Love Him or Leave Him?

When couples are about to take the plunge, potential mates do get wet feet. It’s only natural, when on a path from engaged to married that some may stop and wonder whether their partnership is actually built to last.

After all, we all know that the symbolic engagement ring is just the beginning of the huge financial, emotional and spiritual investments a marriage takes. So it makes good sense that it’s at this time in a couple’s life when California Psychics get calls from clients asking for guidance on these life-changing matters.

One of our top Mediums remembers her first call of uncertainty from Amanda (not her real name) regarding the ups and downs she and her fiancé Carlos (not his real name) had been going through since his surprise romantic proposal.

Her question had to do with the property his family was in the process of purchasing for them as a wedding gift. It seemed to be rife with delays and problems which prompted the question, “Will we really get the house?”

According to the intuitive, the family truly wanted to give the couple the house, but there were control issues involving the father. “Things keep falling through and it’s not about money or the family’s love. There is another house you both prefer,” the psychic stated.

Amanda understood her reader’s words of uncertainty, explaining that the details of the purchase were a mystery to the young couple. His father had picked out the house, and, yes, there were other homes they would have preferred, but Amanda in particular, was not complaining out of gratitude.

“My overall feeling,” the psychic remembers, “is that they weren’t meant to live in that house. I felt Carlos and his father were fighting over control issues regarding the gift. In return, Carlos was sabotaging the relationship with his fiancé.” The psychic saw that the couple would continue to have difficulties.

“I feel a spirit coming to me,” the intuitive announced in the reading, explaining that sometimes, but not in every reading, they poke their heads in if they have something to say. She felt the presence of an older woman in the spiritual world. She was a tiny woman and she gave the psychic the initial “V.”

“Carlos’ mom was named Violetta,” Amanda responded receptively.

“Did she suffer from lung problems?” asked the Medium, who sees an x-ray in her mind as validation. Her lungs lit up as the reason for her passing.

“Yes!” I can’t believe she’s come into my reading. I never met her!”

“Carlos is her only son… he is the youngest. Violetta is sorry she spoiled him. She loves you from the other side, because there are similarities in your nature. Carlos is a difficult person and he always has been, she says, like his father. She would not blame you if you decided not to marry him.”

“Hmm,” Amanda responded, not sure what to make of it all. “I have been wondering if Carlos and I will ever really be happy. I have to think about this,” she said as she hung up feeling honored by her mother-in-law-to-be’s visit to her reading.

Amanda called the intuitive back several days later, saying, she had calmly asked her fiancé to discuss the house and he had left in a rage. She felt he had broken up with her again, but wasn’t sure.

“Carlos isn’t comfortable about the house. He really does not want this gift.”

Amanda wasn’t surprised at her reading. She, in fact, believed that what her psychic was picking up psychically might be true. She told her of her love for Carlos, his sweetness, of his beautiful proposal to her, but admitted that she was finally growing tired of his temper tantrums.

“I just don’t know what to make of his mother’s visit to me. Perhaps it’s a sign that I shouldn’t marry him?” she asked.

“Visits from spirits on the other side may seem to urge people together,” the Medium admitted, “but remember that you have free will. Violetta felt you might be able to weather the storms with her son, but she came to tell you that it would not be easy.”

“And what do you see for us now?”

“You can have this relationship, and there is a gift of a house from his family. There is potential for love and more stability and greater happiness, but it will take time.”

“Did Violetta see us getting married?” she asked. “Is she around? Can you call her back?” Amanda kept pushing for more details.

“She’s in the distance but she’s not making any predictions. She said what she had to say. Her message was clear. You are loved, but the decision is up to you!”

“Thank you. I needed a reminder… I’ll call you again,” Amanda trailed off and hung up the phone. The psychic awaits Amanda’s next call, but she has a feeling that her future mother-in-law-to-be (in a selfless act from beyond) saved her from a life of emotional ups and downs – house or no house.

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