Psychic Workout: Keep From Falling Asleep

Megan in Stillwater writes:

I am a college student, and I rarely feel like I am rested. I know that I’m supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night, but sometimes I can’t, and I pay for it the next day. I often drift off in classes, and driving can be the hardest. Are there any tricks I can use for keeping myself awake, or psychically programming my mind to stay awake?

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 responds:

Have you experienced drowsiness while driving, maybe even a flash of nodding off, only to find yourself waking in sheer horror? With this psychic workout, you can eliminate the problem of tiredness for safer travels, and to avoid falling asleep while at work or school.

The next time that you find yourself in a situation where you can’t stay awake, get yourself situated in a place where you can perform this three minute exercise, either by pulling off on the side of the road or by sneaking into your office or quiet place for some uninterrupted time. This exercise involves a little bit of hypnosis basics, which any novice can use to achieve a noticeable result.

Close your eyes and go to that basic meditative and grounding level in which you feel comfort and relaxation. You should be able to slip into this mental state very easily considering the circumstances. Call upon your guardian or guide, and ask them to assist you for the necessary duration. Be specific in your request. For example, ask to “Protect me until I get to my house and I am safe in bed,” or “keep me awake for the remainder of this class, until the final bell sounds, so I do not miss any important information.” The most crucial aspect of this exercise is to be specific with your request, specifying the moment at which you will permit yourself to enter rest or sleep. In doing this, you are subconsciously programming your mind by using this hypnosis technique. Your mind will listen to the subliminally programmed rules that have been established even when your active mind may want to do otherwise.

Once you have finalized your request, you may choose to remain in this comfortable mental state for as long as possible, and you may even want to take a quick fifteen minute cat nap to restore your energy. As you begin to awaken, mentally convince yourself that you feel as though you just had a full eight hours’ sleep and feel very rejuvenated. Continue to tell yourself that, in a moment, your eyes will open, and you will wake refreshed and alert, ready to continue with your day. As you finally open your eyes, awake with the conviction that you are going to remain alert with ease.

There are several less healthy approaches to keeping awake, such as caffeine, energy drinks and pills. The other ineffective methods including blasting the air conditioner and playing loud music. This meditative technique is actually a healthy approach, that brings more oxygen into the body and tricks your mind into temporarily feeling as if it underwent a full sleep cycle.

So the next time you catch yourself beginning to doze off, what would you rather do? Use the old technique of trying to slap yourself awake, or take a few minutes to try this easy exercise?

No need to answer now, sleep on it and decide later!

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Keep From Falling Asleep

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  2. velvetoversteel

    I totally believe in self-hynosis and asking my guardians, guides, angels… with specific request. I esp. ask for their help in staying awake when I am tired and driving. I also ask & pray for safty whenever the roads are bad or it is dark and I can’t see well on the highway I take to get home. It’s amazing how alert I suddenly am and how the trip seems less stressful then.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips/advice, Marin!
    Merry Christmas & Many Blessings,
    Coreen @ VOS


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