The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: February 24 – March 2

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: February 24 - March 2

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Finally, we’ve reached a week where nothing major, in terms of holidays and astral events, is happening! Let’s return to Liz Dean’s amazing book, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, which is chock-full of tips and insights about reading the cards. Liz does read reversals, so I will include them this week if they arise. Here’s your weekly tarot reading!

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Day (0 – The Fool; Uranus; Innocence, Risk, and Beginnings): The Fool’s appearance today signifies taking a calculated risk. It’s never too late to begin anew and follow your heart’s desire. The journey ahead is not without danger, however, but it’s time to take a leap of faith. The Fool brings an opportunity to start over and feel young again or excited at the prospect of a new way of living. The Fool is an embodiment of your spirit, ready to explore and discover. Therefore, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot encourages you to welcome in what’s new and travel lightly.

Evening (XIII – Death [Reversed]; Scorpio; Transformation and Change): Death reversed has virtually the same meaning as the upright card, but the difference is in your reaction. You may feel anxious and stressed, unable to understand what’s happening, rather than being accepting. When Death is reversed, the universe is telling you that there is no way back—a relationship cannot be mended, or an employer won’t change their mind.


Day (Five of Cups; Mars in Scorpio; Loss, Leaving, and Sorrow): Today is an emotional day, and could bring a sense of upset and loss. It often means sadness and confusion due to a breakup, disappointment or arguments in a close friendship. It can also indicate the need to temporarily move away from a family member who has caused hurt. Here you must deal with whatever life throws your way, whether invited or not, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. The gift of Five of Cups, however, is that there’s no mistaking what has happened because you feel it in every bone of your body.

Evening (1 – The Magician [Reversed]; Mercury; Action, Creativity, and Success): When The Magician is reversed, he turns trickster, so this card can show you being misled by a charming manipulator. What you see is not what you get, and it’s all show, not the truth. In your projects, The Magician reversed can show a creative block as you feel torn between two paths or choices that get in the way of progress. It’s time to choose one option and commit to it fully, however. The reversed card can also reveal delays to travel plans and miscommunication in general too.


Day (IX – The Hermit; Virgo the Virgin; Healing and Self-Exploration): Today brings an opportunity to take some time away from your daily routine. The Hermit can show you enjoying some “me time” because you need space to process your thoughts and feelings. The Hermit can also show self-healing and healing others, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. You may need to guide others and show them the way forward too. Even if you aren’t sure you can help, you are certainly equipped to do so.

Evening (Five of Wands; Saturn in Leo; Competition and Debate): Five of Wands has to do with competition, and the message is to hold your position rather than compromise. The card does not predict outright battle, but there will certainly be fiery opinions and a lack of agreement, at least for now. Scheduling problems and travel delays are also possible, so double-check your plans and appointments. On a lighter note, this could be a great evening to go see some sporting events and root for your team too!


Day (Seven of Cups; Venus in Scorpio; Opportunities and Extremes): Today is about choices and confusion. Seven of Cups brings the potential for amazing opportunities, but these options and offers are insubstantial. At present, it’s not clear what’s feasible and what’s fantasy, as everything feels up in the air. This is also the card of the visionary and shows the beginning stages of a new project when anything is possible.

Evening (XVI – The Tower [Reversed]; Mars; Destruction, and Enlightenment): When The Tower is reversed, you may find yourself taking responsibility even when you’re blameless. It can also reflect holding on to a career, project, or relationship that is not strong enough to stand the test of time. If you have clung to the past to protect yourself from reality, your fears may materialize, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. The impact of The Tower’s collapse is sudden and dramatic, and soon you’ll know exactly where you stand.


Day (Page of Wands [Reversed]; Earth of the Suit of Fire; Good News and Communication): When reversed, Page of Wands brings delays, so plan accordingly this evening. E-mails and other messages can go astray and communication gets complicated too. As a person, Page of Wands reversed may communicate in a negative way and be relentless. The Page is fickle and does not follow through with the plans he initiates. Eventually, his enthusiasm or obsessions burn out because he becomes easily bored or distracted and he leaves you to deal with any fallout.

Evening (Page of Cups; Earth of the Suit of Water; Love News): It’s a wonderful night for a date, good company, and fun too. Whatever your age, Page of Cups makes you feel young at heart. Page of Cups brings good news about the emotional aspects of your life—relationships, children, and finances. This page also favors imagination and creativity and is a good omen for new projects and opportunities to improve your home and lifestyle. He also assures you that all is well and good times are ahead, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.


Day (Ace of Wands [Reversed]; Fire Signs; Enterprise, Career, Travel, and Beginnings): When reversed, Ace of Wands can show blocks to creative projects and delays in travel. In work, a project may be abandoned or postponed due to poor management. Additionally, this card reveals false starts, so you may need to rethink your plans. In relationships, Ace of Wands can reveal a lack of commitment from a man or time apart for a couple, usually due to work, and the woman finds herself waiting for the man.

Evening (II – The High Priestess; The Moon; Secrets, Wisdom, and The Spiritual World): Tonight, hidden knowledge, intuition, psychic experiences, and significant dreams are the gifts of The High Priestess. This is a time for incubation and the privacy to go inward, deepening your relationship with your higher self and trusting your internal knowing. On your spiritual path, The High Priestess predicts learning and a mentor. She reminds you to follow your intuition and connect with your guides. In your everyday life, confidentiality is key, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.


Day (XVII – The Star; Aquarius; Hope, Guidance, Inspiration, and Creativity): Today, The Star offers hope and guidance, so if things have felt difficult recently, have faith that your luck is about to change for the better. The Star also indicates well-being. It’s the card of the healer and is traditionally associated with astrology. You may feel inspired to create beauty and style in your home, thanks to this card’s energy, so projects are especially favored now. The Star also shows that you’re destined to be with someone, and it’s time to find a soulmate, according to The Ultimate Guide to Tarot.

Evening (Ten of Wands; Saturn in Sagittarius; Responsibilities and Burdens): This card appears as an indication that you are carrying too much on your shoulders right now. You may have become so used to being overloaded that you’ve lost sight of the reason you’re doing the work. This card can also reveal that you may need to look for less demanding work, but that you feel too drained by your present job to spend time searching. This notion creates a catch-22. It can also indicate that you’re neglecting your relationships because all your energy and attention are on work.

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