Your LOVECAST™: Passion, Drama and Creativity

Venus entering Leo today (through July 9) fires up romance with passion, drama and creativity. Mid-week, however, passion takes a temporary backseat to getting things done. During the weekend, irritations unhinge love on Saturday, but flirting (and other communications) accelerate romance on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday and Sunday.

Aries: You’re in the mood to play as your fun-loving side takes over, especially in romance. If you’re single, love can be found at a party, club or theater. Your creativity is your strength, both in romance and at work. This weekend, a power struggle may arise on Saturday. Your humor and insightfulness inspire romance on Sunday!

Taurus: Creating a beautiful ambiance for a gathering of friends (or something more intimate!) can bring satisfaction, especially on Monday or Tuesday. It’s time to share your charm and artistry. Passion is especially hot on Thursday, but feelings are heavy on Friday. Coming from the heart when revealing your desires revs up romance this weekend!

Gemini: Whether you’re flirting at a club or promoting your ideas at work, your way with words makes you especially magnetic this week, so express your feelings in romance and share your brainpower in the workplace. A cozy date at your abode can bring satisfaction mid-week. Your wit and style make you irresistible this weekend!

Cancer: Your sense of drama, mixed with impeccable timing, will bring/inspire romance this week, so share your outgoing side! Also, networking with friends and colleagues can bring a moneymaking opportunity. Look for romance while traveling mid-week. Your imagination shines in your home this weekend, making it a great time to throw a party!

Leo: Venus entering your sign this week launches a nearly month-long love-fest with both friends and admirers, so get out there and share your light! You’ll be especially magnetic on Monday and Tuesday. Rash words can get you into trouble on Saturday, but expressing your feelings and ideas brings a romantic interlude on Sunday.

Virgo: Putting together a serene and sexy ambiance will fire up passion throughout the week. You may be thinking about a former lover(s), too, making it a good time to analyze the past so you can move forward in love. Your charisma draws admirers mid-week. Socializing in an upscale environment brings/inspires romance this weekend!

Libra: Socializing rockets into the stratosphere during Venus’s jaunt through Leo, so be open to meeting new people in new locations. Networking during friendly gatherings and other group endeavors can bring personal and professional opportunities. This weekend’s Moon in Libra can make you prickly on Saturday but irresistible on Sunday!

Scorpio: Putting yourself out there and sharing your insights and expertise will open doors in love and work during Venus in Leo. Making new contacts will bring opportunities, too. Romance can be found during work activities and through colleagues. This weekend, a cozy gathering of friends can bring satisfaction (and perhaps an intimate tryst!).

Sagittarius: Your sense of adventure may see you jaunting off into new territory — perhaps on a romantic getaway — during Venus in Leo. Look for love during a trip, class or spiritual gathering. You might also meet someone online from afar. This weekend, activities with friends bring romance, or at least some platonic (think uncomplicated) fun!

Capricorn: Your creativity in the boudoir heats up intimacy during Venus in Leo, so use your imagination! Also, networking can bring a financial opportunity. This week, a spontaneous rendezvous can fire up passion on Monday or Tuesday, so take some time out from work to focus on love. A stylish ambiance inspires romance this weekend.

Aquarius: Venus in Leo blesses your partnership sector, so focus on shared activities with your sweetie or keep your eyes open for someone new (and fabulous!), especially at the start of the week. A sensual approach (massage, scrumptious cuisine) heats up romance mid-week. Sharing your spiritual beliefs and vision for the future inspires love this weekend.

Pisces: Venus in Leo dares you to reveal your feelings and express who you really are, particularly in relationships. Romance can be found during activities that help those in need, especially at the beginning of the week. A twosome tryst can bring delight mid-week. Shared activities that inspire your creativity can attract/deepen romance this weekend!

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