Missed Connections Tarot Spread: Will You Have a Second Chance?

A Passing Glance

You make eye contact with a stranger, and it lasts longer than usual, but you don’t want to break it until you have to. You share an elevator with a beautiful someone, never saying a word, but you wish you had once you’ve both gone to your respective floors. You’re in the grocery store, going to pick something up when another hand reaches for it at the same time. He has the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen, especially when they smile and he says, “After you,” before you both move on. Days have passed, and you’re still dreaming about them, about this missed connection.

Is it Meant to Be?

You wake up and wonder if something could have been done. Was it something you said or did, or didn’t say, or didn’t do? Was it the stars, the weather, the day of the week?

Was it, maybe, just them, and their baggage from previous relationships? Perhaps you were having a bad day, or your phone was on the blink? Did you have a rough night, did you wear the wrong thing?

Are they already married, are you? Were you too insecure, or they were? Were you trapped inside your fantasies, your hopes, fears, and expectations, or were they?

It “could have been, would have been, and should have been” … but wasn’t.

The heart tear just can’t seem to heal. You pace the floor, claw at your hair. These are the undeniable symptoms of a missed connection.

Another Chance?

The most asked question of those suffering a missed connection, and let’s face it, that’s most of us at some time in our lives, is: Will we meet again, and when?

Navigating this question is not an easy thing. It sometimes feels like walking down a blind alley that could lead to a dead end. On the other hand, it could lead to a second chance that fills you with joy and gratitude and all kinds of other great things! So, how can you know if a possibility for a second chance exists, or whether you should just keep walking?

Tarot to the Rescue

Tarot is a powerful tool for predicting the likelihood of a future connection with a missed one, and for estimating the timing in the situation. Like most human dilemmas, important missed connections can be helped and healed by the right Tarot spread.

It will answer: What went right, what went wrong, and what can be done about it. It can indicate if and when the opportunity to reconnect will actually take place.

The Missed Connections Tarot Spread

Layout ten cards in the pattern of the Ten Card Celtic Cross spread. This is one of the oldest Tarot spreads in the world and it lends itself exactly to this type of question. It’s excellent for examining the past and the present, in order to make good decisions about the future.

An Example

Celeste met Jeremy at a banquet dinner celebrating a new curriculum at her child’s school. Jeremy’s son was in the same class and he was there for the same reason. Because they both showed up at the event without a partner due to a recent divorce, they decided to tweak the seating a little so that they could face each other and connect. They had a dazzling hour together, unexpectedly laughing, theorizing, looking into each other’s eyes, and simply relishing the evening.

Somehow the discussion got side-tracked as the evening’s speaker took the platform. Then Celeste saw her girlfriend across the room and sprinted over to say “hi.” The room suddenly cleared and when she returned to the table, Jeremy had gone. The evening ended without getting a number for Jeremy or giving him hers. She thought she might run into him again, but several weeks passed, and nothing took place.

Celeste wondered if a Tarot reading could help her get a grasp on what the potential really was between them, and if and when she should search for his number online to pursue a reconnection. Or would Jeremy find her number, and call her? Here’s her reading:

Card One- What is your hope or desire for this situation?

Ace of Cups: A new big beginning and a new big love.

Card Two- What factors are in your favor?

Six of Cups: Their children attended the same school and were in the same grade. They were playground friends. It was a nice evening, the food and entertainment were good, and she’d had on an outfit that she really liked.

Card Three- What factors might work against you?

Five of Swords: What if it won’t work out and makes for discomfort and gossip at future school events? Would it be awkward for the kids, in that case?

Card Four- What actually took place?

The Sun: A beautiful human and spiritual connection, and a delightful conversation.

Card Five- How did it make you feel?

Three of Cups: Like celebrating! It was such a fresh and unexpected encounter. It made her feel like she would want to know more about Jeremy in the future.

Card Six- What would you like to see happen now?

Eight of Wands: More contact, more communication, and more clarity about where this could go.

Card Seven- Is it possible, probable, or certain to happen?

The Lovers (upright): Chances are strong that this connection is fated and very genuine! Couple that with the “accidental” factors of neighborhood proximity and same school activities, and it looks very probable.

Card Eight- When?

Page of Wands: A message is coming soon. Somewhere between one and three weeks, tops.

Card Nine- What if the connection fizzles out?

Five of Cups: It would feel sad, but it’s important to remember that if something is truly for our highest good, the Universe makes it happen. We just have to flow with the energy. In the unlikely event that Celeste and Jeremy don’t reconnect like before, she can know deep down that it’s because it wouldn’t be for their highest good.

This knowledge gave Celeste the freedom to relax and just be open to what might take place.

Card Ten- Outcome: How can you deal with the feelings if it doesn’t grow into something long-term… or, if it does? What is the “price” to be paid either way?

Temperance: Karmic connections always carry responsibility, and no relationship, or person, is perfect. If we think that they are, we are projecting our ideals and fantasies onto them. Life and relationships are complex, and they never feel all “good,” or all “bad.”

The Ultimate Truth About Missed Connections

If a reconnection happens or doesn’t, there will be advantages and disadvantages both ways. If we trust the highest good, trust destiny, we can’t go wrong. Higher power knows the bigger picture in store for us.

And, of course, there’s always the next lifetime around!

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