Sun and Moon Tarot: February 3 – 9

Sun and Moon Tarot: February 3 - 9

The Power of Tarot

In honor of the New Moon and the second Solar Eclipse of the year on Monday, we’ll turn to Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort. Vanessa writes, “Tarot is a powerful tool for gaining access to deeper layers of the subconscious, and to learn from the immense knowledge of the collective conscience.” So let’s get ready for another new cycle this week!

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Day (XI Justice): Justice is linked to Libra, and is associated with balance and mediation. The veils of illusion, misdirection, and self-deceit have been cut away. Now, Justice insists on simplicity, clarity, balance, and honesty. Sun and Moon Tarot encourages us to look at ourselves honestly. We must accept the truth of what we have done and what has happened to us too. A balance is found between our actions and the circumstances surrounding them.

Evening (I The Magician): The Magician is linked with Mercury and is associated with communication and timing. Aware that the ego does not create itself alone, magicians open themselves up to the magic of life. They have intuitive feelings for all aspects of communication too. The coin on the card indicates material and financial fields. The wand represents philosophical, religious or spiritual arenas.

Monday (Solar Eclipse)

Day (Seven of Pentacles: Failure): This card represents a fear of failure. The morning of this day is the dark of the Moon, and it may be difficult to be productive. You need to patiently evaluate the process and persevere. It’s a good time to release your fear-of-failure pictures too. Just try not to be too rigid or stubborn today. There is a potential for situations to arise which could trigger jealousy. Beware of listening to gossip that is misleading also.

Evening (Prince of Pentacles): The Solar Eclipse brings success in business. It indicates trying out new things in an orderly way. There is a renewed resolve to reach one’s goals too. The Earth energy tonight indicates structure, according to Sun and Moon Tarot. The globe on the card signifies exploring new directions, as this Solar Eclipse can awaken your creative genius. There is a focus on material prosperity too.


Day (Six of Wands – Victory): There is an expansive and flexible creative energy flowing today, and it’s a win-win situation. A creative breakthrough leads to success, recognition, or celebrity. However, beware of being too greedy and wanting to acquire everything for yourself. Beware of being ruthless, heartless, and vengeful too. Sun and Moon Tarot encourages you to cultivate patience and perseverance.

Evening (Prince of Wands): This prince brings a sense of adventure tonight. He certainly has a rigorous approach to life too. In addition, he is helpful and full of self-assurance. His phoenix wand signifies transformation and spiritual growth. The target on the card symbolizes attention and concentration. The lion also encourages creativity. Therefore, this is a great evening to go out and see some music or go to a poetry reading. Just try not to be too reactive or arrogant.


Day (IX – The Hermit): The Hermit has a connection to meditation, time and space, the pursuit of study, and analysis too. Therefore, today is a good day to retreat and meditate on the hidden truths of life and the inner self. Later, return to help others. The lantern and the hourglass on this card guide your search for inner light and wisdom. The drum holds the atoms of the cosmos together.

Evening (XII – The Hanged Man): The Hanged Man is linked to breaking away from old patterns. You can either flip the values of society or break through them. Tonight is a good night to hold onto something that is larger than your personal power—namely a higher belief or a new point of view. The tree on the card represents the Tree of Life in Judaic mysticism. Sun and Moon Tarot encourages you to trust, let go, and let God.


Day (XIV Temperance): Temperance is linked to synergy through the creative process. As a result, today is a good day to work on paradoxes and conflicts. Sometimes the ability to react calmly seems magical. However, this energy helps us avoid extremes. Temperance reveals the middle path described in Buddhism too.

Evening (Queen of Cups): The Queen of Cups represents emotional integrity. She is all about love and sensuality as well. She goes with the flow of the feminine and her intuition. The water and the reflections on the card indicate spirituality. As a result, this evening gives you the ability to achieve an elevated position in life and accomplish a lot too. You’re certainly able to tap into your creative genius.


Day (Two of Wands: Dominion): The appearance of this card means everything is under control. Therefore, it’s a good day to direct your energy toward a new path. It’s also a good day to seek fresh challenges. This card depicts shadows and light, yin and yang, and balance and integration too. However, you should also be aware of issues arising that have to do with anger and passion. Wands are fiery warriors and if angered, they can certainly defeat their enemies.

Evening (Four of Wands: Completion):The four spokes of the wheel on this card show balance, structure, and harmony in relationships. The completion of a life phase or cycle this evening positions you for a new beginning too. Venus is with Aries in the sky, so there is a potential for painful experiences to occur. However, pain puts you on the right track. This card certainly leads a person to seek divine help, according to Sun and Moon Tarot.


Day (King of Wands): This king represents change and vitality. He has a strong will, and he believes in his own power as a born leader. Therefore, it’s a good day for spiritual growth and development. The unicorn on the card signifies vision and inspiration. The torch burns away all obstacles too. The shadow side of this king is hubris and ego. He does what he likes without considering others. This king can represent someone who can defeat anyone in an argument too.

Evening (III – The Empress): The Empress has an association with loving wisdom and Mother Earth. She represents feminine strength, yin energy, a love for nature, service, and abundance too. The blue lotus on this card symbolizes wisdom. The Moon represents instincts, emotions, dreams, and creativity too. Therefore, tonight is certainly a good night to see a movie, have a laugh, or attend a benefit. It’s also a good night for travel too.

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