August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Oppression and Uprising

Release and Reclaim

The August 2017 total Solar Eclipse taking place on the 21st is a major astrological event. It will set the stage for massive change. A total Solar Eclipse is a fairly common event. However, what’s significant about this Solar Eclipse is that its shadow or path of totality will exclusively cross the entire United States. This is the first time that this has occurred since 1776. In ancient astrology, a total Solar Eclipse would portend the fall of kings and heads of state, and an uprising of the common people. Major changes will be set into motion on the world stage as well as within your own life. The period of the actual eclipse is relatively short, however, its influence could influence events for the next couple of years.

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A Revolution at Hand

During the August 2017 total Solar Eclipse, the Sun is blocked as the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun represents the masculine life force, and, symbolically speaking, a total Solar Eclipse denotes the total absence of this energy. Add an aspect from rebel Uranus to the mix and you can be certain that a revolution is at hand. This influence certainly upends the existing order and it also creates room for massive change.

Liberating Yourself

While the masculine forces turn down, the feminine energies of the Moon will be in full play. The period of the eclipse itself, as well as the days before and just after, are good times to devote to spiritual practices. Prayer, meditation, visualization, and ritual will be especially potent during this time. Focus your intentions upon liberating yourself from situations in which you feel oppressed. Where do you feel controlled by others? Where do you feel that you have given your power away or that it has been taken from you? And, do you feel at the mercy of a drama that is playing out in your life? Do some journaling to identify the situation in your life you’d like to let go of.

As the eclipse is occurring, spend time envisioning the emotional empowerment that you crave, therefore, completely eclipsing the situation you feel oppressed by. See it, and most importantly, feel it. Embody the feeling of living in the reality you desire—not at some point in the distant future, but in the here and now.

Sun Signs

With the Sun as their ruler and the August 2017 total Solar Eclipse taking place in their sign, Leos will be the most profoundly affected by this eclipse. A major change is coming, and it will involve something significant drawing to a close in order to make room for a whole new you to emerge. Aquarians may feel that change is being thrust upon them by other people or outside forces, but isn’t this something you have been thinking about and talking about for some time?

Aries may instigate change, but know that it will be much bigger than you think. For Sagittarius, your beliefs are in for a major shake-up. Your old ideas are no longer relevant and it is time for you to evolve. One way or the other, Taurus’ home and family dynamic will shift in an unexpected way. It’s “lights out” on an important project or career goal for Scorpio, however, a new opportunity is calling.

Geminis need to change their mind and how they think about life. The influence of an unusual friend can help. It’s time to improve your money-making skills, Cancer. You will have to establish yourself as an innovator if you want to prosper. Virgo, you need to figure out who you really are. Therefore, you should consider therapy or a spiritual practice. For Libra, a door is closing on certain friendships and how you connect. Be open to more evolved ways of relating to others.

A big ending is coming up for Capricorn, thanks to the August 2017 total Solar Eclipse. It involves coming into harmony with the more unusual aspects of your upbringing. Work and wellness are up for review for Pisces. You can’t take the stress anymore and there are more ingenious ways to make a living.

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