The Psychic Tarot: December 23 – 29

The Psychic Tarot: December 23 - 29

The Power of Tarot

This week we turn to John Holland’s The Psychic Tarot for insight. He is a psychic medium, and his deck includes the major arcana, the minor arcana, and seven chakra cards. The purpose of this deck is to create positive experiences and give you the guidance to make the proper changes that lead to a beneficial outcome for your highest good. Let’s get started!

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Day (#13 Transformation): This card indicates that a time of endings is close at hand, so don’t resist the abrupt changes that are suddenly happening in your life. Transformation is all about the ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing in life remains motionless; everything is on its way to somewhere. Accept the changes, and opportunity will come to expand you in more ways than you could have ever imagined, according to The Psychic Tarot!

Evening (Spirit #1: Passion Ignited): The first of the spirit cards signifies that this is the time to let your soul soar! New beginnings, ideas, revelations, and exciting adventures await you in your personal or business life. Other people may feel your excitement and joy and begin to benefit from the spark of life that’s emanating from you. They’ll wonder, “What’s your secret?” And your energy could even ignite their own spiritual journey. Follow your intuition, but know that this is your time to spread your wings and fly!


Day (Emotions #9: Fulfillment of Wishes): This card represents emotional satisfaction, contentment, and enjoyment. Your wishes are coming true! Are you ready? Happiness, success, good health, completion, and the accomplishment of your dreams and goals are in the palm of your hand. However, The Psychic Tarot encourages you to forgive others and yourself so that your wishes, desires, and goals have a clear, unobstructed path to your heart, soul, and life.

Evening (Emotions #3: Rejoice in Celebration): This Xmas Eve is a time of merriment, celebration, birth, success, and victory. You are doing what you love most and are pursuing your passion. When you follow your heart and intuition with zeal, there are no limits to what you can achieve. And when the energy of excitement and love is present, you can feel it moving within you. Somehow, love has a way of showing you that you’re connected to something much larger than yourself. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back, so party and dance in celebration.


Day (Emotions #6: Memories of Love): You may find yourself walking down memory lane, according to The Psychic Tarot. This nostalgic card could indicate that an old friend or acquaintance from the past may step back into your life, or it could even resurrect loving images from days gone by. Does this person or those happy, forgotten memories encourage you to recall and welcome the energy of love? Is there a message or lesson from these fond recollections that could benefit you in the present time?

Evening (#17 Hope): Tonight there is a focus on hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success, and enlightenment. When this card appears, know that a special wish you’ve made may be fulfilled in time. Hope shows you that the impossible can indeed become possible. The Hope card reminds you to use your natural intuitive abilities, as you reach for your goals and desires too. The future can be yours when you have hope and trust in everything you do.


Day (Spirit #8: Accelerated Motion): This card represents speed, flight, swift movement, hope, passion, and above all, endings to delays. The conditions around you are perfect and appear to be rapidly heading in the direction of your goals and desires. Luck is on your side, and your enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Just brace yourself as you finally witness the manifestation of what you have worked for and visualized.

Evening (Emotions #5: Emotional Loss): This card comes forth at a time when you may be experiencing or grieving a loss of someone or something you were emotionally attached to. Honor your feelings. The suffering associated with this loss delivers profound wisdom and knowledge for your soul, according to The Psychic Tarot. Your unique gifts, talents, and abilities not only make up who you really are but better yet, who you will become. Focus all your positive energy on the good in your life and what you’re grateful for.


Day (#20 – Truth): Truth appears to illustrate spiritual awakening, clarity, the revelation of truth, and cosmic consciousness. At times, it takes a wake-up call to get your attention and show you how far you need to go. Truth reminds you that a significant change must be made in a certain area of your life. But don’t make any hasty decisions; take your time. Be honest with yourself and trust what you know to be true too.

Evening (#12 – Sacrifice): Powerful achievements are usually born as a result of great sacrifice. This card represents self-sacrifice and a time when you should look at your life and see what needs to be released. There is a situation happening (or about to occur) in your life, and you can’t control the outcome. This would be a good time to pause, rest, have patience, reflect, and meditate. This is a period of transition and change, according to The Psychic Tarot. Accept the things that you can’t control, and watch for new doors and paths to open up.


Day (Physical – #8: Positive Movement Forward): You’re a true artisan. You have the craft, skills, gifts, and talents to assist you and even advance you in a positive direction. When you follow and build on your passion, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist you to move closer toward your highest good. Notice if there are areas of passion that are trying to manifest into your world. When they arise, you’ll have ample moments to share them with others.

Evening (Mental – #9: Suffering in Silence): 9 indicates completion. Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting beliefs, or are you allowing the issues in your life to become bigger than they really are? When your fears aren’t confronted, your mental anguish will continue. This is a reminder to take action and trust that your soul will grasp you by the hand and guide you, but you must take the first step toward healing and let go of the mental distress. Don’t suffer in silence. The Psychic Tarot encourages you to reach out for the help that’s available. Consider reading with a life path psychic!


Day (Physical #9: Material Harvest): One of the laws of the universe is, “You reap what you sow.” This card states that it’s time to reap the harvest you’ve worked for and so rightly deserve. It denotes self-mastery, self-sufficiency, independence, security, and the art of enjoying what you’ve strived for. The number 9 also means endings, so honor yourself as you finish up or celebrate the completion of projects. This would be the perfect time to look ahead and use the wisdom you’ve gained to think about what else you want to achieve.

Evening (#0 New Beginnings): This card confirms that it’s time for you to take a brave leap of faith—but be prepared as you do so. It represents a great new adventure that’s awaiting you. It usually shows up when there’s a significant inner change happening within you. Life is constantly trying to move you forward and at times, it takes courage to take that leap of faith and step into the unknown. Don’t conform to what society or other individuals expect from you at this time. It’s your own adventure. Therefore, live, play, love, and above all, laugh too.

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