Think Like a Man: Learn How to Be the Woman He Wants

Wear the Masks of His Desires

When the question is asked, “Do men want women who can be one of the guys,” the answer is not always as straightforward as women would like. There hasn’t been a lot of research on this topic, and if you plop in on a couple of forums as this idea is being batted around, you will notice that no one guy has the same reaction to this concept. However, with that being said, there are a couple of tips that will help any girl fit in with her guy’s lifestyle (and circle of friends), which will certainly give her beer points (especially if she’s the one buying).

1. You Want to Be There

The first thing is, you’ve got to want to be a part of the activity before expressing interest. You can actually put yourself into a worse position if you’re out fishing, and cry every time he pulls in a fish, or make a “pukey” face when the announcer screams, “We’re going into overtime,” during the game. Guys do like a girl who likes some of the same things as them. However, it has to be genuine. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

2. He Wants You to Be There

Forcing yourself into your guy’s time will work about as successfully as when mom used to make him drag around his younger brother everywhere he went. By expressing interest, he will eventually get the hint, and invite you along to something he feels comfortable with having you there. Guys are actually very social animals, so joining his group for one outing should not be too difficult.

3. Leave the Chatter Box

Girls love to talk. Guys know that, and love that about you. However, if you have ever watched a group of guys fishing, or playing a few rounds on the golf course, there is a time and a place for conversation. Male bonding is more about the activity, than what is being said. In the beginning, listen more than you talk. Get a feel for his friends, before you immerse yourself into their dialogue. Guys don’t like change, so the less they notice you, the more they will enjoy your company.

4. Be Up for Anything

Guys love a woman who is up for trying anything once (assuming it is not demeaning, overtly dangerous, or mean spirited, of course). Guys may have a hard time believing that you don’t like some of their favorite activities, and the only way to settle this, is to actually go out and try it. If you go to the car races, and hate it; at least you tried, and he will respect you more for that, than if you had just left it go at “no.”

5. Hold Your Ground

When hanging out with a group of guys, you may be challenged at one point. This is a good sign, as it means you are being initiated. Men respect direct correspondence, so if a guy makes a joke at your expense, you will actually get bonus points if you can dish one back. Once you have a feel for the group, and have something to add to a conversation, hold your ground, get to the point, and speak clearly and directly.

6. Good Enough, Really is “Good Enough”

Guys come from the “no muss no fuss” school of life. They get by with a minimum of fuss, because they have found that “good enough” works fine most of the time. In other words, don’t worry about the little things when spending time with your guy!

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7. If You Had a Pair, They’d be Swinging Low and Slow

In any given day, 66 percent of women suffer from anxiety, while only 33 percent of men endure these same ill effects. This is a very important difference, as women are more structured. However, when enjoying guy time, a woman should release her need to be in control, and just allow time to pass with the distant clouds. This may be frustrating at first, as time in his man cave, may seem more like three-hours of watching flies fornicate. None-the-less, there is a valuable lesson to be learned. If there is nothing important for you to be doing at that moment, just enjoy this time with your guy. Moments in silence can be very powerful. Nature does not always feel the need to speak back to us. However, that doesn’t make these moments any less fulfilling!

“The only person you can change is yourself. Learn to accept others as they are or move on.” – Rivers ext. 5273

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6 thoughts on “Think Like a Man: Learn How to Be the Woman He Wants

  1. jolenejensen

    Thanks for the article Eric. I am a gemini and one side of my personality is just as you posted…I grew up on a farm I hunt, fish, drink beer and love football. The other side is a girly girl and I love dresses and heels, dancing and plays. Is it possible to write an article to the guys on balance between the two. Having to put himself out there for the things she is interested in. I always feel like I put half of my personality on hold to accommodate HIS needs. I love men and dating but haven’t found the one that completes ALL of me.

  2. Kb

    When I was reading this article, I actually got confused and sad and was reassured all at once. I felt like I did all of the above, nothing forced, I just truly love life and all that it has to offer 🙂 I love sports, I am always up for anything (vegeterian so not so much of fishing, hunting and that type of stuff), and even if I don’t actively participate in something, I still enjoy just watching, but all my guy friends have always said I’m a guy’s girl. I was in a relationship for 4 years and my guy NEVER invited me to anything. I was dying inside to meet at least one single soul he knew but he would keep saying how his friends are not good enough and he would never trust them around me or some days he didn’t have any friends. I wonder if he was insecured or emberassed of me !!!!!!

  3. Angela

    This was good reading for individuals in relationships wanting to take it to a new level with their mate.

  4. Karin Kohler

    This is a fantastic observation and so true. I wish I would have had this advise long ago.
    Thank you much For sharing

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very good tips Eric !!!!!

    And to Marc from the UK,

    You can always chat with me on this blog, simply by going to the article I wrote on …hmmm….let’s pick the one about blue moons….If you pull up psychics and enter in Gina Rose ext.9500, on my page, and scroll down right hand side of my page, where it shows my articles and you’ll see the one on blue moons.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. -quinn ext.5484

    great article –

    7. If You Had a Pair, They’d be Swinging Low and Slow (LOL)
    in a past life i had a pair, found they just get in the way…

    love your advice, i actually learned how to play billards, darts, chess, understand football, basket ball, and watch sports center.
    it is indeed hard for a woman to get into the boys club, but once accepted it can be fun.

    have a great day,


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