Psychic Phoebe: Reading With Compassion

Psychic Phoebe ext. 5231 is a Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant who uses Crystals, Oracle cards and Tarot to compassionately tap into a caller’s question. She has been intuitively aware from the time she was a young child: “I seemed to know how to sort out the problems of grown ups,” she relates, “and intuitively knew what was going to happen before it happened. I read for friends growing up, then started doing more when I left school. I started working in the corporate world, but when our group was made redundant, I decided that I’d been ignoring Spirit for too long, so I took the leap and starting doing this full time.”

“The only questions I ask,” she says, explaining her working process, “are the caller’s name and date of birth. Then I ask the client to sit back, relax, take three deep breaths, and then I tune in. I go in without any previous knowledge of the client.”

Has doing psychic work changed her perspective on people? “I don’t think so, though I’m far more compassionate,” she explains. “You can’t do this work unless you’ve got a great deal of compassion for people. I know how to relate to people better. It’s fascinating work, I love it – the most fascinating thing is people’s perspective on life, hearing people’s experiences. If you’ve got a client that’s going through a life-changing experience, that’s a blessing to share. I feel that as soon as the phone rings, I’ve been blessed. It’s such a blessing to be able to share experiences with people. It puts your own life into perspective as well.”

Though Psychic Phoebe now lives in Texas, she is originally from Scotland, where she experienced many paranormal activities.

“When I was in Scotland I lived by a 1500s churchyard that was one of the top ten haunted places in the world. It wasn’t frightening – the ghosts were actually comforting, protective. When I was moving out I was talking to some of my girlfriends, and suddenly the energy shifted. I said, ‘Do you think the apartment is angry I’m leaving?’ They said ‘yes’ – and suddenly every window flew open at once! Which was an experience, to say the least. There were lost spirits, poltergeists… Scotland is very spiritual. Anywhere with that much history is going to have a lot of spiritual activity.”

And if there’s one thing she’d like people in the world to realize, what would it be? “The importance of being authentic,” Phoebe. “Not jumping to conclusions, and not judging books by their cover. When we jump to conclusions, we limit ourselves. And the only limitations we experience in life are the ones we impose on ourselves.”

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