Osho Zen Tarot: August 30 – September 5

Osho Zen Tarot: August 30-September 5 | California Psychics

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Welcome to the game of life! Sometimes it just gets too serious, doesn’t it? Well the Osho Zen Tarot has the remedy for that.

This deck explores the Zen attitude toward life, which is laughter and celebration, made possible by acceptance of all that “is”. Harmony is achieved by respecting and loving everything, and denying and condemning nothing. Osho, its author, states this boldly in “The Zen Manifesto”, which sets the context for this deck’s readings.

He describes this concept of the new human being as “Zorba, the Buddha”, blending focused serenity with earthly pleasures in a sea of abundance! His interpretations are based on extemporaneous insights that just keep coming.

The gorgeous and colorfully intense illustrations, by Deva Padma (Susan Morgan), draw you instantly into the heart of the cards’ messages. Her striking designs awaken awareness all by themselves!

So, let’s jump in.

August 30 – Sunday

Sharing, Queen of Fire (Wands)

Offering us a tray of grapes, pomegranate, and a glowing candle, this card demonstrates the bliss that can occur when sharing.

You are in a situation today where you can share love, joy, and laughter. It will have the effect of making your happiness “pantry” overflow even more. No special effort will be necessary. Start wherever you happen to be. Things will seem to come together today. Ground yourself in the feeling and let generosity overflow.

August 31 – Monday

Silence, The Star

Plumb the depths of your own inner silence inside the Greater Silence of the Universe today. Enjoy aloneness. There is nowhere that you need to go and nothing that you need to do, because what is coming to life now will manifest later during a more active time. Resonate with those who are at this still point themselves. Come home to your Self.

September 1 – Tuesday

Totality, Five of Wands

It is not what you do but how you do it that matters. Total concentration and energy brought to each moment brings in new vitality and creativity from within. When you are brooding, calculating, and cunning, you can’t be total. Be so absorbed in each action you take today that thinking ceases.

September 2 – Wednesday

Understanding, Page of Cups

The bird realizes its “cage” has always been open on this card. You are this bird today. An offer that comes to you may make you feel a little bit shaky. That is fine. Spread your wings and be free. Don’t cling to the “cage” and the whole sky is yours. In the inner sky inside you, freedom is more important than anything. Sun, moon, and everything else is yours with this kind of freedom.

September 3 – Thursday

Courage, Strength

Have you ever noticed the fragility, but also the unstoppable strength, of a dandelion? It grows out of gravel and seeks the sun. With difficulties that arrive today we have a choice. We can grouch and complain, finding something to blame. But, the dandelion shows us a better way to get out of darkness. The seed probably isn’t aware that it’s going to become a flower. Once it sprouts it’s in danger because it sheds its hard outer core. It’s putting itself “out there”. It struggles through the rocks to meet the sunlight. It is a symbol of spiritual strength and courage that we need today.

September 4 – Friday

Clinging to the Past, Five of Cups

The person in this card clings to her “scrapbook” containing yesterday’s treasures. The present, however, is saying: “Drink this glass of today’s champagne and forget your vintage draught.” Actually, past, present, and future are an illusion. We put life in “tenses” in order to feel in control. Present becomes past, future becomes present, and they are all spun together in the ever evolving ball of eternity. Simply let go today.

September 5 – Saturday

Thunderbolt, Tower

Get ready for change that hits like a thunderbolt. We sometimes only “get it” by being shocked. Leap from the tower because you have no choice. The inner and outer earthquakes and storms you are experiencing will bring in fresh air. Watch the thunderbolts going on with a detached mind. And, to quote Daniel Tiger: “Things are changing, that’s okay, we’ll do things in a different way.”

Daniel, you are so right, there!

A Fun Spread to Try: The Higher Self Spread

This is an eleven-card spread which delves into the present while coming to terms with the past, and even peeks ahead at the future with increased self awareness.

It is a great spread to use when you want to change the future based on more insight from the present.

Thoroughly shuffle the deck and ask Higher Self for insight. When you are ready, spread the cards face-down on the table in front of you.

Notice which cards are “highlighted” as your eyes scan the deck before you. Draw those cards, and arrange them as follows, until you have selected eleven.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8

9 10 11

Eleven is a master number, meaning spiritual evolution and awakening! It is the number of a focused mind, and the knowledge of higher truth, and it is a fortunate number vibration.

Card One- Past attitudes

Card Two- Past actions

Card Three- Card to sum up the past

Card Four- Present attitudes

Card Five- Present actions

Card Six- Card to sum up the present

Card Seven- How the past made me who I am

Card Eight- How might the present influence who I am, and how will my current insight affect my future?

Card Nine- Future attitudes

Card Ten- Future actions

Card Eleven- Card to sum up the future

With new and clearer focus, the world seems to be fresh again. Wishing you love, light, and amusement!

Thanks for joining me today. See you later.

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