This Week in Tarot: June 25 – July 1

The Power of Tarot

“As above, so below” is a wise saying often used in spirituality. The saying encompasses everything from angels to demons and everything in between. For example, the Sidhe are considered a distinct race, quite separate from human beings. Through the centuries, they have had contact with mortals, which is documented. They can even change shape and have powers far beyond human ability. The Sidhe hail from Ireland and Scotland, and some of them have ribbon-like wings that extend from their backs, indicating that they can cross realms of existence. Let us take a trip with these wondrous beings through the Tarot of the Sidhe.

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DAY – THE HERMIT. Keywords: meditation, solitude, peace, contemplation, research, learning, mysticism, shamanism, the occult, retreat, seclusion and wisdom. You’re sitting in the park and relaxing when a sound comes from a stone. It is a soft whispering, so listen closely. A message is being given to you that will certainly make life easier. Within the message also comes a profound acknowledgement that you will be the guiding torch for others. EVENING – MAKER NINE (Earth). Keywords: independence, needs met, thriving, health, comfort and satisfaction. Bring gifts of water, soil, and light, because they are the materials needed to grow food and plants. This card also tells you that you can complete what you start and accomplish wonderful things to help your financial prosperity grow.


DAY – THE CHARIOT. Keywords: victory, challenge, goals, willpower, charisma, spirit, motion, progress, division, unity, incarnate soul and mission. Holding sacred trust, you are the winged horse and rider, and there are two directions in which you can travel. You can forge a clear road containing the  indestructible nature of your dual soul. When given a task that asks for privacy, you are the person for the job. Therefore, you should ride on with your powerful vibrations. EVENING – DREAMER TWO (Air). Keywords: division, polarity, truce, temporary balance, decision and stalemate. Divided thinking is very annoying and in the pursuit of clarifying your direction, you certainly need to overcome this energy. If you have to make the first move to bring a relationship back together, be it friendship or love, now is certainly the time. The path you share is a happy path if you break through the obstacles.


DAY – WARRIOR FOUR (Fire). Keywords: foundations, celebrations, engagement, marriage and plan for future. You are at the door to the foundation of your living situation. This is certainly a strong time, and if you’re looking to make your place a solid environment, it’s easy to do. Lots of love and friendships are also developed, which will prove to be very strong. The people you love will never tire of your passion. EVENING – THE MOON. Keywords: dreams, cycles, intuition, prophecy, vision, illusion, shadow self, subconscious, underworld, emotion and hormones. This card is one of emotional well-being. At this time, you’ll discuss feelings and love. Therefore, let it out and take it in. This beautiful card also allows love and relationship to be realized.


DAY – DANCER QUEEN (Water). Keywords: empathy, healing, nurture, care, maternal, self-sacrificing and intuitive. Being helpful today is the way to gain appreciation. A flowing movement also takes you down a new path. Today is certainly a day for planning and getting advice from someone who really cares about the outcome of a project. EVENING – MAKER SEVEN (Earth). Keywords: stamina, determinations, willpower, vision, patience and persistence. The projects, tasks and planning are all coming together. This is a card of completion. Hard work and the passion to do your best shine through as the evening sheds light on your accomplishments. Therefore, you should give yourself the credit you deserve and enjoy the prosperity coming your way.


DAY – JUDGEMENT. Keywords: evolution, truth, beholding, expansion, awakening and purification. This card makes many people feel uncomfortable, because judging is not a pleasant experience. But life is not a talent show! To be judged can be harsh—even by loved ones. To offer your judgment randomly can also be disturbing. However, being judged can be a process by which you come to understand your true self through others eyes. It is certainly worth a look. And it can give you insight into your evolution. EVENING – DREAMER TEN (Air). Keywords: closure, endings, resolutions, depression, exhaustion, death and clearing. Depending on how you view the keywords, they’ll either lead to your advancement or give you insight into how stuck you are. None of the keywords are negative! Instead, they’re about winding down and having time to relax and think. The dream must die to be reborn.


DAY – THE MAGICIAN. Keywords: magick, communication, intelligence, potential, power, ability, trickery, master, connection and voice. This is one of my favorite cards, because the keywords are deep and dynamic. Let’s take a look at your abilities and what you can do with them. The Magician is your potential to bring your power forth. EVENING – THE DANCER (Water). Keywords: expression, purity, emotion, universal, love, healing, spirit, and blessing. The waves wash upon the shoreline with great foamy caps, and their dance brings a sense of joy to your life. Metaphorically speaking, the waves are your dance floor. They are indeed like life—in comes the good washing away the bad. This is very much how karma works too. It’s certainly okay to replace the negative with clean, fresh energy. The waves can be the wings of the Sidhe as well. And, the footprints in the sand are your path to happiness.


DAY – THE FOOL. Keywords: innocence, adventure, exploration, recklessness, trust, protected, beginnings, quest, search, self-development and inspiration. This card is a sign to me that there is a person waiting to take a giant leap of faith, be it marriage, changing jobs or moving. It’s about total abandon and trust. In this very moment, close your eyes and think of what you want to do, but check your inner vibrations and make sure you trust yourself. Then jump! EVENING – MAKER TWO (Earth). Keywords: responsibility, changes, busyness, juggling, decision and potential. It takes two to tango! Any relationship running the whole spectrum from acquaintance to lover, certainly needs both people to be present. As you team up, care for the earth, preserving its beauty and resources. In this age of climate change and global warming, this card is telling you to keep the earth healthy and happy.

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