Does Age Really Matter in Love?

Does age really matter when it comes to partnering up? Can a love-match stick when a couple’s birth dates are a generation or more apart? Or in this day and age, when there are few rules and fewer stigmas attached to age-appropriate dating, do we even need to think about it?

“May-December” romances like those of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, and Clint Eastwood, 34 years his wife Dina’s senior, look perfectly glamorous on the red carpet, but can they last happily-ever-after in real life?

We put the question to our California Psychics, who say that when it comes to age love knows no boundaries or sexual preference. Age doesn’t matter when a couple is completely open and honest about their motivations for being in the relationship. “Our lives are short, so if we can meet someone who touches our heart and soul at all, an age difference can melt away in the face of that kind of love,” Debra ext. 9596 , a spiritual relationship advisor, reports from experience.

Astrology, our psychics tell us, may offer one reason for successful age-different relationships. According to Chinese astrology, which is based on a 12-sign, 12-year cycle, those born under the same sign are highly compatible with others of the same sign whether they’re born 12, 24, or even 36 (!) years apart. Similar in nature, these people can be drawn together like magnets, finding each other absolutely irresistible.

Age differences can bring up difficult issues in relationships. These issues should be addressed before a commitment is made, our psychics say. Some people are worried that time will draw them apart, and others feel there may be a stigma attached to their romance because of it. Trust questions come up as the older man or woman wonders if they’ll be cheated on in time, or if their mate is only in the relationship for security or status. The younger partner may wonder if they are being used for their looks or their youth.

“I find that age difference is almost always a case-by-case basis,” says another top psychic, from experience with her callers. “My advice is to become hyper-aware of the challenges, and to deal with them accordingly.”

Our psychics receive many calls from customers with age differences, from a few years to 20-plus, mostly from women older than the men they love. Their feelings for their mate are intense and real. The younger men don’t see a big deal about the age differences. In so many cases these people are blissfully happy.

It often depends on what the individuals have in common, our psychics reveal. Is the physical chemistry really there? Is it an emotional, intellectual and financial fit? There are many factors to take into consideration in any relationship, let alone when the age difference is significant. They have done readings where the age difference was 15 or even 30 years, and the older person has been tossed away and is now alone and terribly hurt.

You really need to think about what your future might look like when age takes its toll on your mate’s interests, energy, or health, our psychics suggest. Could you live with yourself if you left the love of your life, say in ten or 20 years, when their physical needs may grow, they’re not as attractive, and they can’t keep up with your still – youthful lifestyle? It’s important to consider… for karmic purposes alone, as well as the other issues involved.

Much of the time there’s nothing more to it than two souls seeking valid companionship.

“Electricity and passion can exist between any two individuals. There are so many reasons why any two people are attracted, but there are definite reasons why Cupid shoots his arrow. There is always a lesson to learn!”

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