So You Wanna Date an Aries?

When dating an Aries be prepared for a partner who’s full of fight, passion and can be rather self-centered yet loyal to the right partner. Fiery Aries is a whole lot to handle, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the most highly sought after and desired signs in the zodiac. And it’s no wonder why! With their natural self-confidence and passionate flair, The Ram has oodles of “it” factor. But are they right for you is the question.

Use this guide to dating this red-hot Fire Sign to find out. Hint: if you can’t stand the heat… steer clear of Aries!

All about Aries
While incredibly passionate and invested in their commitments, Aries has the tendency to make things all about themselves. Unchecked, Aries will – ahem – ram their thoughts/feelings/desires down your throat, ad nauseum, without pausing for a second to recognize their self-obsession. Same goes for wanting what they want, when they want it, which, beyond being demanding can be inconsiderate (oftentimes they’ll want space to do their own thing despite other plans and lack of warning).

On the other hand, the Ram is also fiercely loyal to the right partner. If you’re self-assured and comfortable giving an Aries the room to fulfill their own needs (clingy partners need not apply), you may find this sign’s combination of intensity and independence strikes just the right note.

Let the fireworks fly
It has been said that a relationship without discord lacks passion, and that is the Aries romantic motto. These fierce fighters actually enjoy a tete a tete here and there (so what if some people would call it a screaming match?). They actually see a healthy debate as a sign of a thriving partnership. It’s not so much that Aries likes to disagree, it’s that they feel deeply, intensely, and must absolutely express themselves. The point? If you’re not comfortable with the occasional argument, do not pass go with this Fire Sign.

Conversely, those who understand that fighting with an Aries is not a sign they don’t want you, but rather a guarantee that sparks will fly, can benefit greatly from weathering the storms of this tempestuous firestorm. Not only will spirited debate lead to steamy make up sex, it’ll keep Aries interested. When the sizzle fizzles and the spark has subsided, that’s when you’ll have something to worry about!

Prepare to play
Finally, if you’re looking for an easy-going partner who enjoys anything close to the status quo, dating an Aries is probably a bad move. These born adventurers like to keep their partners (and themselves) guessing. They see life as a game where excitement is the objective and everyone they encounter – particularly potential paramours – provides competition. For that reason, Aries requires a lover (slash) adversary who keeps them on their toes!

Sound grueling? It can be. The good news is that as competitive as Aries is, they’re not the type who has to win at all costs. Rather, they prefer a worthy opponent to one they can roll over easily. The same rules apply whether the contest is physical, sexual or intellectual. In fact, surprisingly enough, an intellectual connection is a real turn on for this physically aggressive sign. It’s the first signal to them that a worthy adversary may be afoot.

The long and short of it? If endless exploits sound appealing rather than tiring, this fire sign may be your match. Even if you get burned, the wild ride will most likely be worth it.

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35 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date an Aries?

  1. Nikita

    I have a friend whose an aries (guy). He always gets mad or serious about the smallest things. We both like eachother. However when he gets mad he stops talking to me. I’m a sag. I like space, but I dnt like the non-communication part. I truly want to make this to work Betwn us <3 any advice will be greatly welcomed. Thank you 🙂

  2. Maggie

    I am a Libra woman
    and yes you better not make them mad because they get mad very easy when things don’t come their way. I’ve never been with an Aires in a relationship but I know a few friends who are Aires and my aunt is also an Aires but oh, man, she really is a good aunt and a good Mother How could a woman like her being so strong suffer so much with my uncle ugh my uncle who is a Scorpio treated my Aunt very bad and put her through a lot things I am so happy that my aunt is no longer with him
    Aires Be careful Stay away from Scorpions they are not your Match !
    Aires will go with Libras or Leos but if you ever decide to go with a Libra Libra will take care of you
    and will give you your space I love sports too and I love to challenge you someday
    I also would like to say here that , we have our good and bad side but I preffer that you see my good side instead I’m very hard to get believe it or not I’m very loving and caring as well just give us a chance Will show you

  3. Aries March 28

    I am an Aries woman who is still searching for my soul mate. I’ve experienced love a few times but because I gave so passionately of my heart so quickly and yet am so dedicated, it took awhile to realize I was in the wrong relationship. I have rarely casually dated.

    One thing I have noticed about my Arien self (which mystifies me) in all of my relationships is that, when I was “done” in my heart . . . it was over. Meaning; there was no lingering. As an example: my boyfriend cheated on me in college. Although I was devastated, because I loved him, I stayed with him for 3 more years. And then one day, I realized it had been a one sided relationship and it was like a light switch turned off in my heart and I left. He chased me for years after that. So we Aries can forgive when wronged but seem to have difficulty tolerating those who cannot fully give of themselves in return for our love.

  4. Daycee

    I am an elderly woman,a grate grandmother,being aries born with strength and determination has helped me challenge,win and over come many ruff spots n life,including love … After my devorce i raised and educated my five children,adolpted a cousin and educated her,plus i went back to school, took care and of my sick mother until God called her home … I can share many stories being a ram with of determine nature that helped me in this life … My warning to aries women be careful in love and especially falling love with an aries man,it’s like trying to mix water and oil.

  5. kaffie

    Yes, i am an Aries also and the universe is Mine ! There is nothing that I cannot
    have or nothing that I cannot achieve!

  6. sandy

    I have to say that I find myself enjoying an aquarios spitit to be the most awesome lover there is. I’ve dated two for years at a time and being an aries it’s hard to get them to see that even tho I like me time sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’m cheating or anything. It just means I’m devoted and passionet to make money and a future for us and I need to focus on those life things here and there to suceed….. I realize that anytime I dont give my full attention to any aquarios I’ve dated they end up cheating on me. I’m a very understanding and forgiving person if I feel my aquarios is making a point that at times I’m self involved with myself and feelings were hurt enough for him to stray, but they just seem to not be conpassionate with my needs and I’m a vengfull aries. If you say you love me and will cheat instead of talking with me first and let me know things are bothering you then I’m gonna do the same and tell why, who, and what I did lol. I cant seem to keep an aquarios because of the simple reason that I think there heart is fake when mine is so real…

  7. Janis

    I proud to be a aries, We are very Loyal, Fierce competators, strong minded, very fiesty, but make a great friend, we are true to others and our selves. Read Linda Goodman (SUN SIGNS) She knows everything about the Aries Sign, it will give you goose bumps, and she is also an Aries, of course.

  8. carla

    i am an aries woman.and i truly love my sign and a can stand my grounds quite well.but ladies watch out for those libra’s , they can be a hand full.we will never give end to a dominating man .so stop trying .they sometimes take our kindness for weakness and when we explode the dont like one bit.

  9. Mr,Incredible,,,

    Hello To all Woman, I yes ,am A Ram ,,I think in my younger years I was very hot headed an absorbed,Though as I get older ,I;m a giving,loving,trusting,loyal Man, Once I am with a Woman An I make A committment to her ,I’m There, I’m a giver of life, No takers need apply, Life is about choices, no good bad right or wrong,,,,,I remember though don;t hold on to the past, Yes there are things i would love to do ova again or have made different choices though today my past has made me who I am, ,I’m agressive ,,positiveally, Is it about spelling no, it;s about understanding,,,, I’m worthy of all and anything that comes into my life ,I am a best friend, ,,When I see you cry ,I feel your Heart,When you look into my eyes ,i see your soul, ,,Give me the one minute hug in silence, Let us know each other, ,,,I’m like the ruff cut diamand when I was younger, ,,Though now in time ,Alot of the ruff edges have been rounded,,,,I’m Love ,give ,,Help, Listen,,,do i want someone to confront me ,Heck yes, keep me in check, Aries are strong emotional, and very sensitive people,,,,with love that will stop the world from turning for the person in thier life, ,,I am tha ARIES,,,By saying I ,,I take my own Responsibility,..Do I believe in GOD ,,oh yes ,I’m Indian ,,My Wahkahn spirit animal is the Buffalo, Have a Awesome day,

  10. chrissy

    I’m an Aries, Aries man and women, not a good match. Everytime I get involved with an Aries man I get my heart broken. It seems to be something about them. They Lie, faithful is out of the question, and are the most selffish men I’ve every met. Never again, I tried it one more time recently and the outcome was the same. Not in this life time will i ever get involved with an aries man not even as friend. My best friend of 35 year is and Aries woman, and My good friend @ work is an Aries woman and we get along very well. We are kind, giving and look out for each other. And are very truthful with each other no matter if it hurts or not. Why is it that the men are so different.

  11. soulmate

    I am a Aries Woman, My baby hes very much the Sagittarian Man, stronge, intelligent,Spiritually minded, Tall dark and handsome, he is “Gorgeous” (smile)
    we have great times together and we have our occasional discussions, and when that happens I wanna just make love to him…thats (2) fire signs for you….My Sagittaius is so honest to the bone, it hurts too…but you got to respect that….better to be honest then lied too….Correct Ladies?… Im in love with him and I care for him hes my everything in this world.
    I Love you Baby…so to the lady who asked ..What are Sagittarians like, My baby is Wonderful, hes my Blessing,….hes my Rib.

  12. annie

    I just love being an Aries. I am a true 100% Arian! Fiery, hot-headed, passionate – Everything! LOL. I just havent (to date!) had a relationship with another Aries. I think that when that happens, will be the day I find my true mate.

  13. shena

    this is for Sheila I am a aries woman and i am seeing a Saggittariaus man. i do not know him to well but i know i love being arould him. i think i love him. but i really do not want to say that right now. being with an Aries it is great!!!

  14. Barbie

    a matter of facts i had a partner to leave me two days before christmas, that really hurts. i’m down and out and depressed right now, but i’ll pull my head out of my …and pick up the pieces and go on and find someone who will treat me the way i deserve to be treated. i don’t cheat on my partner. i try to be honest and never lie to him. i’m hurt right now. deeply hurt.

  15. Barbie


  16. Maria.d

    Shila as long as you can share the spotlight the relationship will flow smoothly with alot of exitment and adventure , Im a sag and have a aries partner sometimes debates can be interesting thou you just have to see each others point and learn to share the attention and it will be a great relationship and allow aries space don’t crown them they don’t like that neither does sag.

  17. Freda

    yes i am an Aries (female 52) and my other significant other is also an Aries (54). the biggest problem that I have with him is trust & honesty. when given space he takes advantage of it in the wrong way. the saddest part with this relationship is that I love him!!!!!!

  18. Sheila

    Aries have u been involved in a relationship with a saggittariaus uf u have how was the relationship with a sagg i need to know because a aries man is interested in me and i am a sagg.

  19. terence

    Iam an Airies male. My sign says iam impulsive, i have controlled that to a point. The Aries can get into trouble by fighting, i have controlled that unless someone punches me and they are going down. Stubbern , yes. I have learned if u do this u can loose alot of friends. Iam not the normal Aries in that i know my sign and how the negative can hurt so i back down. Iam true to myself and would rather have a good woman in charge and take care of her. I have alot of energy so i use it to help people. I was born into an Aries body, but with free will, so it cannot control me but i have to find a partner that can help me see my faults and i can stop them. Iam flexable. Souns like iam putting something on a dating siteLOL Maybe i will.

  20. hussien

    We did hit the key word in all the comment..( I ) ( I ) ( I AM . what you have mentioned in the article above is mostly true but you forgot an important fact. We always get stabbed in the back .

    Aries – 31 – march – 1982 .

  21. Seemagandhi

    While reading the article feel like i,m looking in a mirror.being an arien is like on top of the world.i,m happy to be born again as aries.the most favorite baby of the universe.

  22. Betty

    I am aries…and when i read about Aries evrything is sooo truth..Aries is a really good friend and loyal friend.Always here to help if he can…sign with so much passion for all the things aries do or love …so competative…so creative..but very impulsive…:) I love my sign:)

  23. Dawn

    I have found that Leos (mostly) and other Aries (sometimes) seem to be the most compatible signs with me for all of my relationships, whether romantically, professionally, or friendly. I love a good friendly debate over any topic. I am competitive, but love a worthwhile opponent, as stated in the article above. I prefer to call myself “determined” in achieving my goals. I will go for what I want with such an incredible passion…yet, if that fire is not fueled, it will burn out and I will move on to my next adventure. I can be difficult, but am incredibly loyal. I will advocate for others and fight for justice. In other words, I’m an Aries. : ) As Yvette stated above, “But once someone has won our heart, it is theirs forever…”

  24. Yvette

    I am truly learning so much about my birth sign and have to admit there is so much truth to it. I am going through a difficult divorce and he is a cancer. I tried so hard to deal with making it work, but it clearly wasn’t happening. I sometimes wonder if the right man will ever enter in my life and make me oh so happy………..

  25. Yvette

    I get it. My sign is so strong that it really isn’t for everyone. But once someone has won our heart, it is theirs forever…

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