Your Money Horoscope: April 2017

A Month of Retrogrades and Reflection

When you think of “money planets” you think of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter perhaps, but the truth is that any planet can focus on your finances if it wants to—especially when it’s in a money house in your chart. This April Money Horoscope is a financial cautionary tale. It’s a month full of retrogrades and not a good time to take action. However, it’s a time to use all of your “re” words, such as revise, review, revisit, reflect, etc.

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Backwards Motion

Our second Mercury retrograde of the year starts officially on April 9 (through May 3). Venus turned retrograde in March, and though the retrograde ends on April 15, we may feel the effects of her backwards motion well into May. Jupiter has been retrograde since February, and this month Saturn and Pluto join the long list of retrograde planets, while the rest of the planets are either in the “retrograde zone” or about to be. That’s a lot of backwards motion that is sure to affect all of the Sun signs financially in one way or another. So, let’s see what the April Money Horoscope has in store for you:


Venus will be retrograde in your first house before moving backwards into your house of dreams and secrets. Mercury will begin its retrograde in your house of money before moving into your Sun Sign. Try to resist temptation and ask yourself if you need something or just want it.


Since you’re the host of Mercury’s beginning journey during the retrograde phase, sorry to say you should resist the urge to splurge. It’s best to put any extra cash aside for a rainy day as karmic Saturn turns retrograde in your house of shared money on the 5th. For some of you this could mean a bill becomes due.


With Mercury as your ruling planet, you always feel its retrograde periods a little more personally than most. This month with unpredictable Pluto going retrograde in your shared money house, your April Money Horoscope says you should make sure you have money to cover unexpected events, and make wise choices.


Keep a watchful eye on the budget in April. Expansive Jupiter in retrograde will remind you not to go overboard in order to make an impression. You may feel like being generous, but that’s not a good reason to put yourself in a financial bind. Do what you can and no more.


Your April Money Horoscope highlights fun-loving Venus on vacation and a retrograde in dreamy Pisces. It’s important to keep an eye on spending and your physical purse strings, so you don’t have to wonder “Where did all my money go?” Have fun, but stay alert.


You can blame the Mercury retrograde because it’s your ruling planet, but it’s actually the full Moon in your house of money that may put an end to your spending spree once the credit card bill arrives. No problem, you’ll just work harder to pay off the debt; you always find creative solutions to monetary problems.


Your house of shared money seems to be causing you some grief in April, as well as your house of income and reputation. No matter what, this is a cause to pause. Take a minute to evaluate the situation, and make well-thought-out decisions going forward. Enlist the advice of a knowledgeable friend.


While most of April is to your liking, there are still some financial obligations to tend to. Yes, reality can be a pest sometimes, Scorpio, but you’ve put this off long enough. The sooner you handle it, the sooner you can get back to the fun stuff.


With Venus and Mercury both retrograde in April, you may find something mid-month that you’ve just got to have. However, Saturn retrograde in your sign indicates that if it’s meant to be, you’ll find that the same opportunity returns at a much lower cost a little later on.


Your April Money Horoscope indicates that a powerful, yet down-to-earth connection between Mars and Pluto aligns on the 5th to give you a favorable start to the month of April. When it comes to earning money and winning people over, you’re a star on the rise again.


April is a pretty lighthearted month for you overall, filled with joyous moments and good friends. However, with Venus retrograde in your money house until the 15th, remember to buy just what you need, not everything you want.


If you need to negotiate a raise, promotion or a better contract, wait until the 28th when Venus reenters your house of money and Mercury (retrograde) and revolutionary Uranus come together in the same house. Strike while the iron is hot.

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