DreamCast: A Dog and Sailboat

I dream of a small house on a creek in the south. I have my Portuguese water dog and a sailboat. I am surrounded by peace and comfort. There is a large fenced area for my dog to run, a garden of flowers, a vegetable garden and a barn. I can refinish furniture, and just be creative with my hands. My RSD [repetitive stress disorder] and the arthritis in my spine are gone, and I no longer have pain. I have friends and remain sober. Life is without stress and financial problems.


From Marybeth in Peterborough, New Hampshire

Hello Marybeth,

What a lovely, comforting dream! Such soulful dreams come to us to give us a feeling of peace, often during stressful times. They come from the Higher Self, the part of you that is your soul’s message-bringer, in a sense. You may actually have created this peaceful place in another dimension, where you go to recharge, physically and emotionally. Soul dreams like this one are marked by a profound feeling of transcendence and usually contain spiritual symbols. In your dream, the sailboat represents your spiritual travels through this life. The flowers and vegetable garden symbolize the growth you’ve achieved by nurturing your spiritual life. Your dog and friends are reminders of the love in your life. When times get tough, remember this beautiful place and the serenity it offers.

Sweet dreams,

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