Tarot Cards That Indicate Big Decisions

A purple-orange gradient image that shows a small man standing in front of three tarot cards for big decisions. On the left is The Emperor, and on the right is The Hermit. The center card is unknown.

Dealing With Dilemmas

Sometimes, life can drop a big decision onto your shoulders, leaving you stuck as you try to figure out what to do. These dilemmas tend to arrive in cycles, and they can relate to just about anything, including your relationships, life path, career, and health, to name just a few examples. These choices often carry a stressful, critical aura due to the effect they can have on the trajectory of your life, which can make you feel more pressured to make the right call.

Of course, the “wrong” decision can sometimes work out well. That said, your attitude and the decisions of other people can have a massive impact on whether that happens. It’s never fun to leave the future to chance, so it’s a good idea to try and make the best decisions right off the bat to maximize your chances of a positive outcome.

Unfortunately, discerning the correct path forward isn’t always a cut-and-dry process. When faced with a major decision, it can be hard to figure out what to do, when to decide, and who (or what) will help.

Tarot Cards for Big Decisions

There are many different methods you can employ to try and figure out the best possible choice, such as talking to a family member or a therapist. For the spiritually inclined, though, one easy way to enhance your understanding of a situation is to consult the Tarot.

These 12 Tarot cards, listed below, may indicate that a big decision is coming your way, and they can provide you with guidance on how to meet these dilemmas as effectively as possible.

The Emperor: Remain organized and rational. Don the cloak of leadership — you have much wisdom to offer. Focus on the future and not on the possibility of immediate gratification. Remember to express your opinions with kindness and compassion. Pay attention to the little details. Have you thought through all the possible outcomes of your decision?

The Empress: It’s time to start something new. A new project is coming your way, or someone unexpected may be getting ready to make an entrance into your life. Take a chance and jump in. Follow the path that calls to your heart the most.

The High Priestess: Your intuition is at an all-time high, so don’t be afraid to use it. Look within and try to figure out what feels the best to you on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Observe the clues that Spirit has provided in your immediate environment, and trust them to lead you down the right path. Cultivate silence.

The Hermit: This card doesn’t mean that you have to be alone, but it does mean that you can find peace in solitude. You will then find your own way, and light the way for others. Conversely, when you illuminate the journey for other people, you will see your own path more clearly!

The Magician: If you maintain impeccable concentration, and if you can collect the right tools and resources, you will know what you need to do to manifest your desires. Channel energy and life force from higher places, and focus your intentions on creating something new.

The Chariot: You may have set out on a long journey, but you’re on your way. Maintain balance and focus. Know that your conscious and subconscious minds are in sync with each other. Be sure to stay in control of your habits, lest they end up controlling you instead.

The Hanged Man: Turn inward, and look toward Spirit and your Higher Self. You’ll need to be patient to pull this off. The trick is to stay calm but alert, even while you’re in a state of suspense. If you can do that, you’ll find your way and end up at your desired destination.

Two of Swords: This is a delicate situation that you’ll need to manage with diplomacy. It will work out if you do, but finding a resolution will still take time.

Seven of Swords (Reversed): Someone close to you is offering bad advice. Shelve this for now and come up with another plan. Seek help elsewhere, and proceed with caution. If you don’t, you could lose something valuable.

Eight of Swords: A problem cannot be ignored any longer. It has boiled to the surface and reached the point of dysfunction. Don’t pretend that it isn’t happening. Face it head on, then decide what to do from there.

The Lovers: All the different parts of your identity are working together harmoniously. You have achieved self-acceptance. Don’t forget to consider how your closest relationships could be affected by a proposed change. Once you know all the possibilities, decide accordingly.

Two of Wands: It’s time to make a bold decision! You have the world in your pocket, even if you don’t realize it. You can change fantasy into reality, here and now. Think big.

Those are the 12 main Tarot cards that relate to major life choices, but it’s also worth mentioning that any upright King or Queen card in a spread indicates that you may be able to receive trustworthy advice and wisdom from the people around you.

How the King and Queen Cards Offer Guidance

King of Cups: There is someone trustworthy and kind nearby who can give you some good advice. You will know it is wise because hearing it will soothe you and imbue your heart with a sense of peace.

Queen of Cups: Your intuition and emotions are running at an all-time high. Use your abilities to care for others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way.

King of Pentacles: Someone could offer you a gift of money or other resources. This well-grounded person believes in you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be offering.

Queen of Pentacles: Some practical advice is coming your way. Follow it down to the letter. Remember to stay positive, even if things are tough right now.

King of Swords: An impartial and objective professional could give you some useful ideas. Take note of their clear, effective communication style and imitate it.

Queen of Swords: This person cuts right to the truth. Follow their example. Go ahead and wield your sword. Declutter your life of the things and the people who create more chaos than joy for you.

King of Wands: This friend says that inspiration has your back. Stay focused on the big picture, and don’t be afraid to be a guiding light and take responsibility for others.

Queen of Wands: This is your most independent and loyal friend. They can give you some brilliant and penetrating advice. Go ahead and follow it.

Why Consult Tarot Cards for Big Decisions

By learning the signs and signals that Spirit can bring you through the energy and imagery of the Tarot, you’ll be able to navigate any change ahead of you. This can equip you not just to reach your goals, but to ensure that your plans are aligned with your highest good, working to benefit you in the long run.

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