Your December Forecast

What’s in Store for Your December?

What is your greatest dream? This month’s Sagittarius energy will help you envision your best possibilities. So ask yourself what you really want, whether it’s more love in your life, prosperity, a healthier lifestyle, a deeper connection to your spiritual life or something more universal. Then keep your dreams alive in your heart and let the Universe guide your direction.

Transit Tales

Sagittarius influences can accelerate your sense of purpose by helping you see the bigger picture of your destiny. The archer is also the explorer of both the inner self and outer world. As such, you’re encouraged to explore your education, spiritual beliefs or interest in foreign cultures.

In the relationship arena, Venus continues her transit through earthy Capricorn, which can be a challenge or opportunity depending on how you view commitment and responsibility. Mars starts a lengthy transit through Libra on the 7th (through July 25, 2014), which will energize issues pertaining to partnerships, cooperation and sharing.

A note of caution: Conflicting Cardinal influences toward the end of the month can cause arguments, recklessness or disruptions in travel. Those folks with placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn can be especially affected.

Planets in Motion

After five months of being retrograde, Uranus turns direct on the 17th, which will help move forward all things group-oriented or technological (think U.S. Affordable Health Care Act).

Venus, the planet of love and money, will be retrograde in Capricorn from the 21st through January 31, 2014. Because retrogrades pull us inward, this influence encourages you to evaluate your relationship history, along with your feelings about love, commitment and duty. Also, what is your relationship to money? Do you feel empowered or powerless when it comes to attracting prosperity? It’s time to analyze your attitudes about abundance, lack, wealth and earnings.

Jupiter continues its retrograde travels until March 6, 2014, which encourages you to evaluate your personal integrity, complete your education or get in touch with your spiritual life.

Lunar Magic

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd launches a new cycle that may inspire you to join a spiritual group, take a trip, learn something new or explore your aspirations. Expect some restlessness around the time of the Full Moon in Gemini on the 17th, when intellectual pursuits and brainy interactions take center stage.

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Key Influences

December 2: The New Moon in Sagittarius brings a new cycle that encourages you to explore/expand your intellectual gifts, spiritual beliefs, cultural awareness or sense of purpose.

December 4 – 23: Mercury in Sagittarius favors ideas and discussions about education, spirituality, culture, travel or the future.

December 6: Mercury square Neptune can cloud the facts or cause a misunderstanding, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 7 – July 25, 2014: Mars in Libra energizes both opportunities and challenges connected to partnerships, cooperation and sharing.

December 10: Mercury trine Uranus can inspire an unusual or pioneering idea, especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and to a lesser extent for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

December 10 – 18: Jupiter trine Saturn supports long-term projects, goals and commitments, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

December 17: The Full Moon in Gemini energizes learning, communications, travel and restlessness, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 17: Uranus turning direct assists with projects that depend on technology, philanthropy or group interactions.

December 21 – January 19, 2014: Sun in Capricorn can tap into your practical, grounded side.

December 21 – January 31, 2014: Retrograde Venus in Capricorn favors an analysis of your relationships and earning power, but can hinder the launch of a new relationship.

December 24 – January 10, 2014: Mercury in Capricorn favors a practical or measured approach to ideas and discussions.

December 22 – 27: Mars opposing Uranus can ignite rage or recklessness, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

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Christmas Day: Moon and Mars in Libra clashing with Uranus and Pluto can destabilize emotional balance, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

December 28 – 29: The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn squares Uranus, which can cause argumentativeness or disruptions in communications and travel, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

December 28 – January 3, 2014: Mars square Pluto can prompt contentiousness or extremism, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

December 31: The Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn squares Mars, which can intensify a conflict or disrupt travel, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

40 thoughts on “Your December Forecast

  1. iacki

    Do you see me getting a big surprise before Christmas? I was told I would have no more money problems soon… Is that true or I’m I kidding my self?

  2. Bella

    RIP “” NELSON MANDELA “” you have served US with your finest purpose here on earth with NATA but with – 4 great honor !!! You have served your own country – the whole world with NATA but by being full OF kindness humility graciousness = LOVE & with GREAT integrity rest N peace now BCZ you are an angel up N heaven with OUR father N heaven now !!!! 🙂 RIP you did a great job here in earth with your love if I could use 1 word 2 describe U it would be “” kindness “” UR are very much admired presence – loved by everyone what a great man – father you have been 2 your own country as well A S 2 show other people you always do what is 4 righteousness sake … BCZ you lead by your own example & 2 -4 the rest OF the whole wide world 2 see be a witness part of !!! RIP 😉

  3. Bella

    4 Jody , I hear ya when it comes 2 medical mess issues I’ve been dealing with throat cancer that just won’t seem 2 go away FYI I’ve been a very good person by always doing the right thing so know I’m not getting it’s purpose other than it’s my “”GODS “” will 4 me ok !!!! “” what don’t kill ya only makes your stronger “” OK !!?! FYI I 2 , well I’m missing a lot OF body parts now 2 , I don’t have NATA left in right side ENT & I lost 1 kidney due 2 all of the medical stress on my body my drs say I should be good 2 go now … Sorry 4 your legal woes when it comes 2 looking out 4 kids best interests it is my labor of love YEA “” THEY ARE “” = it’s that plain & simple 4 me … that’s all I do is legal law cases 4 children – juveniles courtroom – superior laws social injustices causes – cases – my list goes on & on ECT .. I’m proud of you 4 raising your nephew I think you might even be a single mom 2 either way good job 4 hanging N there … I’m so proud of you , I 2 raised my nephew my situation was just like yours it sounds like … I went against my own his own mom -MY OWN bro – = my OWN parents 2 , to do the right thing by him FYI no he’s not perfect but I’m so glad I did he’s honor roll magnet schools all the way he got has a full scholarship 2 on his own 2 … Would I do it again absolutely yeah I would … 2 be honest with you I know your doing the right thing by him … FYI remember this I try 2 realize folks do change (( being parents who lost custody of THEIR own kids ))) but it’s my beliefs no 1 CAN change not that much other wise the courts would of intervening N the 1 st place you see … Yes N rare – few case yes I have supported natural parents retaining back full custody once again if they can show = prove then selves of their own worthy no I don’t just hand back kids that easily NO I want apologize either ‘… FYI it sounds like your nephew has been with you 4 a long time – 4 reasons & N the courts eyes if you’ve been doing a good job unless his dads done major as N MAJOR changes N a court of law THE courts rarely reverse it’s decisions ok @ his age , my question is does your nephew even want 2 ???? FYI this is gosh darn VIP try 2 keep it N a juvenile setting courtroom bc N juvenile cases court you are entitled 2 GET = HAVE a “”FREE “” lawyer N most states ok & FYI !!!!! I can only encourage you enough 2 hold on – maintain custody of him why BCZ lately all I’ve been doing is handling cases WHERE children have been returned 2 their natural parents by an certain agency 2 , I’m sorry 2 say later on but YES they were MURDERED by @ their own parents hands & if i might add I was adopted from this same agency many years ago 4 the sane blessed reasons … FYI after 40 years * I don’t see NO – many changes has been made since then … I do realize N cases like this when it happens N extreme RARE circumstances BUT – I’m tired if gambling with kids lives @ state ,hands who died left them N charge ??? however Ive helped 2 bury 1 to many kids & yes ((2)) of them iN recent times within (((((30)))) days apart … I’ve gotten so upset pissed off beyond the point OF no return about & this it what’s finally made me realize it’s time 4 me 2 put up or shut up .. With that being said it was the final straw that broke my back , made me say BO more so I’ve decide 2 run 4 a certain political office bc of having 2 help another family members once again 2 bury their child – pick up their pieces of their broken hearts & this is why I feel if I don’t do something about it I’m just as much 2 Blane , as their are = I’m gonna GO A-WAL on somebody’s butt .. I know im really good @ what I do when I was little this is all that I’ve ever wanted 2 do is help kids caught up N certain gov agencies … & when it comes 2 ALL kids well being best interest I do help kids N & out OF jail , I don’t ever choose good or bad kids either . NO I don’t mix NO words = I don’t care who I might offend , N the process … yeah I know I’m ruthless however N the state which I do live I’ve had enough I feel if I don’t act ON NOW yes I do think this practice will continue ON … So now With the help of – with some OF my bf’s & I m making a stance – stand means , no I think not … why BCZ I’m tired of burying innocent children … No I’m not saying this would ever happen 2 you & 4 not 1 minute am I saying this will be your worse case scenario… All I’m doing is sharing my story with you IS 2 only 2 give offer up you courage 2 you 2 hang on 2,your nephew sake ok … 2 know that 10000000% certainty that yes you are doing the right thing BY your nephew ok … Many blessing 2 you plz get healthy – get better ASAP plz , lol lol … FYI my way of thinking is this way , is always when I DO – I will – feel bad I always remind myself FYI yes there is are always someone out there who is N this world who has it a lot more worse off than I do believe it or not FYI … Yes this is so very true . My saying is this lol “” everyday above ground is a good day & if I’m not above ground then it’s gonna be even a better day = times BCZ I’ll be N heaven “” … Are you following me … 😉 … stay strong happy holidays 2 you – 2 yours ((((( 2 your nephew from me )))) … Yes ma’ma I DO breath law & when it comes 2 protecting all kids present & N PAST tense “” it is what it is “” & NO I want ever apologize 4 taking my hard nose very forceful stance “” about protecting all kids life’s .. Yes know this once again “”know “” that you are doing the right thing BY him always FYI remember that ok , hang tight it’s gonna be a rough 1 .. 🙂

  4. Bella

    4 Elaine i concurs with CK .. Plz give then a call I know personally CP is a trustworthy website … I think also this might be a higher purpose making it’s present known 2 you , you know what I mean , it sure sounds like it 2 me you got UR Xmas present cane early !!! Happy holidays 2 you – 2 URS , don’t be scared no more why , BCZ you’ve been blessed looks like heaven is smiling down on you , 🙂

  5. CK

    @Elaine: I’ve been dating a man who is still married too. Not sure of your situation, but mine has been separated from his wife (they are living in separate households for about a year now), and they haven’t had much of a relationship for years. And I have consulted the psychics and they have reaffirmed that the marriage is over, he just wants to play nice, not get screwed over financially, and still has these feelings of loyalty towards her. It has been a struggle for me….i go back and forth about whether I am wasting my time and if he will ever be able to 100% commit to me. It has been rough. I’m going with the psychics on this one. I have called them on the verge of breaking up with him and they encouraged me to stay with him. In your case, this new man may be the universe’s way of helping you to get out of your 5 yr relationship with the other man? I encourage you to call CP!

  6. Elaine

    I have been in a relationship with a married man for 5 years now. Do you see him as my life long companion? Will he ever leave his wife? I met someone new who I’m really enjoying getting to know but I’m really scared. It felt like we hit it off but I’m not so sure now. I’m confused. Do you see him in my future? How does love look for me?

  7. Aleya

    Will I fall in love sometime in December and January? Will he be a stranger?A best friend? Or a new brought into the family type a guy? Will he be good looking? Will we live close by or far apart? What does his name start with? Please help me

  8. Linda Marie

    Hi, can you please reply back to me (9-5-65) if the man (3-26-76) whom I am in love with since 4-30-2005 does truly love me, want a life & future w/me? Will he come back to me for good & when? And will he then finally profess his true feelings of love openly to me, not just here & there when he’d thought I was still sleeping but his whispers of telling me he DOES LOVE ME are TRUE? And if so, when? Also, the Woman (Lauren) & her son (RJ) whom he is living w/since 9-15-2013 but been hanging out w/since we stopped seeing each other bcaz of DV on 3-1-2013 & then together w/his Son (9-1-2011) when he was here for summer fro TX — Does he really have true feelings for her, she’s NOT his type, VERY FAT (sorry, description) & short hair shaved head that she’s now growing out at his urging? Like or love her? Enjoy sex w/her at all? And, if so … W/her or ME better? Bcaz even though he was w/her he has still called me continually to hang out/hook up during entire time, but only when he wants. Or am I right that he’s just using her bcaz she had a you g son w/whom he & his could hang @ & go places together bcaz she has car & he had to sell his 2-2013 due to 4th DUI & no DL & on probation for 5 years bcaz of that? Was he really hurt when I called Police 2nd time & he went back to jail for 5 days bcaz of DV from him again? Is that & reason bcaz his Mother won’t speak w/him again IF she would find out he’s seeing me again bcaz she, as educated as she is, just doesn’t get that it IS HIS OWN FAULT for drunk DV to ME & that IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE!
    I hope & pray that you’ll answer me back today and shed some light on all the ?’s I need answered once & for all! Bcaz no matter what, he ALWAYS comes back to ME. Is that bcaz he TRULY LOVES ME or just using me for convenience & sex? Or bcaz his Ex might give him hard time IF he ever had a relationship for the long haul w/me & make it difficult for him to see his son, Alex?
    Thank you in advance. I’ve had many readings over the years from your people & they were ALWAYS TRUE but have been unemployed since 8-24-2012 & therefore cannot afford to call for a private reading at this time BUT my heart & mind needs ANSWERS & CLARITY immediately!

  9. Shirren

    In Oct. My First love wondered back into my life. He is seeing someone else and I am with someone now for 18yrs. His relationship is strange and he don’t know if he wants an intimate committment with her yet they are in a relationship. I am wondering if the two of us will ever get back together in a relationsip and stay together for the rest of our life. And I hope that the one that I have had the 18yr relationship will be happy. We have been together for so long and been through alot. I care alot for him but think I am just going through the motions cause no one else is in my life. Yet with the first love I miss and ache for him. Does he feel the same about me and will he come look for me and ask me to be with him for the rest of our lives and when? Please help me to find some peace with this. Will it work or not and if so when. Thanx

  10. Jennifer garza

    My boyfriend David who’s and I have been together for it going on nine years are we ever gonna come it as a relationship can go forward in our life we have been together in our bills and in my schooling as being at the barber butp wheWhen will h When will he commit knowing that I do have a di o of dyslexia an and diety and

  11. Jody

    ugh, where would I ever begin !!!! I have two sons which both live with their fathers. My youngest is 11 and im fighting for custody due to the fact his dads an alcoholic and drug abuser, my 17yr old is in the same situation however has been in the same school his entire life and graduates this year and will be coming home after graduation. I just had a major surgery 10 days ago where they did a hardware removal in my lower back, and wow it seems to have even helped my thoracic (middle/upper) spine. Then I have custody of my 12 yr old nephew whos mom is in prison and his fathers and is a dope addict and is now fighting me in court to take him from me, which would be fine if he was clean…. So anyway all this being said this December forecast definitely gives me some insight as to what Im in for and why things are the way they are. Also how to handle certain things, that is if I can keep it all straight and remember it lol. Thanks anyway for the forecast, also if anyone of the psychics feels any kind of kindness as to offer anykind of insight or advice please do. For I would be eternally grateful. With love and light Jody ?

  12. Nikki

    Hi I just have a one question.My BIRTH DATE is Oct 21,1979.
    I am looking for a job in IT .Can you predict when i will get a job?WILL get or not?
    Please reply.

  13. L. Yuvina

    Hi there, i was Born 07.09.1973
    How is my Job and money in 2014? Do I Need to Take the New Challenge to work longer for more money with get up early in the Morning or stay with the schedule with what i have at the Moment? And how is my Love Life ? Thank you very much and many greetings to you CP (:

  14. robyn noyes

    i have been in love with jason steinkey for over a year and a half he has come back several times but then he stays away ….is he in love with me , will he come back again , is he with someone eles and should i just let it go from my heart, i am deeply heartbroken and need to know if he is just playing me for a fool.

  15. Denise

    I do believe in past lives. I wonder if something from that life is spilling over in this one. I have a neuromuscular deiase called CMTs. This has been a 35 year process. I have a great deal of anxiety I feel useless as I get older. I am very codependent for help to get around. I feel even though he says no,I still think he could of had a better life if he hadn’t met me. I have been told by another psychic that in fact my daughter is embarrassed by my condition. She will neither confer or denie. I have always known she is. She really doesn’t call or come over,I think sh either has an outside influence or she is ashamed of here for feeling that way. My dad had the same deiase as me but she was absolutely over the moon for him. I also feel that she’s jelous of her brother. He 19 I know he doesn’t see my disability just his momma. If you have any answers so I could shed some lite on my situation. Thank You!

  16. Nadine lewis

    Date Of,birth 92/09/69
    My relationship Of 4 years ended..he is with a 25 years Old girl..will we ever get back together..

  17. jawed khan

    HI There,
    Date of birth—Dec23,1947
    Place of birth—Rawalpindi,Pakistan
    When the big will happen I am an old man Retired Mechanical Engineer I have every thing I need expect good wife,still married but from very first day I feel our equation is not an essay due to her illness,schizophrenia,Now I lost all hope,she is nice but I do not love her with my heart but shows I love her,just pertaining for her.I have being married ON Feb,2,1979,staying to gather because of my two son & two daughters ,all are professional,both son live in Australia,one daughter in Canada one in Pakistan. Please help me out on my above ID
    awaiting for reply.
    with Blessing

  18. jerryfirefly

    Thank You so much for your reading, I quit reading my horoscopes for so long, & now I’m trying to get back into it again, Your forecasts that California site reads have been almost spot on so many times, I wanted to apologize to your blog for being rude, by not responding, I’m going through something no human that I know of or even beleived in for nearly 3 years, .I’ve been aware but not attacked until 2 & 1/2 years now, Owe moved to U.K. & I Don’t know any—— here I’ve tried to get in touch with Jason Miller the Author of Protection, can’t contact my life is in Danger. I wouldn’t have beleived such a thing could exist, I would have said your crazy. Sorry I had to tell someone trying to get any help I can. I pray, but that dosn’t stop the physical pain the 3 give me. God bless Thank You- Jerry

  19. Jimmy Cornejo

    I’m one of the lucky one on my transit cause of my B-day 11/12/1954. everything I been reading. My life is going to take a BIG Turn for the Best. I’m very Positive on my self and feel my Angel guiding. For 3 weeks I have won all together at the Casino $1200.00. I never play cause I would lose. I feel big money soon.


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