Turquoise: Your Powerstone for December

turquoise powerstone

Access the Power of Turquoise to Enjoy More Control of Your Life

Legend tells that the power of turquoise works better if the stone is given, rather than purchased. So, in this season of “gift giving,” we might consider giving a beautiful piece of jewelry to someone we love, particularly if they are born in this festive month.

Although it is commonly thought of as being the color of blue, the range of this stone goes from yellow-green to green/blue, pure sky blue, and darker sky blue. It almost emulates the sky in the deep night of winter. It seems to draw those who are independent thinkers, are adventurous, and have a certain individualism about them. Those who wear the gemstone will find they possess a good amount of control over finances, events and people.

Those wearing this gorgeous stone will also feel close to nature and the earth.

This stone is a master healing stone; its colors of blue and green being master enhancers in the color spectrum. It strengthens the entire anatomy and stimulates tissue regeneration, thus aiding against disease. In particular, turquoise aids with eye issues, treating the nasal passage and mucus membranes, and detoxifying the body of harmful substances. The best place to wear the stone is on the hand, as a ring on the third or little finger. The second best place is on the left arm as an arm or wrist bracelet.

Turquoise has been used in jewelry making for at least 7,500 years. The oldest known jewelry is a four-piece set of gold and turquoise bracelets created for Queen Zer of the First Egyptian Dynasty. Egyptian goldsmiths used gold and turquoise to create shapes of falcons, lotus blossoms, scarabs and deities meant for the use of magic by the wearer.

In the tomb of Tutankhamen was found a neckpiece in the shape of a vulture with up-spread wing, made of gold, turquoise and other precious stones. There are sixty-seven segments parts in this amazing neckpiece.

The Aztecs also used turquoise, which they called teuxivitl, meaning Turquoise of the gods. Their turquoise was very fine and clear, and brought from another land. No one was permitted to wear this gemstone, as it was meant only for their gods.

In the Far East, turquoise was engraved with inscriptions of the Koran, and then the letters were set in gold. These are were used as amulets.

In the United States, turquoise beads dating from A.D. 900-1100 were discovered in Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico. The stone has been very predominant in Native American jewelry-making. For instance, in the early twentieth century, Navajo sand painting depicted the four rain-making gods wearing turquoise and coral necklaces.

The stone occurs only in extremely dry climates. The oldest turquoise mines were in the Sinai Peninsula, which formed the border between Egypt and Palestine. Jewelry made from turquoise has been made throughout all periods of history. It reverberates with a beautiful, sensual and strong vibration, and is clearly one of the most vibrant stones ever found.

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