Your Soulmate Forecast for December

Your Year-End Soulmate Forecast

Continuing her four-month run through sensual, yet practical Capricorn, Venus (ruler of all things love-related) tests our boundaries this month, asking us to be clear in communication and connection. What does this mean for your love life?

Here’s your soulmate forecast for December 2013.


While remaining diligent in your analysis (It is only by understanding yourself in relationships that you can succeed in them.), try not to take yourself too seriously. You’ll come off cold and that’s not what you’re intending!


You’re prone to lead with sex under this influence, Taurus. And that’s fine if you’ve got the emotional maturity to remain vulnerable to whatever arises. If you can’t, all that sex will just seem awkward.


Intimacy shows signs of increasing this month, Gemini. Your feelings are a little nearer to the surface than normal, opening you up for a connection you might otherwise forego. Don’t.

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This month is all about teamwork in all kinds of relationships, Crab. From romance to work and everything in between, take care to be loving. Show your partner(s) you appreciate whatever it is they bring to the table.


Something (or someone) special is en route this month, Leo. It may or may not be a romantic relationship, but the connection is clear and could be transformative. Translation: Don’t let it slip by!


Self-expression is the order of this influence, Virgo. But you’ll need to be careful about how you say what you’re thinking. Capricorn has a tendency to be harsh. Combined with your critical ways, it could scare someone off if you’re not careful.

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Something is shifting, Libra. You may feel like you’re finally able to leave the past in the past. Sure you’ve got your battle scars, but the pain is over, which will bring you the balance you so crave—in or out of a relationship.


There’s a certain grace to you right now, Stinger. That vibe draws people to you and helps you achieve your desires. If those desires include love, you’ll need to appreciate what you’ve already got in order to attract more.


If you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the rat race this month, the energies at hand will make you a joy to be around. This will increase your influence in your sphere of friends and perhaps even in a romantic relationship.


You’re irresistible during this transit. Venus in your sign shines a bright light on those qualities that make you desirable in every area of life. Be sure to maintain a good balance—you may otherwise burn the candle at both ends.

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Feeding your soul is the order of this influence, Water Bearer. The hope, if you are involved in a romantic relationship, is that doing so will also feed your partner and the union you share. Absorb whatever you need in order to give back.


Romance is easy breezy this month, Pisces, which is a welcome state of affairs. The stars favor relaxed and friendly interactions with a dash of romance. Social settings do you, and your partnership, wonders.

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  1. RAY

    i would like to know if my exgirl n i are frinds but i caii her to much do you think if i stop calling that we may get back together

  2. jami

    I have a tendency to get with guyswho cheat. No matter how what i do. My last relationship i decided that i was ging to do everything right i talked to him about everything i told him the truth about everything i had no secrets i was open about everything. After nine months he cheated on me with a girl that he said he’d never be with. Why does this always happen to me?

  3. Bella

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  4. Bella

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  5. snehalatavyas

    I read my every day forecast by california psychic.Sometimes it is fully right,sometimes little not, but it is helpful for me.Thanks.

  6. Bella

    Is it my typing oh I know it’s also IT IS the BRITISH LIGO N me – chat chat ways taken over or coming out of – N me … Lol well after 30 + years doing the British thing – ways … ” well “”” it ISA what it is “”” lol lol … With the rest of it lol i am sure it’s has a little bit 2 do with my typing skills + & A LOT 2 DO with my Demerol & along with my other hospital drugs Or maybe it just might just be a little bit of both if them + im tired 2,it’s hard 4 me 2 sleep right now due 2 the pain level . NO worries here ms Quinn all is good NOW … 😉 .. FYI either way i am crashing out ASAP 4 the day / nite … Love ya ms Quinn . Talk 2 you ASAP .. Ha- ha lol lol you see HOW I’m happy NOW lol .. 🙂

  7. Bella

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