Psychic Workout: How to Strengthen Psychic Abilities

Ashley writes:

I believe that I have random psychic moments, but I’d like to learn how to strengthen my abilities. Where do I begin?

Dear Ashley,

Experienced psychics exhibit multiple layers of abilities, but as a beginner, I encourage you to identify your strongest natural psychic strength, and then later expand your abilities from that foundation. The following are the most common of psychic abilities:

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Clairsentience (clear sensing, feeling)

Clairalience (clear smelling)

Clairgustance (clear tasting)

This quick exercise is designed to reveal your psychic skills. Let’s take an astral visit to an amazing restaurant. Are you hungry?

As you walk through the entrance, you find yourself in the most beautiful Italian restaurant with large picture windows overlooking the ocean. You see waves lapping the sand, and you know there is a gentle breeze because the surrounding trees sway in the cool air. Your attention is drawn to the menu, which a waiter places in your hands. The heavy leather folder is so cumbersome that you find it difficult to turn the pages. The waiter welcomes you, flashes a broad smile, and in his speech you detect a faint foreign accent.

Your eyes wander around the room. You see rustic ivory-colored walls adorned with authentic Italian harlequin masks, copper colanders and shelves with empty Chianti bottles. In the rear you see the waiter gracefully pass through the swinging door, revealing a checkered kitchen floor. As the waiter approaches your table, the smell of tomato soup wafts through the air, reminding you of the comforts of childhood and your mother’s cooking. As you prepare to take your first bite, the steam rising from the surface of the soup tickles your face. It is hot, so you wait for the soup to cool a moment. Patiently you wait as your stomach growls.

When you are ready, return to your present surroundings, ask yourself the following questions:

• Could you feel yourself walk through the restaurant entrance?

ï Did you see out the windows?

ï Did you hear the waiter speaking to you as he welcomed you?

ï Did you feel the steam and heat rising from the soup?

ï Could you smell the soup?

ï Did you know that it was windy outside?

ï How clearly did you see/hear/feel/taste/smell the descriptions, and what was the most significant?

ï Which was the easiest (see/hear/feel/taste/smell)?

ï Which was the hardest (see/hear/feel/taste/smell)?

The answers to these questions will help reveal your natural or most developed psychic abilities or gifts.



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