My Reading with Miss Krystal

A year ago I met a guy who I had a great connection with. He was everything your mother tells you that you want – smart, funny, handsome, rich – and we spent hours together making sarcastic jibes at each other and playing Nintendo. It was a perfect nerd relationship. But then he stopped texting me – worse – he stopped Facebooking me! That was when I knew it was really over.

So I did what most girls do – cried about his perfection to my friends and overanalyzed every nuance of the relationship to death, concluding that it was some character flaw on my part that was preventing me from being in my perfect relationship.

A year later, after burning through a revolving door of men who helped pass the time and not much more, I got an email from He Who Shall Not Be Named. After properly replacing my jaw which had hit the ground, confusion and anxiety took over. “He said ‘hi.’ What does this mean?”

I decided to put Miss Krystal ext. 9192 on the case.

Miss Krystal is Clairvoyant and Clairaudient – she uses no divination tools. She explained that she picks up on the vibrations in a person’s voice and puts her hand on their name, birthday and state to get an accurate reading.

I’m super embarrassed calling, I don’t want to be one of those girls.

“I’m sensing that you are really hung up on someone, a past relationship. You have a tendency to get really attached – more so than some people deserve.”

Miss Krystal: 1, Bailey: 0.

She proceeded to explain how the guy in question always felt bad about losing touch, but was too nervous and embarrassed to do anything about it. “He had a rebound relationship soon after that was just sour. He missed you the whole time.”

Sweet, sweet victory.

I asked her what she thought about his reappearance in my life and whether I should give him a second chance. “You can, but start out as friends. He has to earn you back. Besides what would the other guys in your life think about that?” she laughed.

She’s onto me.

Recently I had an epiphany – if I’m not technically anyone’s girlfriend, then why should I act like one. Why waste my nights waiting by the phone when I could go out with my friends and potentially meet new people? I can’t control how men treat me, but I can control how I let them make me feel. I realized it was ok to see multiple people at once – I’m just getting to know them anyway.

“I see you meeting a tall, skinny guy who is very trendy – very Hollywood.” I immediately sorted through my mind’s rolodex. Not only had I met this individual, I had just spoken to him. I confessed that I was skeptical of him, but she had no doubt in her mind that he would be around for awhile. Not forever, but there.

“You are in a very sexy, romantic cycle. While I do see you having several opportunities to get married, you’re going to be a serial dater for awhile and I think you’re okay with that.”

Touché Miss Krystal.

When I hung up, I felt rejuvenated. I feel validated – life is about experiences and if I’m stuck on someone who hurt me in the past, how can I let anyone new into my life?

Later that night I go for a drink with my former flame. He’s exactly the same, but I don’t feel the overwhelming urge that I ‘need’ to be with him. There’s definitely still a connection that could grow with time, but time I’ve got – besides, make him work for it! The experience makes me miss my Hollywood guy – something that I never thought possible. Who knows what will ultimately last, but I’m looking forward to meeting lots of interesting new people. Besides, there are many fish in the sea…who play Nintendo.

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