The Seven Secrets

“The Law of Attraction,” also known as “The Secret,” is a commonly known and applied “universal law.” But are there more? Yes: There are, in fact, seven secrets or Hermetic Laws, all of which can be followed to produce greater happiness and empowerment in life. Said to have originated in Ancient Egypt, these seven laws are the foundation of much of the psychic art. Take a look:

1. The Law of Mind.

Everything in the universe is mind. Everything is composed of mind. This is why psychic abilities work: deep down, the universe we live in is composed of intelligent energy and information – mind. Therefore, whatever you think strongly is sure to ultimately manifest in one way or the other – so think carefully!

2. The Law of Correspondence.

Everything and everybody in the universe is connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is no part of your life – no action that you take – that is not intimately connected with everything else. We can’t behave badly in one aspect of our life and not expect it to spill over into the other aspects of our life. Conversely, when we accumulate positive karma, it can improve every facet of our lives. Try regularly donating money or food to the homeless and see how your life changes!

3. The Law of Vibration.

Everything in the universe is vibration. This law has recently been (re)discovered by science – look up “superstring theory.” Energy is vibration, thoughts are vibration, dreams are vibration, words are vibration – and so is matter. So it’s no surprise that energy, thoughts, dreams and words can affect matter if properly cultivated.

4. The Law of Polarity.

Everything in the universe is dual. Dark implies light. Light implies dark. In truth, they are the same thing. We can never have one without the other, for they are two sides of the same coin – just like wealth and poverty, misery and happiness, love and hate. Everything contains and will ultimately become its opposite, and back again.

5. The Law of Rhythm.

Everything in the universe changes. This is unavoidable. Our partners change, our friends change, our jobs changes, our countries change. Ultimately, our bodies change, and we transition out of this life. Many find this depressing. But on the other hand – even unfavorable conditions change. Nothing lasts forever, even death. And everything has its natural rhythm of change which we can align to: from the movement of the seasons to the movements of the planets to the movements of our lives.

6. The Law of Cause and Effect.

Everything in the universe is the result of something else in the universe. This is also known as the Law of Karma, or Newton’s Third Law of Action: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Just as the second law reminds us, nothing in the universe happens in a vacuum: for every action you take, there will be an equal and opposite reaction, and like attracts like. Treat the universe the way you’d like it to treat you!

7. The Law of Gender.

Everything in the universe is male, female, or both. And like with the fourth law, each implies its opposite. With a bit of attention to this principle in daily life, we can begin to keenly observe how to best combine things.

Spending a bit of time thinking about each of these principles will provide numerous ways in which they can be applied in daily life.

What are your thoughts on these laws – how can we best use them to improve our lives and those of others?

2 thoughts on “The Seven Secrets

  1. Jai Krishna Ponnappanjaikrishna

    Hello Alys,
    Thanks for the post. I’d like to add THE LAW OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to that list. Everything else I feel is necessary but couldn’t compare to the power and truth in Love. And the law of Gender is something we need to take a closer look at because people assume that all things inherently male and female can go on devoid of each other. The truth is they are vital to each others existence. Gender disparity is very prevalent in the way we think and especially in the way we treat women, relationships and concepts such as soulmates. Anyone who understand this law can understand the meaning of words such as soul mates and twin flames. In all of nature you’ll find spiritual soul mates. Its a law because its the way things were intended to be made and the way things exist. You can never use free will to go against the sway of nature, the laws will catch up to clear out all the rough edges. Male and female energies balance and complete each other. The law of Gender just like the Law of love is a universal truth. I’ve been known by many of my friends to respect women …which is something they consider unusual at times by the social standards here in South California, and there have been occasions when I’ve been misunderstood or mistaken and even questioned for respecting women and having lived by these laws. For men who are indifferent to this law and for the women who have gotten used to disrespect and abuse….social conditioning has left them in a place of spiritual darkness. Luckily its different for women in every culture. People on a fault finding mission manage to imagine faults among these laws. At first I feel puzzled and sorry for them but then I smile with an unconditional thing called love. I guess the bliss in love is a cure for ignornce. All in all we live in a spiritually deprived society and Love it seems is the only thing powerful enough that can shake up this trend of unchanging indifference………..

    -Blessings, Peace and Love
    P.S – Boy o Boy………… All your posts only seem to be getting better by the day. Keep up the good work Alys. Thank you for your time and efforts…It’s inspiring to see the flame of wisdom burn bright.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Fantastic…..5 star article……in fact…..this is now my favorite article to date above all others!!!!!!!

    As a Hereditary Wiccan, I was taught these 7 laws as a child growing up….especially #6 and # 1……The Law of Cause and Effect AND the Law of Mind….( the Wiccan Crede is based upon these Laws).

    I find that, as a professional psychic, most people have trouble accepting or understanding the Law of Rhythum # 5, and the Law of Polarity # 4……..

    But, no matter what spiritual path you walk…….ALL of these laws, not just a few, are part of the natural flow of Life.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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