Test Your Psychic Ability

Perry in Detroit, Michigan asks:

Is there any way I can test my psychic abilities to see if I have natural abilities? Also, I would like a suggestion for an exercise I can do with a friend so we both can learn together and support each other as we are trying to develop our psychic abilities.

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

Karl Zener, under the direction of a colleague, developed Zener Cards, which was an idea born from the use of playing cards to test telepathy in individuals. Unfortunately, the shapes on the playing cards, combined with numbers, created too many variables, so a simpler method was needed. Zener created cards using five distinct symbols: circle, wavy lines, star, plus and square. The cards are sold in a pack of 25, with each symbol on 5 cards. Perhaps you have seen these mysterious cards before, but weren’t quite sure what purpose they served. Zener Cards can be used as a tool both for testing your psychic abilities and for further developing your skills.

Psychic Experiment 1

To test whether you have psychic abilities using Zener Cards, you first need to acquire a pack of cards (most often ordered online, since this is a specialty item), or make them yourself using index cards to ensure that the cards are indistinguishable from the back.

1. On a piece of paper, draw squares representing the 25 cards in five rows of five cards each. This will serve as your test sheet where you will provide your answers.

2. Shuffle the 25 cards, and place them face down on the table, in five rows of five cards per row.

3. Let your mind clear, and begin looking at the cards. You may begin top to bottom, or you may bounce from one card to the next in an random fashion. Look at the back of the cards, and allow yourself to “see” the image on the reverse side. Make a note of the images (your answers) on your test sheet.

4. Continue this exercise for the entire 25 cards.

5. When you have finished, turn the cards face up while maintaining their position.

6. Compare your answers with the actual results.

Psychic Experiment 2

The second method of testing involves two individuals: the “projector” and the “receiver.”

1. Select who will be the projector and who will be the receiver in this experiment.

2. The projector will begin by shuffling the 25 cards and will be responsible for recording the answers the receiver provides.

3. The projector begins by selecting one card, holding it in his hands and focusing on the image on the card. The projector mentally delivers the image telepathically to the receiver, specifically making the impression on their “third eye.” If the symbol were a star, the projector may be thinking “star, star, star…” or they may mentally be visualizing drawing the star.

4. Allow a few moments for the receiver to provide a verbal answer, of which the projector makes a note.

5. Discard the cards face down in a single pile, keeping them in order for later comparison for accuracy.

The laws of probability prove that you can expect to have one correct guess per every five attempts. Therefore, if you were to use the entire deck, turning all 25 cards face down, you can expect to get five correct answers. If you have more that five correct guesses, the margin of giftedness increases and aids in determining the degree of telepathy or gifts in the area of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

In addition to the direct comparison, you may also want to look for any patterns. For example, perhaps you missed every single card, but if you were to rearrange your answers by shifting all the answers forward by one card, you’d get 20 correct. In this case, you may have precognitive abilities, and you are actually predicting one card ahead.

Another pattern could be the case of a consistently mistaken image. Perhaps each of the five cards that you thought was a circle turned out to be a star.

Don’t be too quick to discredit your results if you don’t see immediate and obvious accuracy. Something that could have been overlooked at first glance may later reveal profound conclusions if you search for patterns or relationships.

This is intended to be a fun experiment. Even if you find that your results are standard, don’t be disappointed, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not psychic. We all have different gifts and abilities. However, if this happens to be an area in which you show natural talent, Zener Cards will become an excellent tool for continued psychic development, and with practice, you can amaze your friends!



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