This Week in Tarot: April 23 – 29

The Power of Tarot

Spring is gracing us with all the beauty nature has to offer, and with each day something new grows, not only on the outside but also on the inside, allowing for our awakening. Once again I am going to use The Wild Unknown Tarot to finish out the month. Remember, if you want a reading with these cards when you call in, just ask or you can ask for your favorite deck from the many decks I have used. I will be happy to read with them just for you! Well here we go again on an adventure with these amazing cards.

Our Tarot card psychics are shuffling their cards just for you! What do they reveal?


DAY – MOTHER OF SWORDS. Sharp, perceptive. The Owl sits perched on the top of the sword with a watchful eye. This means that no matter where your mother is, the overseeing of your well-being is in her hands. Also, if you are in a mood to be creative, today is a good day to pull out the supplies and get busy. There is an all-seeing vibration, and in your personal work potential rises. EVENING – FIVE OF SWORDS. Self-destruction. This is a warning to be good to yourself and those you love. Just because you are confused or frustrated doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Also, be on guard for anyone trying to pull you into a situation that does not match your nature.


DAY – DAUGHTER OF CUPS. Creative, emotional. A little softer, a little lighter. The energy shifted from last night, so stop holding your breath. Although it’s a work day, there is a lovely vibration that allows for the struggles to leave your personal space. With a delicate touch you are able to avoid conflict today. EVENING – ACE OF WANDS. Expansion, inspiration. Here we have a magical card, or I should say, your magic wand. With a burst of energy and the amount of growth and expansion around you, it could certainly be a hard night to fall asleep. There will be a new person entering the family or circle of friends. Therefore, it’s a very fertile time in many ways. Make the most of your evening.


DAY – ACE OF CUPS. Love’s beginning. Today you fall in love, be it a new romance or one that has been simmering. The bloom of love certainly appears, and being open to love is the beginning of a new feeling. The cups shows us that the heart chakra is open and ready to be fulfilled. As a result, a rebirth of positive energy will emerge. EVENING – STRENGTH. Master of emotions. With infinite possibilities knocking at your door, the ability to focus with compassionate, heartfelt energy is also yours. Therefore, there is nothing you cannot do tonight. Take this power and use it, and speak your truth.


DAY – NINE OF WANDS. Strength, stamina, confidence. What a lovely time to change your path. You have come to the end of a chapter in your life and new and exciting experiences are certainly waiting as you move forward. The wands are the work cards, so if you’re planning to change jobs, start a new business or rest before the next venture, this is the time. Most of all, the hard work of the past is going to pay off. EVENING – TWO OF PENTACLES. Balance, change. You are a newly transformed butterfly with magical powers. However, the delicate vibrations of your love can only be felt by those who return it properly. This is also a card with one of the best signs for showing financial rewards. A new job is coming, and a new life is in the process of manifesting.


DAY – THE HIEROPHANT. Mentor, seeking, knowledge. You are sitting on the key to all you want to know. Therefore, get up, get the key and open the door to your new beginnings. There will be a teacher on a spiritual path that will enhance your knowledge base and bring your energy level up. Learning a new ritual (giving gratitude to your personal belief system) is a comforting technique that will bring you to the point where you become the mentor. EVENING – NINE OF PENTACLES. Happy, healthy home. It’s time to enjoy your home life. You have forged a great foundation over the years and as the money came in ebbs and flows, you managed to get your home in order. Now is a good time to think about what you want on a personal level.


DAY – FIVE OF WANDS. Scattered, lack of focus, lost. This card applies to work energy. Therefore, you should be prepared for a work issue. Over the past weeks it has been hard to stay calm and enjoy work. This card acts as a warning. Find ways to bring calm to the environment. Only you can ease your mind. Most of the problems are with the inner workings of the business, so if you are part of that you have the ability to make changes. However, if you are on the outer realm of the issues be thankful. EVENING – JUDGMENT. Forgiveness. At the end of the day all is well. Work turned around, and you worked out the mess. Kudos to you. Forgiving is a powerful healing energy. With grace and compassion you were able to see through the hard time and now you sleep like a baby.


DAY – MOTHER OF CUPS. Insightful, psychic. Although a wonderful person, she can play the victim and become a tad aggressive. If you’re planning a family dinner, make sure her favorites are on the menu. The family environment is the happiest place on earth for the Mother of Cups. And as the old saying goes, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother!” EVENING – FOUR OF WANDS. Completion, celebration. Done and done, this card is the ultimate card of completion. It also gives way to party time and what better time of year than spring? There will be celebrations such as graduations, weddings, and family reunions. Enjoy the excitement and know that this is a time when your prosperity can rise to perfection.

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