Psychic Workout: Telekinesis

Telekinesis, or psychokinesis, is the ability to exercise ‘mind over matter,’ and move objects with the power of the mind. How psychokinesis actually works is a mystery, and scientifically unknown, but many believe that it is a demonstration of the physical influence of a person’s brain on the physical world. Movement of an object cannot be created by merely wishing it to happen. The energy required to move an object is created by your subconscious mind and by understanding the relation between the surrounding energies.

Of all psychic abilities, telekinesis is one of the rarest gifts, and very few are able to demonstrate this ability. Are you one of the few? The following exercise will help you determine if you are among this select group:

1. Gather a dark-colored piece of paper and a light-powder substance, such as flour, powdered sugar, or baby powder.

2. Pour a small amount of the powder onto the paper so it forms a small mound, pyramid, or hill.

3. Close to the perimeter of the powder, draw a circle to surround the powder.

4. Now, without touching the powder, perform a thorough examination of the substance. Use your senses of smell and sight. What do you know about the powder? What are its properties? What is it made of? What is it most similar to that occurs in our natural environment? Is it like the earth? Can it be moved by wind and air?

5. Notice your breathing and focus on the powder, imagining what it would be like to be made up of the same powder. As your consciousness is slowing to the same vibration as the powdery substance, imagine what would it feel like to move if you were powder.

6. As you continue to hold the feeling of becoming powder, draw attention to your hands. Imagine your hands glowing with energy and place them onto the paper, one at each side of the circle containing the powder. Ground yourself as you create an energetic link to the powder with your hands.

7. Heavily stare at the powder and imagine that you are a miniature being, standing in the powder mountain. As you visualize yourself moving, you are able to drag the powder behind you, or push the powder ahead of you like a bulldozer. You may want to imagine running across the line as if you were running through a finish line in a marathon.

8. Continue holding this momentum for about five minuets, as you attempt this exercise over and over, remember you are made of energy. The powder is made of energy, and the space between you is surrounded with energy. You are all connected because you are the same. When you move your hand, you are moving the energy around you, and moving the energy in which the powder is made of.

If your experiment is successful, your mental energy will direct the powder substance to cross the line which surrounds the powder.

This is a very difficult exercise because the psychological barrier between the material world and the ethereal world is so strong. If you are able to unite these two worlds, the results will be amazing. This exercise is just the beginning …



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