My Transformation With Psychic Phillip

There are times when a person enters our life and acts as a messenger, a catalyst, who help transform our entire existence – creating the space for a paradigm shift in consciousness, forever altering us, our lives and the world around us. For me, that person is Phillip ext. 9485.

When I first spoke with Phillip ext. 9485 I had always suffered emotional breakdowns in my relationships where I would experience tantrums, crying, screaming, attacking and projecting my pain onto the person I was involved with at the time. These melt-downs became more pronounced in the relationship I was in at the time where I was experiencing the breakdowns every three to eight weeks which was having devastating effects upon the person I was involved with, myself and the relationship as a whole. My girlfriend turned me onto California Psychics and suggested that I call Phillip ext. 9485.

When we spoke and I explained the situation, he explained to me the catastrophic impact these breakdowns will have in the current relationship and that if the relationship ended I would carry this behavior into the next relationship and the next until I woke up. I asked the obvious question: “How do I change this?” His answer? “Get into therapy and deal with the issues surrounding your relationship with your mother.”

Now, I have to be honest, at this point I thought Phillip ext. 9485 was a kook and a fraud. I had no issues with my mom, in fact, as I explained to him, “my mom and I have an amazing relationship.” Phillip ext. 9485 only replied, “get into therapy and deal with the issues with your mom.”

After the conversation, I figured, “well, I may as well go into therapy to try and understand these issues I’m having.” Shortly after, I started therapy and around the fourth session, issues surrounding my mother quickly arose. I was able to heal myself and the relationship. When this happened, the emotional breakdowns evaporated like thunder-clouds from the horizon of my mind, exposing the beauty and warmth of the immortal sun within which transformed not only the relationship I was in, but all the relationships in my life.

Phillip ext. 9485 was also responsible for my becoming a healer when I had asked him if I should follow my dream (an ego based one) of being an actor or to follow the quiet voice that has always told me that I was a healer. After telling me of the success I would have as an actor – all of which I intuitively knew – he proceeded to tell me, however, of the pain and suffering I would experience throughout the rest of my life. His solution? To follow the path of my gift – a healer. Shortly after, as I was massaging my fathers back and was doing visualization, he said to me, “you have an amazing gift, son, you need to follow this path.”

The path I discovered and have followed has been Reiki, and soon after beginning the journey, my entire life transformed. I healed myself first and as a result, I have never in my life experienced more peace, Love, happiness and acceptance of myself and others. Phillip ext. 9485 had guided me to my life’s work – my life’s mission – to heal the planet, one person at a time.

I now see how much Phillip ext. 9485 truly understands me, how much he cares and how much he truly loves me unconditionally and only wants to see me grow into the spiritual being he sees in me, yet had hidden itself from my conscious awareness. I realize that this man, this special and beautiful soul, was and is all heart, and gives only Love with no thought of personal gain or being someone who seeks to be looked upon as a guru, seeking to create the most followers. I realize that through his Love, he only seeks to create the most leaders, doing so one person at a time, guiding us to be the eternal leaders of our own lives.

Who is the psychic or person in your life that has helped you make the most important transformations in your life?

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7 thoughts on “My Transformation With Psychic Phillip

  1. Hastyar

    Lei Nacionales – You’re welcome Joan! Thanks for pinsotg this on your blog. I can’t believe that our family photos are the first for you to see your work up on a wall. Yes, the photos make our living room complete and every time we have guests over for a party, bible study, committee prayer, someone always comments on our photos so THANK YOU! You and Ryan are really awesome in what you do! Also, thanks for your friendship! I’m looking forward to visiting you again and doing another family photo shesh! Much Aloha,Lei

  2. pa75

    I agree, Phillip has certainly taught me to take care of myself first. He told me not to let other peoples’ drama take away my energy, and that’s been simple and yet the most valuable advice that I’ve been given in years. If Phillip was a member of my family then I could just hang out with him, but alas, that is not the case.

  3. Jacqueline

    Phillip is truly a gifted psychic, one who puts his heart and soul into what he does.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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