Discovering the Root of Low Self-Esteem

The Stories You Tell Yourself

Every person has times in their life when they feel down about themselves. These feelings are usually temporary. However, feeling unworthy most of the time is a real problem, and it calls for healing!

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Low Self-Esteem

If you always feel down about yourself, you have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem has a connection to trauma and abuse. Whether it was happening in the past or is currently happening, somewhere along life’s journey, you were consciously or unconsciously made to feel less than. It may have been sexual abuse from childhood, or an ex-lover who chipped away at your self-esteem. It may even be a cheating spouse whose actions have left you wondering, ““What’s wrong with me?” Any type of abuse—past, present or future—will have an effect on how you feel about yourself. The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” could not be further from the truth.

Low Self-Care

Low self-esteem also has a direct connection to low self-care. Therefore, a person with low self-care doesn’t feel good enough about themselves to take care of themselves, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Here is “Sara’s” story.

A Cheating Husband

“Sara’s” husband was a cheater. When he finally left her for the other woman, she called me in tears. Her self-worth was on the floor. “Sara’s” spirit guides let me know that her husband’s actions were determining her self-worth, but her angels and guides would have none of that. That’s how much they loved her!

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“Sara’s” Next Steps

I remember silently saying to “Sara’s” guides, “Where do you want me to go with this?” I knew Sara and her husband were not getting back together. But where was she to go from here? Her spirit guides were just amazing and gave me a list of next steps for “Sara.” They were:

1. Get Closure
“Sara’s” husband left so abruptly that she didn’t get to say what she needed to say. I had her write him a letter—she wasn’t going to give it to him, but it would clean out her wounds. Her spirit guides wanted her to write down all her feelings—the hurt, pain, humiliation and abandonment. They also wanted her to note the good times they shared. She was to leave no stone unturned.

I warned “Sara” that this letter would bring up a lot of feelings for her. She would feel angry, sad and emotional. But she had to let it all out. When she was done saying her goodbyes, she also had to burn the letter. Burning would finalize this chapter in her life.

A week later, “Sara” called me again. She said that she could feel the light come to her the more she wrote about her ex-husband. The act of burning the letter created a space between her and the pain. It also brought her peace and comfort.

2. Find the Admirable
“Sara’s” guides next instructed her to pick three people—some she knew personally, and some she did not. For each of these people, she had to list five things that were admirable about them. As she compiled her list she realized that the qualities she admired in others were actually her qualities too. She had forgotten how great a person she was. This was a very uplifting exercise for “Sara.” It got her in touch with her higher self and built her self-esteem. It really caused a shift in her perception.

3. Find Safety
Next, “Sara’s” guides instructed her to close her eyes, put her hand on her heart and tell herself she was safe. “Sara” did just that while on the phone with me and she began to cry. She didn’t realize how unsafe she felt in the world until she told herself she was safe. She actually felt her guides for the first time. As she described it, “I felt the arms of a loving presence as soon as I told myself I was safe.”

The Wisdom of Experience

I spoke to “Sara” again as I was writing this article and I asked her if she had any words of wisdom to share with my readers. She said, “Love yourself enough to heal. If you are willing to do that, you will find a person within yourself, greater then you could have ever imagined. Clean out your pain and start building from there.” Well said, Sara!

Get Unstuck From Your Story

Your self-esteem is connected to the story you tell yourself on a consistent basis. If you have low self-esteem you need to determine what story you’ve been telling yourself. Then you have to get unstuck from your story. Being stuck in your story is an emotional and mental experience, and all self-esteem or lack thereof, begins and ends in the emotional and mental realm.

Love to all of you!

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9 thoughts on “Discovering the Root of Low Self-Esteem

  1. Janet

    This article cuts right to the heart of the matter. Thank you Ladonna for being bold enough to speak this kind of hard truth. I love you. We’ll talk

  2. Cassandra

    Just read this article and wow did it hit home. My husband cheated and eventually left me for the other woman 2 years ago. This has ruined my self esteem. As I read this article I realized a few things. My ex would have cheated no matter who he’s married to as this is his character flaw that has nothing to do with me. I realized I do need closure in order to move on. I’m working on letter now and saying good bye. This blog has really opened my eyes. Ladonna you’re such a blessing to those you serve with your gifts.

  3. Samantha

    What an amazing article. Thank you Ladonna. I will heed your advise and write my letter and begin my journey to wellness.

  4. Lorato Charity Gaarogwe

    i really enjoyed your guidelines to Sara it was really interesting, i enjoyed the skills applied

    1. Madonna 6460

      Find out why you stay ( the attachment to the relationship). I’m here if you need me.


  5. Jean

    It’s like Ladonna wrote this article for me. I will write my closure letter today and begin to repair my self esteem. Thanks you Ladonna. I needed this.


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