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Best Crystals for Change | California Psychics

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Crystals, also known as gemstones, are wonderful in helping you create change in your life. While there’s truth in the saying that the only constant is change, crystals help you make changes for the better. Although even good change can be stressful, gemstones can assist you in making transitions of all kinds easier. You can program them to assist you in transforming your life however you wish. You can do this while holding each stone and meditating on it as you send thoughts of what you want to manifest into it. It will begin working instantly to bring you the changes you desire. It’s been said that crystals choose you. You may believe you’ve chosen them, but they chose you first. They call to you and if you will but listen, you will always have just the right gemstones at the right times to fill your needs. Here are some of the best crystals for change.

Malachite – Stone of Transformation

This deep green crystal with darker green and black swirl patterns is extremely powerful in helping create transformation of all kinds. It is thought to be highly protective as well as both comforting and healing. It is said to absorb negative energy easily and hold it for you until you clear it. To periodically clear the malachite stone of this negative collection of energy, you can use another crystal, such as a clear quartz crystal, to both clear and recharge it. You can also use sage. You can breathe on it, literally blowing away the negative energy. You can even simply meditate and visualize Divine Light pouring into it and clearing it for you. (Never place it in saltwater, as it will damage the finish.) While all green stones are helpful for drawing in love and financial abundance, Malachite is considered one of the foundation stones for manifesting your heart’s desires.

Chrysoprase – Stone of Happiness, Healing, Joy, and Divine Truth

This apple green crystal, a variety of chalcedony, helps transmit the green ray of the seven light rays. The green ray is ruled by Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. It is said to change depression and anxiety to happiness and joy, as well as help you access Divine Truth in all things. When you meditate with it, it enables you to make a connection with the Divine Mind. It is thought to help promote forgiveness and heal heartache and anguish. It is also known as the Receiver of Love.

Amazonite – Stone of Courage and Truth

If Wonder Woman possessed crystals, Amazonite would certainly be foremost among them. Her Lasso of Truth might be energized by it as well. The Amazon warrior women of ancient Brazil are said to have had these stones adorning their shields for protection. They believed amazonite could cure illness, heal wounds, and bolster courage. Mostly presenting as a soft turquoise-blue-green color, it can also be other shades like grey, blue, and purple. It is thought to help you see the truth of your soul’s spiritual gifts and true purpose. It is considered to be excellent for healing trauma, soothing energy, and easing stress. It is said to help change fear into courage and replace what is false with the truth.

Tree Agate – Stone of Inner Peace

To change from a state of high nervousness to deep calm, this green and white stone is said to help you feel as centered and grounded as the tree of its namesake. It is said to align you more deeply in harmony with nature as it grounds your energy and brings you more in touch with the earth. It is believed to help you put down spiritual roots. It is thought to bring you great inner peace as it protects you from negativity, whether it comes from others or from your own inner critic. It is considered to be a stone of abundance and good luck that helps create more love and financial blessings for you.

Moonstone – Stone of New Beginnings

Moonstone is said to soften hardened hearts and open them once again to love. Where emotions were once closed down, Moonstone is thought to help transform them with healing energy. It is considered wonderfully calming, is known as the stone of love and eroticism, and is believed to promote fertility. It is very often a soft, creamy white color, but it also comes in yellow, blue, grey, peach-pink shades, as well as rainbow colors with bits of black markings. Moonstone is thought to retrieve any pieces that might be missing from your soul due to trauma as well as assist you in creating new beginnings. It is said to connect you to the power of the moon which helps you to open your deepest inner channels of prophecy and wisdom.

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