This Week in Mantras: June 24 – June 30

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras focus on love, growth, manifestation, surrender and more. Let’s jump into This Week in Mantras!

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June 24 Mantra (Love):Everywhere I go, I find love. Life is joyous.”

See love in every aspect of your life. When you see love everywhere, you will attract love to you. Love is the most important aspect of living. When you feel that you love everything about the life you are living and celebrate even the smallest of things with love, then love flows towards you more openly. So love with an open and joyous heart.

June 25 Mantra (Personal Growth):Taking personal responsibility allows me to grow more confident every day.”

Take personal responsibility in your actions, words, work, and reactions. This will certainly help you grow more confident in your judgment and see a positive way forward. By taking the time to think about every move you make or plan to make, you also stay on a positive track to achieve your dreams. If you keep to your intentions, your character grows. Respect from others and self-respect come through effortlessly.

June 26 Mantra (Manifestation):When my thoughts and actions come from a place of peace and love, I manifest the best life possible for me.”

When your thoughts are coming from a positive place, you receive from the Universe that which you really want. Positive thought also bring more positive energy into your life. The Universe will work with you and help you connect to the abundant flow of prosperity in all areas of your life. You will see that what you send up comes back to you three times better. Manifestation works when you see the world as a place of abundance.

June 27 Mantra (Surrender):I am open to the results of the situation as I know my higher good is being guided by a higher power.”

Surrender the outcome of the situation that is causing you stress right now. When you call on your higher good, you will that the situation improves. However, don’t try to guide the situation! Instead, ask the Universe to lead you on the right path. By asking for a higher power to guide you, the doors to a harmonious life swing wide and pull you in. Stress diminishes and you feel more confident in your actions.

June 28 Mantra (Domestic Harmony): “I work in harmony with the Universe to co-create the life that I want.”

When you’re working in harmony with the Universe to co-create the life you want, you feel domestic harmony. When you think domestic, think of your life and home. You need to feel that your home is a sanctuary for you away from work, stress, and problems. To keep domestic harmony, work in harmony with others and be accepting of them as they are.

June 29 Mantra (Individuality):I love myself as I am. I am imperfectly perfect.”

Look at yourself in the mirror and say this affirmation out loud. There is only one you in this world for a reason. You are meant to be yourself and no one else will ever be like you. Embrace this as a beautiful fact. Embrace you as you stand there. Go forward knowing that you bring a special voice, special touch, and special vision to this world. You were created to have those talents and no one else will ever be able to fill your shoes. Your path in this world is unique, so smile and go forward, loving yourself as you are today, because each day, you are a new you.

June 30 Mantra (Effort): I am proud that I have the courage to try. With the effort I will accomplish my goals.”

Be proud that you put the effort into trying. Keep moving forward and know that it will allow you to accomplish your goals. Yes, it will take some more effort, but the reward at the end is what you are working towards. The more effort you put forth, the sweeter that reward will be for you. It will be worth the work to get to your goals. Surround yourself with those who will be cheerleaders for your effort. And cheer others on in their efforts too.

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