Mucha Playing Cards: October 13-19

Mucha Playing Cards: October 13-19 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

It eternally fascinates me how almost anything can be used as a divination tool. For this week’s tarot we will use a deck of playing cards with images by the artist Gustav Mucha, a representative of the Art Nouveau era. Gustav Mucha was born in southern Moravia in 1860. He became a dynamic force in the European Art Nouveau movement which hit its zenith in Paris in the 1890’s.

His work is characterized by a predominantly female subject and his imagery is rich, sensual, and beautiful. The figures seem to suggest archetypal themes similar to the Major Arcana of tarot. I love how the flowing costumes, seasonal flora and fauna, and attitudes of the subjects on each card transmit thoughts, feelings, and ideas that are pertinent to our questions.

Divination, although it contains standardized meanings, takes place when the symbol meets the subconscious grid of the person doing the asking. In a professional psychic reading, the reader acts as a conduit on behalf of the client and their joint consciousness mingles together to find out what is really going on in a human dilemma. In this sense, we could say that our own personal biases are definitely part of the interpretation, but it doesn’t start and end with that fact.

The Universe has an infinite amount of ways to communicate with us. When we are really ready and willing to receive the message, our own inner intuition and wisdom go to work, and anything from tea leaves at the bottom of the cup to a coffee stain on the carpet will suggest the answer. I believe this is because inner knowing is a natural faculty that we all possess, if we don’t unnaturally block it.

Sometimes we’re surprised to see something other than what we would have guessed about a client’s, or our own, situation! This is what distinguishes true intuition from mere imagination, though that is a wonderful thing, too. I’m sure you’ve noticed this yourself with whatever explanatory and predictive tools you might use to “get” life’s direction for you.

Now, come with me on a stroll through the images of the Mucha Playing Cards and let’s see what happens!

October 13 – Sunday

Seven of Hearts

On this card, the subject’s face is looking away from us. Her expression shows discontent and confusion. The background is autumnal and misty and she hunches forward protecting her heart. Her somber, distracted state of mind ignores the solution which presents itself but is obscured by all the “what if’s” and “possibilities” she is afraid to close the door on.

The card, I feel, corresponds with the seven of cups in the traditional tarot. The card tells us to stop building sand castles and stop letting our focus be distracted by fluff and bubbles. By doing so, our willpower and focus will carry us forward to what we really want.

Question: What possibility do I waste time entertaining, and how does it keep me from real attainment?

October 14 – Monday

King of Clubs

The figure on this card is a woman perched in a glade with snow covered branches. Two snow birds come near to her, as if to console her, as she peers into the distance looking for rescue. Why is the “King” being depicted by a helpless, female figure? She believes that a rich lover would make her happy, hence, the “clubs”, which correspond with the pentacles of the traditional tarot. She has projected her power onto a fantasy figure who she believes will help her and make her life good. She’s saying something to us today in her passive and miserable demeanor.

Question: Who do I project my power onto? How can I take it back and use it to get what I want?

October 15 – Tuesday

Eight of Clubs

The woman pictured in this card is looking forward, right at us. Her expression is serene and alert. She sips an amber colored liquor and her clothing is elegant and becoming. There is a jewel in the center of her forehead suggesting the “third eye” of wisdom and intuition. Unlike the figure on yesterday’s card, she has rescued herself and her own potential through inner knowing and taking action from it.

Question: How can I be my own “knight in shining armor” today?

October 16 – Wednesday

Three of Clubs

The figure on this card wears the brown dress of the Earth element. Her brunette hair and steady expression is determined and direct. She is unadorned except by a ferocious carving of a wild cat which she leans on and seems to possess and master, unafraid of its open jaws and feral teeth. She is, to me, the determined and single minded apprentice who grasps hold of her trade with strong and capable hands. A snake-like figure crowns her head, suggesting focused power and practical know how.

Question: What can I grasp on to today that will be a solid vehicle for where I want to go?

October 17 – Thursday

Four of Hearts

The figure’s smiling expression and flirtatious posture tells us she is ready to celebrate. Her fingers are twined around a grape vine. She’s drinking the wine of happiness! Her orange dress and turban show that she’s resonating with the second chakra of creativity and fertility. Her green sash flowing playfully down her dress connects her with the green of Earth. Her eyes are soft and genuine and her smile is one of deep pleasure and joy. A dream will become a reality today.

Question: What can I truly celebrate today?

October 18 – Friday

Eight of Spades

The pace of life may be speeding up. Jump on. The person in this picture looks on directly with interest and delight. Exotic scrollwork suggests a musical instrument and carved handled couch. Her blond hair is adorned with red flowers and her face is flushed with sun. Swirls of energy surround her and her left hand pulls the sash on her dress. She is getting ready to disrobe!

Question: What can I innocently, naturally, and completely engage with today, delighting myself and others?

October 19 – Saturday

Queen of Diamonds

The diamonds correspond with the suit of swords in traditional tarot. They are two-edged. The skillful expression of the swords, or the diamonds, is intellectual clarity and systematic reason. The unskillful expression is to use intellectual power as a weapon against others and as a means for unhealthy control.

In this image the Queen shows restraint of the skilled expression of intellectual power. Although she holds a fan, it does not cover her face but is folded against her chest. She could open it at any time to use as a tool of subterfuge, but doesn’t. She is leaning in a relaxed way in the picture. She feels secure in her knowledge and mastery of a situation. Passion does not control her temperament either because the flower in her hair is white, not red or pink. She employs objectivity. She possesses passion and emotion shown by her red hair. But it is held back in a chignon, restrained. Her clothing is modest and dignified and is a neutral color. She gives her heart only to whom she wishes.

Question: How can I be discriminating in a good sense today? How will that aid me? Where have I squandered energy and how can I take it back? How will that benefit me?

Thanks for joining me for the Mucha Playing Card reading. See you again!

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