This Week in Tarot: April 2 – 8

The Power of Tarot

This week our messages come from The Wild Unknown Tarot. The author included a note on the inside of the box that reads, “May you always be on an inner quest.” It’s very fitting because April the month where we will be taking chances, and this deck will guide us inward to learn and understand how we can better listen to our inner voices. It’s off into the wild unknown we go!

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DAY – SON OF PENTACLES. Loyal, quiet and dedicated. There are times in life when it is hard to be social. Social activities with many people are usually not welcome. Being a trustworthy person, today you get to be the one with the keys to the car so that your best friends can party. With you at the helm you get them home safely. EVENING – FOUR OF SWORDS. Stillness and metal power. A sense of danger does not affect your peace of mind. The third eye is wide open and you certainly see the swords overhead. Understand that although there are issues, you can still find meaning in the meditation that lulls your energy. Sleep well so you can recuperate and move in the direction needed to avoid the falling of the swords.


DAY – FATHER OF WANDS. Charismatic and creative. When conflicts occur, it is the Father of Wands we can go to for a deeply compassionate discussion. This person can be a friend, a boss or even a relative. With open arms he welcomes your query. And as his loving heart hears your dilemma, he takes a minute to internalize the situation and brings forth the information needed to heal the predicament. EVENING – TWO OF PENTACLES. Balance and change. Here we have a card that is all about earthly possessions. Taking a chance with a new investment or trying to juggle the bills can be quite daunting. This is a very delicate situation—one in which you certainly have to pay close attention to the details. Therefore, show no fear as you face the financial part of life.


DAY – THE TOWER. Unexpected upheaval. Changes occur within the next four months. Even the most rooted tree can be taken down at this time. Therefore, holding down the fort is of the utmost importance. Changes bring a clearing and the clearing brings understanding. Remember, pain happens in life, but suffering is optional.  EVENING – SIX OF PENTACLES. Prosperity, growth and generosity. Balance and harmony are beckoning you to make an investment that will bring a solid core to your financial picture. Take the chance, go with it and allow for the wealth that you have worked so hard for to manifest. It is your right of passage.


DAY – NINE OF CUPS. Bliss and harmony. When the nine of cups appears it represents your desires in life coming to fruition. It is the end of suffering, as a new phase is in the works. At the end of the day you can indeed say life is good.  EVENING – STRENGTH. Mastery of emotions. Although one might think being strong is about being tough and hard, it’s really about patience. Inner strength is certainly far harder to acquire. If you want to build your inner strength, learn how to meditate. What makes the body strong takes time and energy. The same is true for the mind and spirit. This card shows that in both playing fields we can obtain the strength we need to feel good about ourselves, have the courage to get up each day, work towards our goals and build a heart that can handle love.


DAY – THE DEVIL. Addiction and negativity. This could be the day when you finally let go of the toxic energy acquired from the people who drive you to drink. I gotta tell ya, this is a sign from the heavens that better things are coming. Money situations improve, in the form of a bump in pay, or a bonus ends up in your direct deposit. Today more than ever, you have the ability to free yourself. EVENING – DAUGHTER OF CUPS. Creative and emotional. A sweet, sweet, lovely child that is a dreamer to the core enters your surroundings this evening. She is there to grace you with her presence and creative ability. Therefore, take time for family and allow the dreamer in your life to show you how imaginative they can be.


DAY – THE HERMIT. Solitude and meditation. TGIF for real. After a long workweek where you have been venturing into new and exciting phases of life, today will be quiet and peaceful. The stillness and absence of drama certainly gives you a mindset that opens you up to a calming vibration. This creates more self-awareness. EVENING – SIX OF CUPS. Memories, childhood and joy. There are times when our memories knock us for a loop. Tonight is not one of those nights. They will soothe the soul instead. This is a card of beautiful meanings. As you look back on the roots that gave you the strength to grow, you simply enjoy the evening.


DAY – ACE OF CUPS. Love’s beginning. Aces are the sign of new beginnings, of fresh starts and individual power. The cups are a sign of open love and the willingness to put others before yourself. Plan an evening with friends or fly solo as you venture out. Love is waiting to find you. EVENING – THE CHARIOT. Strong will and triumph. This card represents your confidence. Are you going to bring that inner warrior out tonight? If you are feeling insecure, this card is one to really take a good look at. Know that you are focused, good at relationships, a bit moody in the most loving way, and certainly a warm and compassionate person. Feel the bliss from within.

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