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Welcome Our New Additions to California Psychics!

You’ll be pleased to meet some of our newest psychics that we’ve added to the line. Check them out, they’re waiting to hear from you!

Psychic Shelby ext. 5697

Shelby starts by asking for your name and if you have any questions. She can also do general readings upon request. A no tools reader, with strong empathic and clairaudient skills, she is very detailed and feels that caring always comes in the form of honesty. She hears confirmation come in from her spirit guides and also by picking up on your emotions. Shelby specializes in love and relationships. Her goal is to give you as much information as possible to guide you to the right choices. She has faced many hard choices in life, but came out victorious through finding love. She views readings as a positive force that can take you from a negative state of mind to a hopeful one – there are new opportunities all around you! She loves listening and being an uplifting ray of sunshine when you find yourself lost in the dark. Fast, accurate, and detailed, Shelby is a true professional who comes from a nonjudgmental perspective.

Psychic Nathan ext. 5698

Nathan hails from the United Kingdom and will put you at ease instantly! He has been reading professionally for over 15 years and delivers guidance with wit and charm. You enter a new atmosphere and feel a common ground of euphoria as he receives confirmation of psychic details. Right away he shares messages from spirit and hits on precise people and things in your life. From an early age, Nathan could pick up on psychic messages from media outlets, such as television and radio. Then he would connect them to his thoughts, which progressed into predictions that came true. He has a background in counseling on issues such as addiction, bereavement, and relationship conflicts. He has helped both same sex and heterosexual couples overcome obstacles. Nathan gets natural validations as he walks with spirit. He believes that you too, walk with spirit. He takes the psychic journey very seriously and pinpoints all kinds of aspects that surround you and yours. Much like Morrissey sang in his hit with The Smiths, Nathan’s philosophy about readings is that they give you “a light that never goes out.”

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