Psychic Workout: Color Magick

Color is a form of energy, and we all radiate color. Have you ever seen an aura photograph, or been fortunate to have one taken of you? All of us have our own unique energy pattern which can be captured by special photography that demonstrates our vibrational patterns. Additionally, we all know what colors we like, and we certainly know what colors we dislike, but are you aware that we have different levels of sensitivity to colors and their energetic influence on us?

The easiest method to develop color awareness and sensitivity is by working with color flash cards as described in the following exercise.

1) Gather nine pieces of colored paper, one for each of the following nine colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, White, and Black.

2) On the back side of each color, list the corresponding attributes:

RED- Physical desire, love, passion, courage, life, birth, victory, will, ego, potential, anger, aggression, lust, courage, strength, fear.

ORANGE – Promotes understanding (good for students), intellect, social contacts, friendships, community, thought, mental analysis, memory, and creativity.

YELLOW – Inspiration, energy, optimism, freedom, creativity, decision making, enhancement of communication skills, confidence, focus, clarity, aids in visualization, and memory.

GREEN – Promotes prosperity, fertility, success, stress reduction, stimulates good luck, money, harmony, and rejuvenation.

BLUE – Emotion, healing, openness, calming, tranquility, peace, loyalty, good will, purifying, hope, sincerity, truth, patience, sleep, and restfulness.

INDIGO – Spiritual color, helpful in devotional and inspirational work, psychic development, deep meditations, karmic, and spiritual undertakings.

PURPLE – Power, control, justice, fairness, legal situations, success, idealism, psychic development, paranormal manifestations, guidance, divination.

WHITE – A balance of all colors. Spiritual enlightenment, angel contact, cleansing, purity, consecration, truth seeking.

BLACK – The void of all colors, it has the ability to absorb. Banishing of evil or negative energy, reversing, separation, releasing, removing confusion, defensive, grounding.

3) Next, go through each color rapidly, as you take a mental note of your reactions to the different colors. Does purple catch your eye? Does red repel you? Is blue soothing, or too cool for your liking?

4) Next, lay the colors out in front of you, and with your eyes closed, put your hand over the surface of a card. Do you sense any vibrations coming from the color? Remember that colors produce different frequencies. Are you sensitive enough to feel the differences between the longer wavelengths produced by red, as compared to the shorter blue frequency?

5) What else do you sense or feel while holding your hand over the color? Do you think you may know what color it is? Do you feel any sensation of tingling, warmth or coolness? Pay attention to any detail, no matter how small, as these impressions will assist you in the application and use of color.

6) With practice, you will develop the ability to identify color by its feel and energetic radiance. Through color, you are developing your sensitivity to vibrational energy and subtle energies surrounding you. Not only can you feel color with your hands, you may develop your abilities to the advanced level of color projection and healing with your hands, or projecting a specific aura by a chosen color.

The next time you hear someone utter the phrase “green with envy,” or “feeling blue,” you will understand the deeper symbolism inherent in colors. The more sensitive you can become to color, the more you will be able to utilize colors to your benefit. You may find yourself decorating rooms with the use of specific colors, dressing to enhance your mood, lighting a living space with a colored light bulb, and incorporating color in prayer and magical rituals with colored candles. What color are you?


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