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This week we see Mercury turning retrograde for the first time in 2019. Tuesday is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras and also the Dark of the Moon. This is not a good combo. The next day, Wednesday is a New Moon and Ash Wednesday.

I found an old tarot book on my shelf titled, “The Lovers’ Tarot,” which is different than the Lovers’ Tarot from Valentine’s Day. This book is written by Robert Mueller, Signe Echols, and Sandra A. Thomson. This is a workbook with tutorials, spreads, and worksheets and is rather in depth in its analysis. Here I will focus on the interpretations for our cards of the week.


Day (Two of Pentacles): Today you need to stay alert to things you will be called upon to balance. At one end of the spectrum, it’s possible that you will feel temporarily off-balance. On the other hand, you may be handling a couple of situations with real ease. You have a seemingly infinite capacity now to put or keep things in balance, even though for a time, you may feel you are juggling too many things at once. Emotionally, if you are a person who “keeps score” in your relationships, it is time to develop a new way of being together.

Evening (XIII – Death): The archetypal meaning of this card is CHANGE: time for a change, time to reconsider. Change is imminent. Now is not the time to dig in your heels and stick to what you believe. We are willing to consider letting go of the old and facing a new beginning. When our Death archetype is active. This card does not necessarily signify the end of the relationship, although it can, but rather the end of a way of being within that relationship, the transforming of ourselves or the relationship into something different.


Day (XVII – The Star): Today the Star appears and brings with it a glimmer of new trust in our relationships, possibly due to insights gained and truth revealed. After a time of meditation, thoughtfulness, or personal-growth at work. Its appearance counsels taking a direct approach without manipulation. When the Star is active within, we trust our inner direction and our guiding light. We freely give of ourselves with abundance, knowing that such giving will not deplete us. Our powers of expression are at their fullest potential.

Evening (0 – The Fool): Tonight, you are out and about, like the Fool, full of the adventure of life. A child of the universe, The Fool is optimistic, open to new ideas, and makes choices without fear or reservation. Even though we may have been battered by life, The Fool card represents our innocent and childlike attitudes, which are still there. Within us to be awakened when appropriate. In relationship issues, The Fool may signify that you are at a place where you know nothing (a kind of innocence) and need help. That recognition is the first step in accepting guidance, in whatever form it arrives.


Day (Eight of Wands): In a relationship, choices are the basis for growth, progress, and movement. Things are up in the air now, yet undecided in your relationship. With respect to events already begun, choices await. Eights remind us to reorder priorities, to reevaluate decisions, to take stock and reorganize. An explosion of ideas can seem overwhelming at first. Regard them as resources to help you make a choice.

Evening (Nine of Swords): Tonight, this Nine may signify a time of separation or separateness in your relationship or your projects. You also may be disregarding the talents you bring to the relationship. The Nine of Swords can also mean you have taken on the sorrows or worries of others and are now burdened with them, possibly feeling overwhelmed. You cannot avoid your problems by shifting to those of others, and you cannot solve theirs. If there is conflict in a relationship, you may have difficulty explaining your point of view or understanding the viewpoint of another.


Day (VIII – Strength): Today, Strength appears to announce the availability of courage and perseverance for help in overcoming our problems. The card of Strength allows us to gather our energies for the next stage in our development as a person or as a couple. Sexually, it can indicate the “taming” of the physical and sexual nature or transmuting physical energy into spiritual. This card signals a sense of confidence in, and consideration for, the ideas or activities of another.

Evening (Six of Cups): Sixes are cards of union and fulfillment, so the Six of Cups suggests a time of abundance and flowering in your relationship space. Let this Six remind you tonight to review how your relationships have enriched you and to relish those gifts. If you have not appreciated your partner lately, give them some love this evening. It is also a good time to attend to, and acknowledge, your inner child. If you have unfinished business from the past that is negatively influencing your present relationships, deal with that and let it go.


Day (V – The Hierophant): At his best, The Hierophant represents selflessness guided by higher values. Spiritual initiative, sometimes recognized by us as our inner voice or inner teacher, is active Hierophant energy. In its negative sense, The Hierophant archetype can be severe and demanding, urging us to conform to peer pressure. The Hierophant indicates a person in a relationship space who is operating under conventional patterns.

Evening (XX – Judgment): Judgment heralds a rise in consciousness and access to wisdom that permits evaluation and frees us from previous illusion. We may have new insights into ourselves or our relationship and a sense of a new lease on life. Inner Judgement directs us to heed our personal or sexual conscience. It calls for serious reevaluation according to higher values, dedicating ourselves to the awakening and acceptance of new possibilities. We are open to hearing the deep resonances from where we truly live.


Day (XVI – The Tower): The Tower’s appearance today indicates unexpected circumstances, or abrupt changes of opinions or attitudes, that call for us to adapt or adjust. It is a time when we need support from our mate or others. In relationships, the Tower represents a catalyst that comes in to stir things up. It can be an outside challenge or an internal one. The lightning bolt on the Tower card represents energy or awareness that is supposed to catapult you into awareness. There is a need to pull together to redefine or rebuild the structure of your relationship.

Evening (Queen of Pentacles): The Queen of Pentacles represents not just dedication, but the kind of devotion to projects or relationships that pay off, frequently more for others than for ourselves. This card indicates that you are clear about the nature of your relationships. Your efforts will unify everyone involved. To others, your energy appears boundless. You truly serve with love and love your service. Often this Queen is taken for granted, so give yours some appreciation this evening for all she does.


Day (Knight of Wands): Today, the Knight of Wands emerges onto the scene with the message: “Let’s get busy; let’s do something, anything.” You have a lot of pent-up energy or excitement about your project or relationship, and you are ready to act. It takes power, drive, and determination to accomplish what we want. Do you have the patience to see this project or issue to its conclusion? If this is a sexual relationship and you are considering permanence, you may need to slow down. On the other hand, this card can signal that this is a sexual affair without care or commitment.

Evening (XI – Justice): Tonight, with Justice, there is a sense of stability and equality in our relationships. If the relationship is not already one of fairness and equality, then the card signifies that we will expect those qualities and will work within our relationships to develop them. Social manners, consideration, ethical values, and legal matters are important for the Justice person or relationship. When our inner Justice is active, we are ready to take responsibility based on our ethical beliefs and to seek balance within ourselves or the relationship.


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