Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic? Take This Quiz to Assess Your Talents!

Everyone is armed with a certain sixth sense, but some people have stronger intuitive powers than others. To quantify your psychic strengths, ask yourself the following questions. Then read your results for a general assessment about your psychic abilities.

1. True or False: I sense other people’s energy upon sight or hearing them. I don’t have to know someone personally to have a feel for them on a core level.

2. True or False: Sometimes in a conversation, I know something has to be said even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at that moment.

3. True or False: I experience deja vu with events or places. I have the feeling that I’ve been somewhere or experienced something before or I have dreamed it before.

4. True or False: I am deeply impacted by others’ emotions. Sometimes I even feel what they’re feeling personally.

5. True or False: I often have the experience of being a conduit, meaning information comes to me from no ostensible source and I need to (or wonder if I should) write it down or otherwise convey it.

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6. True or False: I have a physical reaction to people or events when other people don’t. My heart races or I get sweaty or nauseated.


– 6 True

Highly cognizant of the world on multiple levels, you’re also very probably extremely psychic. If you’re not already honing your skills with meditation and regular card readings, now is the time. Make note of any information that comes to you and look for patterns in how you receive it or what it contains. Through analysis you will be able to further deepen your psychic potential and put it to use for yourself and those around you!

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– 4 True

You have (probably untapped) psychic potential, the key is putting it to use more often. Start by listening to your gut as frequently as possible. By opening yourself up as a channel to the universe, you’ll start to see shifts. By accepting these shifts and going with the flow, you’ll find your psychic prowess increases.

– 1 True

While you no doubt have the capability of experiencing some of these feelings, you’re blocked. You might not be aware when you have a gut feeling that it’s actually your psychic side knocking. Try to clear your head and set the intention for openness to the messages of the universe. They’re out there – and you can find your connection. A spiritual adviser will definitely be able to help!

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