So You Wanna Date a Leo?

Dating a Leo can be an exciting adventure – or you can end up exhausted by the Lion’s constant need for attention. Learn how to handle these surprisingly sensitive Kings and Queens of the Jungle – and you may just find a loyal and loving life partner. Hurt their pride, however, and you’ll uncover a roaring temper with the bite to match!

Here’s your guide to getting to know and love Leo.

The art of the compliment
Known for their need to be the center of attention (and, well, the universe), Leos have commanding – and demanding – personalities. That said, give your lion even a hint of adoration and you’ll have them purring in no time. That’s because a little goes a long way with these sweet-natured souls. Leo wants to be worshipped, sure – but the good thing about their borderline grandiosity is that even the tiniest gesture of affection is often enough to sufficiently stroke their egos. And make no mistake – a properly (ahem) stroked Lion is a very generous and giving mate. On all fronts.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that while Leo may be a scene stealer, when properly attended to they are not spotlight hogs. Lions pride themselves on impeccable taste in possessions – and in people. Make them happy (or do something impressive in your own right), and a Leo will be the first person to tout your accomplishments and stand by your side while you accept the accolades. In other words, once you’ve learned to give compliments you’ll want to work on graciously accepting them, too. A happy relationship with a Leo is bound to see plenty of praise, going in both directions.

Do unto your Leo!
Inherently sweet-natured, Leos may be proud and stubborn – but what distinguishes them from other forceful fire signs is their tendency to roar only on the side of right. Of course they can be wrong – and, like most of us, often are. The point is, the Leo is a do-gooder at heart – so they admire those who make tough decisions in the name of overall justice and for the common good. They care about people, appreciate kindness and tend to operate with a “do unto others” attitude.

So, be nice to salespeople, tip well, open doors for others and it won’t go unnoticed by your Lion. That said, beware of Leo’s jealous streak. Let your Lion think – even for a second – that someone else (an ex-lover, for instance), holds a candle to them – and you’re in for an argument… and a grudge that won’t quickly be forgotten. For such strong forces of nature, Leos are surprisingly sensitive – hence, that desire for constant approval.

Pause to pamper
Finally, fiery Leo is one of the most driven signs of the zodiac, and they’re born to lead the charge. That said, they benefit from relaxation and love indulging themselves in luxury as often as is humanly possible. The trouble is that they rarely stop, unprompted, to reboot. That’s where you come in! Leo will unconsciously respond to a partner who can help them cool their jets. After all, being a leader – even a natural-born one like Leo – requires energy, and that needs to be restored on a regular basis. So take charge every once in a while, and pamper your prince or princess! No doubt they’ll love you for it, even if they’re not exactly sure why.

Whether you plan a spa day at home or a drawn-out, decadent dessert after dinner – or a summer Saturday cocktail by a sparkling pool – it doesn’t matter. The point is to indulge Leo’s love of pampering in a way that allows them to relinquish control for a bit – while still feeling important, of course. Best of all, with your Leo you get what you give. Translation: giving your lion an occasional trip to the lap of luxury means you’ll likely be granted your secret wishes, as well!

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10 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Leo?

  1. Amanda

    Ok, so I am as leonine as it can get and let me share a little based on the comments below. 1ST of all, leos tell as many lies any other signs out there. I have met big gemini liars and big capricorn liars too, so… don’t even! I, myself, am too honest for my own good. Some truths are better left unspoken because not everyone can handle them. Like for example, Chris. You said you were giving it to you leo, but the question is, were you giving it right??? and the right amount (I’m gonna go on a whim here and say: a lot!). Denise, 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, I doubt they are all leos. Gary you may not be exactly like the description above but you are still a leo. A lot of leos are good with their hands because of their passion for art and self expression. I for, example am a massage therapist. Also, no one said any where in that article that leos are bad partners, so I don’t doubt you know how to treat a woman. Thirdly, you are talking a lot about yourself on your comment (can anyone say self-centeredness and self-flattery???); normal for a leo. And last but not least, Jolyte’s question was “how about leo with a pisces moon?” that means leo with a pisces rising (ascendant sign) not a pisces-leo match. Obviously, that wouldn’t work. Altough pisces are good philosophers like leos they just don’t have that “ummph!” and leos get bored easily. Overall, leos best qualities (besides absolute awesomeness, lol) are: loyalty, altruism, generosity, lovingness, kindness, playfulness, confidence, ambition, bravery, and MOST IMPORTANTLY self-awareness! We know we rock and it’s not our fault if everyone falls in love with us. That’s why a lot of people are bound to be broken-hearted since we can only choose one.

  2. Lynn

    I agree, Leo with a Pisces is a very difficult relationship. It has a lot of fire and romance but it also has some serious negatives…so I agree, Kathy… As soon as I heard Leo…I said, oh, no…been down that road before!

  3. Gary

    I’m a Leo and I’m not like that, I know how to treat a woman, I’m not merried,don’t have any ex’s and I’m good with my hands I give good massages and I love to tease,snuggle and hold hands.

  4. chris

    i’m dating a leo and he tells lies, keeps women around (EX’s), for that attention and its not that i’m not giving it to him, he is addicted.

  5. Uraina

    Leo’s are very loving and lovable. But.. they are also tell big lies and make up stories that are not true.

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