecessary clutter. Once you do, you can start the new project that is waiting for you. At this time, the level of information from your Master Teacher will help you put your ideas, projects, and brilliance to work for the higher good of all connected to the projects at hand.

EVENING – DEVOTION/NATURE SPIRITS. Keywords: Inspiration, contemplation, nature, and faith. The answer to your question is YES. This is the time to meditate, pray or sit outside and gaze at the beauty of the night sky. Your enlightened nature certainly grows brighter as your awareness of all you give and have given are used for the best possible purposes. Therefore, you should focus on the beauty of your soul.


DAY – DISCONTENT/MUSES. Keywords: Dissatisfaction, seeking, searching, and conclusions. The answer to your question is MAYBE. If you view your frustration as a tool in which you can figure out how to learn more and expand your knowledge base, your challenges will be overcome. Examine your process, for this will certainly be a clearing of discontentment, leaving your inspiration glowing.

EVENING – SELF-CONTROL/HIGHER SELF. Keywords: Restraint, detachment, composure, and relaxation. The answer to your question is NO. Check those negative emotions at the door. Count to 10 before you open the gateway to your kingdom, take a deep breath and swagger on in. The emotional energy will certainly include some intense manipulation. However, you must let those at home know tonight will be a drama-free zone or else!


DAY – COMMUNITY/SPIRITUAL ANCESTORS. Keywords: Tribe, family, camaraderie, and kinship. The answer to your question is NO. A gathering of the people in your inner circle has engaged the wiring of your mind. No is about being unsusceptible to their pull, however. Keeping your logical mind above your feelings will get you through the day.

EVENING – NEW LIFE/DIVINE MOTHER. Keywords: Conception, pregnancy, children, and birth. The answer to your question is YES. No matter if you are a guy or a gal, the blooming of earthly desires is happening tonight. It can be an idea of any nature. Therefore, the creative vibrations are in full swing and whatever you are conjuring up will produce a magical outcome.


DAY – PARTNERSHIPS AND LOVE/NATURE SPIRITS. Keywords: Infatuation, romance, connection, and introduction. The answer to your question is MAYBE. When you take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions, there is always a better chance of succeeding. Nature spirits are known as runners; they like to take charge and look out for the higher good of the workings in relationships. Therefore, if you go with the flow of the spirits and don’t fight them off you will find the true love you deserve.

EVENING – SELF-ESTEEM/GUARDIAN ANGEL MICHAEL. Keywords: Integrity, self-expression, boundaries, and convictions. The answer to your question is YES. After a long talk, you have come to an agreement on how the situation can be dealt with so that no harm comes to anyone—even the people who are challenging you. Remember, you are a person who is ahead of your time and certainly misunderstood. However, you remain grounded in your thought process, which helps others see things in a positive light.


DAY – SUFFERING/DIVING TEACHERS. Keywords: Accidents, sickness, trauma, and betrayal. The answer to your question is YES. Please remember that any pain or drama you attract isn’t greater than your ability to handle it. Shut the front door and get to work! Pain happens, yet suffering is optional. This is a lesson in letting go of hurt feelings along with situations that have caused you to suffer. The teachers of this realm stand strong at your side, making it easier to survive any crisis that happens today. There will be a healing which will ensure peace.

EVENING –  DECISIONS/HIGHER SELF Keywords: Confusion, quandary, ambivalence, and juggling. The answer to your question is YES. Being faced with many choices can be daunting, however, with each step you take, each problem has a solution. Your juggling skills are certainly top-notch because you deal with many different situations on a regular basis. While doing what is best is never an easy decision, you have what it takes to get the wisdom that comes from confusion. It is the gift of being able to see the big picture.


DAY – FAMILY/HOLY SPIRIT. Keywords: Security, elation, peace, family, and harmony. The answer to your question is NO. Today your soul has been touched with the love of the Holy Spirit. Any mishaps fall to the wayside, mistakes are forgotten, and if you do have to use the word no, it’s certainly with love and for the safety of the family. Their appreciation grows as your wise direction takes charge.

EVENING – PLEASURE/ DIVINE GODDESS. Keywords: Fulfillment, abundance, satisfaction, and contentment. The answer to your question is YES. What a night for pleasure and fun! It was a long week of mental challenges and work-related issues, however, you came out on top, making this weekend one of joyful events.

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