The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: November 4 – 10

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: November 4 - 10

The Power of Tarot

This week, we turn to Liz Dean’s beautiful book, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. It’s a multifaceted gem to include in your library as a tarot reader. Liz believes that reading tarot can help increase self-awareness, enhance creativity, hone your intuition, and give you the ability to empower others to find their spiritual path. This week begins with daylight savings time, includes election day on Tuesday, and a new moon on Wednesday. So let’s jump in!

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Day (XVII The Star; Aquarius the Water Carrier): The Star allows you to shine and show your star quality, so your efforts are appreciated. You may also feel more intuitive, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.
Key Meanings: Hope, guidance, inspiration, and creativity.
Wisdom Message: Be inspired because dreams come true.

Evening (X The Wheel of Fortune [Reversed]; Jupiter): When The Wheel is reversed, you may suffer some bad luck, but thankfully this marks the end of a run of challenges. The simple interpretation is closure. The benefits of the upright wheel will come, however, it will take a little longer to gather momentum and move you forward.
Key Meanings: Fate, change, and intuition.
Wisdom Message: Surrender to fate.


Day (Five of Pentacles [Reversed]; Mercury in Taurus): The Five of Pentacles reversed asks you to examine your values, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. If you are clinging to objects, people, or money, what are you avoiding? Fear of change could lead you to ignore debt or become oblivious to growing tension in a relationship. Hoarding old possessions and memories shows you need to feel safe for now and don’t have the confidence or the faith that you’ll be supported in the future. The good news is that this feeling is temporary.
Key Meaning: A test of resources.

Evening (XV The Devil; Capricorn the Goat): Tonight you may feel as if you’re enslaved to an ideal or a relationship that demands too much. That’s because the clouds have lifted finally, and now you are seeing a situation for what it is. The Devil often appears to describe situations that are not worth trying to fix or heal. The message is to simply walk away and to escape in the best way you can, regardless of the temptation of staying.
Key Meanings: Enslavement and temptation.
Wisdom Message: In one leap, you can be free.


Day (XIV Temperance; Sagittarius the Archer): Today, you may be dealing with a potentially volatile situation, and you need to temper your thoughts and actions to find balance and harmony. Temperance also shows you are connecting with your guides and angels, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. You may be given a sign, so watch for omens in what people say to you or a stranger whom the angels have sent to help you. This may also be the beginning of a spiritual journey for you.
Key Meanings: Moderation, reconciliation, healing, and angelic guidance.
Wisdom Message: You are guided to find peace.

Evening (Seven of Swords; Moon in Aquarius): The common name for this card is The Thief. Traditionally, the message is to protect your belongings and property. You may also encounter a challenge to your position, an individual invading your space, or in relationships, a selfish partner who takes too much emotionally, or at worst, defrauds you. This card can also indicate legal problems and unfair or fraudulent business dealings.
Key Meanings: Theft and dishonesty.

Wednesday (New Moon)

Day (Ace of Cups; The Water Signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces): Today is a time for love, kindness, conviviality, and good friends, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. There’s a simple joy to living each day and appreciating every moment. With the new moon also in orbit today, it can be a time of falling in love, passion, and a significant new partnership can appear on the horizon. If you are starting a new project, this Ace heralds creativity and growth, so make time for activities you enjoy, and you will see them flourish. Start that novel, make that business plan or book travel at this time too.
Key Meanings: Love, relationships, and beginnings.

Evening (Three of Cups; Mercury in Cancer): Tonight it’s time to celebrate! Three of Cups shows parties and reunions—from anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays to a great night out or weekend away with friends and family. As three is the number of creation, this shows a creative time—literally, with a pregnancy or birth, or in your creative goals. It’s certainly a time to let your talent shine. There is also an indication of emotional and/or physical healing.
Key Meanings: Celebration, abundance, family, and friendships.


Day (XXI The World [Reversed]; Saturn): When reversed, The World shows that you are ready to move on but feel blocked or don’t feel you are deserving of success. It can also show hanging on to one ambition that eludes you. If that’s truly the case, it’s time to redefine what you want and adjust your expectations, as you may be clinging on to a dream to the exclusion of all else.
Key Meanings: Completion, success, reward, and joy.
Wisdom Message: Enjoy your success.

Evening (XVIII The Moon; Pisces the Fish): Tonight may be a time of deep emotional conflict, and the struggle is private rather than shared, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. You have a decision to make and to choose wisely, you need to rely on your senses rather than logic. Take note of your intuitive messages and dreams now and acknowledge them as valid sources of information that will lead you in the right direction.
Key Meanings: Illusion, dreams, and crisis.
Wisdom Message: Be guided by messages from your unconscious.


Day (VIII Strength [Reversed]; Leo the Lion): When reversed, Strength turns to weakness of will and avoidance of risk, conflicts, and decision-making, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. This avoidance is certainly retarding your personal growth. The truth is, you can only learn from experience, and indolence and overthinking can be more exhausting than confrontation!
Key Meanings: Patience, tension, and strength.
Wisdom Message: With strength, you can discover your higher purpose.

Evening (Ten of Swords [Reversed]; Mercury in Virgo): Tonight you may examine your past actions and feel guilty or angry and react more deeply to the fallout. However, try not to hold on to the stress. Accept the situation and let go instead. This card reversed can also indicate feelings of helplessness, particularly if you have been ill or overwhelmed emotionally.
Key Meaning: Endings.


Day (XX Judgment; Pluto): Today it’s time to come to a decision about the past, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. Great changes and opportunities are on the horizon, but before you go forward, certain past issues need to be addressed. If you accept yourself fully, you can blow your own trumpet and praise yourself for your achievements. Also, you could find yourself in the public eye, hence fame, the card’s alternative title. Judgment can also indicate a spiritual awakening.
Wisdom Message: Look back with pleasure.
Key Meanings: Assessment, and letting go of the past.

Evening (Four of Wands; Venus in Aries): Tonight is a great time to socialize, to celebrate, and to really enjoy yourself. You also establish yourself at work and at home. This card is about putting down roots, and this card predicts that a new partner or love interest will open their hearts and express love and affection. It’s also auspicious for creativity, and artistic projects flourish under the influence of the Four of Wands.
Key Meanings: Freedom, creativity, and domestic happiness.

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