Psychic Josie: Finding Your Psychic Soulmate

Connecting on a high level with anyone is a difficult thing. Whether this is a lover, a doctor, or even your psychic. Josie explains why this is so and what we can do to accomplish this.

Connect to True Love

Let me start by saying that my definition of soulmate may differ from most. As a matter of fact, I rarely use the phrase. I do, however, believe in “soul groups,” which is a group of souls who reincarnate together and play specific roles to help each person grow spiritually. Those in the group can range in importance. They are parents, siblings, friends, teachers, lovers, casual acquaintances, one-time experiences and, yes, even psychics! Finding a psychic to click with can be easier than you think, especially on California Psychics where there are so many excellent choices. It’s important to find the one that fits your style, your personality, and most importantly, your current needs. Every psychic has their own personal style. For example, I have a basic three-step process for my readings. Do you need help finding your perfect psychic; call us today and one of our many psychics can help bring you to your spiritual maturity.

1. Since I don’t use tools, I simply ask for the caller’s name and date of birth. I then give a 30 to 60 second overview of the life cycle vibrations that I feel. I quickly touch on an overview of the past, present and future energies that are presented to me in my initial connection with my caller.

2. Next I invite questions. Since information can often come very quickly I encourage my clients to have a pen and paper ready. I then answer their questions and explain why certain situations are occurring using whatever emotions I feel, and by tapping into any messages presented to me by other varied sources. I can most often offer dates and/or timelines for specific events.

3. I offer tools, ceremonies, meditations, mantras and book suggestions that I feel will most benefit my client with current and future situations or dilemmas. I know their minutes are a precious commodity so I save this part for last. If we’re running out of time, I let them know I will have a list of suggestions for them during their next session with me.

There’s no right or wrong way to do a reading; just different ways. Some psychics use tarot cards, crystals, I Ching, stones , pendulums and other tools. Some psychics channel other entities or deities; some talk to their spirit guides; some talk to your spirit guides; some connect with your deceased loved ones, and some talk to the angels. Many psychics start their readings with a prayer or meditation during the call and some do this prior to logging onto the line. There is an awesome array of choices. Again, I reiterate, none are the right or wrong ways… just the ways that make each of us unique.

So now I’m going to offer my opinion on how to find the right psychic for your needs. I call it the ABCs of choosing your psychic soulmate.

A. Act on your initial gut instinct. When scrolling through the pages of psychics choose the one that jumps out at you first. Deep inside we recognize those we trust.

B. Be proactive. Do your research. Find psychics with the gifts you seek or those who specialize in your area of need. This will help to narrow the field a bit.

C. Call more than one psychic until you find the perfect fit for you. Remember you might find one psychic who picks up on relationship issues best and one who is better at career questions. Don’t worry, using more than one psychic is not considered cheating!

I know that the perfect spiritual mentor and guide is just waiting for you to find them. Good luck!

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