This Week in Tarot: March 12 – 18

The Power of Tarot

There are times in life when we all need a little guidance. What better Tarot deck to seek that guidance from than the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards. The Tarot cards are the messengers that support our intentions, so take their information and use it to manifest thoughts, actions and deeds. Allow the messages to bring a peaceful, loving energy to your life. Here is your week in Tarot.

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DAY – LOVE-BASED REALITY. No one ever said love is easy. However, loving oneself first is the groundwork that supports all our relationships. This means that being honest and organic about your own feelings leads to stronger friendships and love-ships. Growing in compassion also brings healthy love, and the light of the heart chakra shines brighter. EVENING – SURRENDERING. Letting go of of hardships and suffering is a lesson we all have come to know at some point in our lives. Within the letting-go process also comes a release of negative vibrations that washes you with a sense of relief. Letting go does not mean you’ve lost or won; it is a way to become free and enjoy the gifts life has bestowed upon humanity.


DAY – QUIET NOURISHES ME. Living in the moment with a positive attitude keeps you sane. However, it’s easier said than done. When you work on the actual process of being in the moment, even in meditation you find the mind wanders. In essence that is part of the way meditation works, so do not worry. While in the depth of meditation you also find a way to solve issues and find strength. The quiet opens the mind so that you may use more of it to love, to live, and to laugh. EVENING – SAVOURING THE POSITIVE. As you go from day to day, memories pop up that sometimes blow you away with deep and profound feelings. Hold on to the ones that bring you joy. Let the winds of kindness embrace you with strength and a strong foundation that will support you during stressful times.


DAY – ENLIGHTENMENT POWER. Let your consciousness be the vehicle in which you move forward and grow. Today is certainly a wonderful day to practice humility, gratitude and cast off limits and dogmas that dictate what one should do. Let freedom ring. EVENING – LISTENING TO MY BODY. The wise owl and the emotional mother moon share your space tonight. This is a time to be grateful for the health and flexibility of your body and mind. It is also an effort as the mind tells the body what it is feeling, and the body speaks back by being able to do what is enjoyable, like dancing and lovemaking.


DAY – IN THE FLOW. All is right in your personal life. You are in the flow of positive energy and magic is happening. The light from your aura reflects light back to those who see you, and a connection and an understanding like never before occurs. However, be easy with the way in which you use the energy. Pushing too hard is not the way. Use the gentleness of going with the flow. EVENING – INNER WAKEFULNESS. This is going to be a hard night to fall asleep. Being pumped up with clarity and wisdom shows you the truth of your soul and the path that you walk. Meditate on the inner beauty of life and you will be asleep before too long.


SANCTUARY – DAY. Being connected to peace is a wonderful thing. It certainly brings comfort and a deep feeling of safety. Within each of us is our own holy land, and it is a safe place to store your thoughts and knowledge. Opening up to your inner safe zone allows for infinite possibilities to come into your life. EVENING – THE UNKNOWN. More will be revealed to you by showing humility to the infinite intelligence of the universe. Through meditation, you train yourself to embrace the cycle and come home to the center of your being. When you do this the unknown is just another space to explore without fear.


DAY – SOUL’S JOURNEY. Here is where you come to understand the reasoning of your path. As the cycles change much like the seasons, your energy shifts with the phases of the moon. You are able to manifest your dreams and goals on your own terms and in your own timing. EVENING – FEARLESS SELF-LOVE. Loving yourself is the way to live a fearless life. It is a practice you can learn and certainly get quite good at with consistent awareness of the environment in which you live. Value the guidance from your guides and mentors. It is the path to bringing out the power within.


DAY – I EMBRACE MY BODY. Become aware of your body, particularly the movement and grace you work with, be it yoga, or running, or a workout at the gym. Bless your body with good food and healthy living. If you need to put boundaries in place, today is certainly a wonderful day to do so. EVENING – BOUNDARIES. Safe and sound with protective energy, the boundaries you make known are respected by others. With this protection you are clear and able to manage life with ease.

4 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: March 12 – 18

  1. Lav

    I am struggling in a bad relationship I break it off and keep going back he is verbally abusive and puts me down its been almost 3 years and it’s taking a toll on me emotionally I have a 26 year old son with addiction problems who is not doing anything I’m ready to scream what do you see

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Lav,
      Maybe a good scream will get the anger out. Moving forward ask yourself what do I want? You can and will manifest your desires and goals. Time for some order in your life and not allow others to run your world. That’s the price paid for being a good person, which you are. The coming months will bring a clearing for you.
      All the Best,

  2. Kathy Oneill

    I am struggling financially I have had signs around me to retire I only receive 414$ a month I am not sure if the government taxes me.. My oil bill was 414.39$ so Others are trying to help me to go on long term disability I can’t do my job due to health issues. At the school were I am they said The don’t have any work for me.. I feel I need to retire and find something I can do.. I want to right stories and dedicate my book to my mom who I love dearly I miss her so much so was my friend and most of all the best mom in the world..My heart is breaking As of April the 5th I have nooney What should I do.,

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Kathy,
      Life is full of ebbs and flows. You have the use of a computer or some means of communication that allows internet access. Finding a new job that you like would help lift your spirits. Keep a positive attitude and live in the moment. Work on your daily activities to keep your head clear and right action will manifest in your life.
      And don’t forget to be grateful for all you do have.
      Many blessings for the best –

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