Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: November 25 – December 1

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: November 25 - December 1

The Power of Tarot

This week begins with the start of The Celtic Tree Month of Elder on Sunday. We will consult Rachel Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom – a Book of Tarot. This is a great tarot reference book to have, and Ms. Pollack also reads reversals, so I will include those here as well.

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Day (#7 – The Chariot): Today is a good day for travel, focus, and successfully accomplishing your goals. You are successfully controlling some situation through the force of your personality. When it comes to dealing with challenges, The Chariot indicates victory, according to Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

Evening (#1 – The Magician): Tonight’s card is about acknowledging the power you have to direct the course of your life or manifest your goals. It can also represent someone with power who is impacting you with their energy. The Magician also indicates the inspiration needed to begin a new project or phase of life. It includes the excitement that sustains you through the hard work needed to reach your goal.


Day (XI – Justice): Justice indicates that things have worked out the way they were meant to work out. What is happening to you comes as a result of situations or decisions that were made in the past. The phrase karmic justice may come to mind today, and you have what you deserve—no more and no less. It also indicates a need to see things clearly and honestly.

Evening (V – The Hierophant [Reversed]): This evening is a good time to do something new or see something unusual. This card can represent your cultural programming or family programming, according to Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom. When reversed, you may release some of your conformity to those societal norms or family expectations. You may also come up with some new ideas about living your life based on what’s real and true for you personally.


Day (Three of Swords): This card is generally a card of sorrow or heartbreak. Ms. Pollack explains, “To true sorrow, we can make only one response—take the pain into our hearts, accept it, and go beyond it.” So today, Three of Swords is about dissolving pain within your heart and then transforming it via the fires of courage and love. Today is also a good day for healing, releasing, and transforming the energy of grief.

Evening (XVIII – The Moon): This evening, The Moon indicates excitement of the unconscious mind. You may feel especially moody, feel strange emotions, or have vivid dreams. The Moon also makes you more intuitive or more psychic. According to Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, The Moon’s imagination enriches life with new ideas and perspectives. Therefore, tonight is a good night to turn away from outer concerns and become more introspective. This card can also indicate giving up some activities, and simply withdrawing to meditate or have a cozy night by the fire.


Day (0 – The Fool [Reversed]): Generally, The Fool reversed means a failure to follow your instincts. Today you may not take a chance due to fear, or because you rely too much on plans and the practical advice of others. Another reversed meaning of The Fool is that of being reckless or being wild and crazy instead of trusting your inner unconscious to act as a guide. The idea is that great chances must be taken only at the proper time, according to Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom.

Evening (Ten of Cups): This is a very positive card indicating a wonderful time to be had by all. The cups are shaped like a rainbow in the sky—the symbol from God that life brings happiness and not just an absence of pain. The man and woman on the card stand arm in arm as they look up and celebrate the rainbow. The children dance and symbolize innocence, which assumes happiness to be the natural condition of life. Showing a family, the card refers primarily to domestic happiness, but can also indicate any situation that brings a surge of joy.


Day (King of Cups): This king is all about accessing your creative imagination. Therefore, the challenge here today is not to repress your emotions and imagination. This king, as the leader of his suit of cups, can also symbolize success, achievement, mastery, and maturity in artistic work.

Evening (King of Wands): The King of Wands indicates a strong-minded person, who is able to dominate others by the strength of will. His power derives from a firm belief in his own rightness. He “knows” the truth; he “knows” his method is best. At his best, this king is master of creative fire. His motto may be, “If I can do it, you can as well.” He also symbolizes that tonight is a good time to go out and seek some new experiences.


Day (XIV – Temperance [Reversed]): Today there is a sense of extremism. This is occurring because people may lack the inner awareness to know what is appropriate in a situation. Temperance reversed can act as a warning that you have allowed your life to become fragmented and that you are sliding from one extreme to another. It can also indicate the failure to let old habits and fears die away into the past. In this position, Temperance tells us to calm down and avoid extremes.

Evening (Ace of Wands): Tonight is a very Venusian evening, on Venus’ day. The Ace of Wands indicates a gift of strength, power, great sexual energy, and the love of living. Therefore, it’s a great night for a first date, or to start something new. This card gives eagerness and strength. At the same time, it teaches humility. It reminds us that ultimately we have done nothing to deserve optimism and great energy.


Day (VIII – Strength): With the appearance of Strength, there is the courage to face life and any challenge that may arise with hope. It indicates a person who is strong from within. It also indicates someone who is experiencing life passionately, but who is not being controlled by those passions. Strength also represents finding the energy to start or continue a difficult project, despite fears and strains. Another meaning of Strength is about controlling or taming animal desires, emotional energy, and sexual desires.

Evening (III – The Empress): Tonight, some themes of love and passion continue, according to Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom. The number three is about the birth of a child, who is unburdened by ego or personality, and who experiences the universe directly, without controls or labels. The Empress signifies a time of passion. As a result, tonight is a night to approach life with feelings and pleasure rather than thought. The passion is sexual or motherly; either way, it can give great satisfaction. There can also be understanding gained via these emotions.

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