All About Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

 Aquamarine March Birthstone | California Psychics

Its Lore Runs Deep

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, is named for the sea water in which its cool blue-green coloring resembles.  Ancient fables also referred to aquamarine as “the treasure of the mermaids” because Neptune/Poseidon was believed to have gifted the sea dwellers with this stone.

Protector of Sea Dwellers

Due to its connections with the sea, aquamarine has long been believed to protect those who are traveling by sea or those who live near the sea. During particularly rough or dangerous journeys, sailors would toss their amulets carved from aquamarine into the waters to appease the sea god. It was believed to ensure good fortune, safe passage, and protection from drowning.  It was also used to quell the effects of seasickness and Roman fisherman believed it would ensure a prosperous catch.

Ancient Romans also used aquamarine to purify water. They would have the stone carved into goblets which were believed to pass along its purifying properties to the water.

Healing Stone

Because of its association with the sea, which was considered the giver of life, aquamarine has long been used as a healing stone.  It is imbued with soothing and calming energies and is believed to have tranquilizing properties. For these reasons, it is considered to be effective in diffusing or releasing anger and anxiety, as well as assisting the wearer in keeping a clear head in stressful situations and aiding in meditation.  The ancient Egyptians believed that aquamarine could offer relief from physical pain, as well as ensure good health.  Its soothing abilities are believed to aid in relieving inflammatory conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Another use for the stone was to relieve edema, a condition in which the body retains too much water.

Aids in Chakra Alignment

Aquamarine is connected with the throat chakra and, therefore, is an aid to improving verbal communication, as well as communication with spirit.   It is believed to help calm the mind and enhance clarity of thought. It may also help expand one’s perspective in emotional situations. All of these features aid in effective speaking.

The secondary chakra associated with aquamarine is the heart chakra. This birthstone is believed to be very effective in helping wearers get in touch with themselves and the emotions that might be holding them back from achieving their dreams.  It is also said to aid in emotional healing.

Emotional Healing

Another quality associated with aquamarine is the ability to wash away negativity. This may allow people to see the underlying reasons and causes of trauma more clearly so they may let go of the blocks that hinder them from evolving and moving forward. It is also believed to encourage trust and truth, both with the self and with others.  It aids the wearer in developing kindness, compassion, understanding of others and tolerance.  It is also used to enhance and deepen intuitive abilities, especially in regards to receiving clear communication from the Divine. It is also said to offer protection from dark spirits and attract the spirits of light to the bearer of the stone.

Some think a stone is just a stone, but it may help you more than you know. Try keeping this birthstone on your nightstand or carrying it around in your pocket.

Aquamarine | California Psychics

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