Acknowledging Grief: Getting in Touch with Your Emotions

Acknowledging Grief: Getting in Touch with Your Emotions | California Psychics

Celebrating Life Through Grief

National Grief Awareness day was established in 2014 and is observed on August 30 each year. This day offers a time to reflect on loss, both personal and communal, and it can be a way to start a conversation about healing. It can be hard to reconcile with the permanence of death, and for many of us it is important to continue a relationship with someone even after they have passed on. In every culture and religion, there are practices for handling death and the deceased, and customs for the living to express grief. We can look to modern day Mexico and Dia De Las Muertos, to ancient Egypt and the reverent process of mummification and elaborate tombs, or to the Jewish tradition of sitting Shiva, a communal form of mourning that takes precedence over everything else for a full week. No matter how you grieve, it is important to acknowledge your grief, to feel the pain, and take the time to mourn.

Communicate Your Feelings

The more you can express your feelings, the more you will be able to see what you need to focus on, as well as how far you’ve come. Take this opportunity to discuss your own feelings around loss, but make sure that you take the time to listen to someone else too. It can be very difficult to talk about grief, especially with others who have suffered a close personal loss. How do you approach a friend who has lost a partner or a child? It can feel awkward when no one wants to discuss the elephant in the room, which can create a sense of erasure for those who survived their loved one. At the same time, it can be painful to constantly relive the pain of loss. That’s why days like National Grief Awareness, or memorial days, anniversaries, birthdays, etc; are so important. We must put aside time to grieve, time to feel. Days set aside for feeling the pain of loss are the perfect time to reach out and offer an ear, or a shoulder to cry on.

How Crystals Can Help Your Grief

Dealing with grief in a communal sense is important, but it’s also good to be able to focus on personal and internal healing. Crystals have long been used to draw in myriad types of energy, and they can be a great way to facilitate healing after heartbreak and loss. Each type of crystal, and each individual crystal at that, has a complex crystalline structure that vibrates at its own unique frequency, drawing in and interacting with energy fields we might not otherwise be able to utilize. Sometimes carrying one or a combination of stones can help you harvest that energy on the go, but if you’re looking for more complex and direct healing, a crystal grid is a great way to do this.

A Crystal Grid for Grieving

Crystal grids are used to set intentions, and they work by aligning certain crystals in certain locations to increase the energy flow and maximize the potential of the stones. You can make a crystal grid with just a pen and paper. Here is an example of a crystal grid you can use to help with grieving. Watch the video below for how to put the grid together, then read on for an in-depth explanation of why each crystal is used in this grid.

The Crystals within the Grid

Center: Lepidolite & Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz- Both of these center stones are healing stones. Lepidolite is used to restore balance in times of chaos. The Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz is a rare and naturally occurring fusion between Rose Quartz and Hematite. Rose Quartz is the heart stone, the stone of love, but when you combine it with the fiery, courageous, and take charge attitude of Hematite, it becomes a powerhouse for pushing through trauma and chaos, holding onto love in the toughest times, and leading with your heart.

Star: Rose Quartz- The stone of the heart, love, family, and friendship.

Triangle: Green Aventurine- A healing stone that specifically works to release blockages and carve out a new path toward growth.

Open Circle: Red Calcite- Red Calcite is a stone of vitality. It is used to energize you, help you stay on track, and break down barriers that may be in your way.

Dot: Lapis Lazuli- Lapis is an ancient and powerful healing stone from the Middle East. The cool blue stripes look like water, and it’s often associated with healing pools, holy water, and cleaning rituals.

Square: Apache Tear- A type of Obsidian named for a Native American story about the Apache tribe in New Mexico, who’s warriors, when cornered and overrun by colonists, decided to jump off of the cliffs rather than surrender. When the women wept for them, Apache Tears fell. It is the stone of grief, of loss, but also of protection and healing. It can absorb and hold the negativity and pain we feel during grief.

Outside Circle: Himalayan Salt- Salt is used for purification and protection in rituals.

Outside Flanking: Rainbow Moonstone- Rainbow Moonstone helps to facilitate psychic abilities and connections. It’s also a stone of hope, the rainbow after a rainstorm.

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